B2B- Worldwide Instant Communications; are nearly one Century old, already.

Business People have been successfully interconnecting quite instantaneously, Worldwide, for nearly a century. Telex was used worldwide throughout most of the 20th century for instant B2B business communications.
The creation of the Telex seems to fall somewhere from the 1920’s onwards. Replacing the former post-office- Telegram & also Cablegram systems, for diplomats, which used the Morse-code.
There are competing claims on who invented Telex;
There is the Vietnamese journalist: Quốc ngữ điện tín, who it was said successfully transmitted Vietnamese text, over telex systems in the 1920’s.
And then there is Germany’s claim in 1926, of a Telex development program. Germany created their first Telex service in 1933, which was operated by the Reichspost. The Reich postal service, began transmitting by Telex and communicating globally, at around 66 words per minute, almost instantly.
It may be unknown exactly, who did invent the first global teleprinter network, but it became known as the “Telex network”.

Worldwide instant communications, are over two centuries old

The idea of Worldwide instant communications, is over two centuries old, and it has also competing claims to it’s invention.
Firstly, London’s Francis Ronalds: of Hammersmith Mall, in the UK, constructed a subterranean system “in trench and an eight-mile long overhead telegraph. The lines were tensioned and weighted with connections at either end to clocks. The clocks were marked with the letters of the alphabet. As the varying electrical impulses were sent along the wires, the alphabet clocks would transmit messages, so they could be read.” Ronalds’ efforts and visions may not have been completely understood by, the- Office of Admiralty Affairs, because in July 1816, when Ronalds, offered his project, it was deemed “wholly unnecessary,” by the Admiralty. Yet Telex cablegram & Telegrams are still used in the Maritime Industry and are a required element of cargo law, as a formality, although just as a namesake, because emails, are the preferred method now used.
Many of Ronalds’, processes were adopted in 1832, by Pavel Schilling, a Russian Diplomat. Schilling, invented a worldwide electrical telegraph system, and took acclaim- some 16 years later. Around the same time, a patent for an electrical telegraph, was co-developed by Sir William Fothergill Cooke, and Charles Wheatstone, who recommended a five-needle system, pointing to the alphabet.

Electricity as a means of communication actually dates back almost 300 years, the very concept and innovation was first published in the “Scots Magazine” in 1753. “By using one wire for each letter of the alphabet, messages could be transmitted via connecting the wire terminals. In turn to an electrostatic machine and this was then read, by observing the deflection of pith balls at the receiving end.
In 1843, Scottish inventor Alexander Bain invented a device that could be considered the first facsimile machine. facsimile machine known as Faxes, where it is largely said faxes were what replaced Telex in businesses in the late 1980’s, but however, this was untrue. Only because Telex, lived on in computer encoding. Which instead, meant the methods for coding were utterly hampered by the former simplistic nature of the Telex technology. Encoding became a complex and major issue, because handling data evolved from early Telex methods, which served less complicated environments and hardware platforms. All Businesses computers depended upon computer coding which still relied on Telex, until Unicode was formulated.
Telex is more likely an Asian invention, as the former coding was invented for the East Asian alphabet. This made decisions on encoding characters into the system extremely difficult for coders. Encoding was guided by the limited functional requirements of the Telex technology. The first western societal advancement began to occur via the micro computer developments the CP/M was invented in 1973; including a Control Program for Micro computers, it was developed by Gary Kildall of Digital Research. Kahn and Cerf set about designing a net-to-net connection protocol. Cerf leads the newly formed International Network Working Group (INWG). In September 1973, the paper was presented to the University of Sussex in England, on the new Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) at an INWG meeting. Later on, Bob Metcalfe, from Xerox, is working on a wire-based system modeled on ALOHA protocols for Local Area Networks (LANs), which became the Ethernet back in 1974.
In 1978 The UK’s, Xerox Corporation, beat The expensive and heavily marketed -USA’s APRA. Xerox, created first Internet Protocol (IP)- introduced for home users,created with a TCP enhancement: a separate program to handle the routing of individual messages. Later the same year, Summagraphics announced Bit Pad- the first digitizer, and Computer Headware launched WHATSIT, the first database manager.
Unicode, has now trumped computer language-specific encodings for millennial systems, through a single universal language, limiting Telex’s capacity. Yet Telex can be used as a default input method, for many computers as an alternative input method editor, with VIQR and VNI. In addition, encoding schemes such as, UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-32, introduce more complexity into the Unicode standard, but far less than managing a large number of different encoding worldwide, which Telex formally required.
Businesses evolving communication platforms depend upon the needs of the globalized application.


Who Dares to Interfere in the Divinity of Love for Family; Who Indeed ?

Who Dares to Interfere in the Divinity of Love for Family; Who Indeed ?

When you fall in love all you want to do is be with the one you love.
When you are single your time is spent – attempting to do things you do NOT actually even want to do & it IS FUCKING EXPENSIVE and an utter waste of time and completely boring to an artist like me.
Because I mean after all you cannot just sit at home –and do all the things you did together as a couple and eat the meals you enjoyed for 20 years of marriage all alone there now, can you? So most reasonable people eventually assimilate back into society.
However, when a good wife has poured her soul into being a cook and always had a big family and coped with feeding a full house of visitors, and now she has, no husband- it is utter BS. Each person who was in a long term relationship will inherently, with or without realising miss the roles you played well, as a married couple. The ex-husband sees this, he must feel bad, or miss the food too. So the ex-husband attempts to compensate, and visits he enjoys the food- but eventually stops the visits, as the life’s completely separate forever.
The system forbids you hang out together, people who clearly have too much time on their hands cause trouble, so now the dynamics of the is family are changed by outer interference.
The family meals around the dinner table then are forced to stop, and this is where sorrow begins, at the head of the family. All because the male, is not looking after his now sole-wife, he feels he must stop taking from the sole-wife, as they are split up – and this compounds the males inner guilt – as many males deep down -are born providers. At this exact point the woman’s capability and a sense of her self-worth become diminished, with the loss of opportunity. This impacts a sole-wife more so, especially when she is a “domestically inclined wife” she will then – just stop trying to be all she was, and a piece is left dormant, this ‘dormant piece’ craves to be reborn.
Not knowing what the inner craving is for years, the sole wife may suffer deep inside; all because she simply misses a thankful smile and hugs of gratefulness, the self-worth dwindles and, in a way, is lost, as the separated couple fall foul to the system- who dares to interfere in the divinity of love.
The sensitivity about the situations changes the norm, separated families give up preparation roles and instead the family allow others to do the roles, which once bonded the family as they choose to meet at restaurants.
So sadly no one hardly notice the visits and family roles drop off, for well over a decade. The mother is so busy raising kids into adults sole handily, because no one knows what their role even is, anymore. Before food preparation and life in general was a shared and joyful family experience which was satisfying, these experiences are lost when a restaurant becomes the meeting spot.
All this loss of lifestyle goes by and is unnoticed for years, that the roles are lost. All because if you never went out when you were married, you always saved, so this new going out to restaurants becomes a new experience –which everyone enjoys, and this replaces the former experiences of gathering food, cooking, fishing sewing and homemaking roles, those roles change and become separate affairs to each household.
The new experience does unite the family going out requires clothes, which is yet another, enjoyable new shopping experience, shared with the family, meeting at shopping to buy stuff, shoes and bags. This becomes designer based, as the kids grow into teens, and they take over they command all the partying all the cab/uber fares –they all want to come along get hotel rooms, and get new and good branded cars – all tremendous fun, and the teen kids, will enjoy telling you where to go, being the boss, as they force you into life full-bore- saying “you can’t stay home mama, not tonight”. But to me, all costs not needed when you are in a loving relationship and if they were needed, surely they would be shared as a couple?
This expenditure is all empty and comes back void, it only attracts attention, you would be far better off without. And this is ghastly because unwarranted envy grows from within society – who look in on the well-dressed family- and oppress them which is a new and unpleasant experience in itself.
Then from within self- as a deserted sole wife’s energy levels drop, and being a cook not always being able to eat takeaways, will mean eating less, to a sole-wife raising teens with no support. This is impacting and anyone raising kids does struggle with all the run around after the kids, let alone being really alone. This gets no understanding from her ex-husband either, because if she is slim and the husband who has taken to doing nothing but eating out, well he is far from slim, and becomes resentful in a new way. This becomes a massive WEIGHTY ISSUE, which is a further distancing of long term couples, which is so often misunderstood by many. All because the husband never cooked in 20 FUCKING YEARS OR WASHED A SINGLE DISH UP.
However he as MALE commands societal acceptance of marital separation. Not only he, but half of Australian dads who do wimp out, and walk off at whim, and this action makes a broken home, so need I say more. –
The people you meet as a single, are BORING surfacey people, opportunistic or even love bombers, thieves and stalkers.
I am over relationships meeting new people, in a convict country of thieves. After a decade and half of going absolutely no -where, I have ever wanted to go, in Australia – which is one of the world’s most expensive country- getting EVERY IDEA FOR BUSINESS ALL RIPPED OFF – from people who are totally ugly rogues and con men.

THIS IS WHY I AM DISTANCING MYSELF FROM SOCIETY and accepting being alone means to must do so, unless you other women are up to arguing with every bigot male, who dares question as to why are you single? Well not for me, nope no more. to me that topic is closed, here now, home and hosed, and published so – vile offenders whom dare question my marital status will be referred to this recluse blog –and here is the answer-
I CANNOT STAND FUCKING BEING WITH MEN – I love myself far more than they ever could, possibly love me my love is precious, and that is why I choose to now be single.
I am becoming a partial recluse, it ‘is’ all about me now – to me now – I am in healing – from the male patriarchal system and it’s pseudo Christian set-up- which does not support sole strong women in society it FUCKING ATTACKS THEM. I am fully aware of all the lil male tactics and I am just over all the fake BS forever

What is in a Name ?

My Masonic Brother Sir Richard Branson
posted on instagram “We can all create our own luck by taking the necessary risks to open the door to change” I said to him NOT TRUE – because if the people you love, want to hold you back, well you are doomed – it is especially hard to make anything of your life NO MATTER HOW TALENTED YOU ARE IF YOU HAVE UNFIT parents

Fathers Day 1985
Teens were placed by Children services Queensland to stay at this dirty run down home, on acreage, one new teen was placed in a bungalow where the elderly parents who were not approved foster carers resided beside the approved foster home. The Foster woman foster carer was married to a man who ran a self-run sect, which he tried to call a church, but it was not a proper church, in the normal sense, because it was not in a church building, where the public may join the congregation for worship, for Easter, Christmas and anyone is welcome to attend any Sunday. It was a closed off to the general public -church. If a teen did not want to go to this small odd group religious meeting in a local primary school, in backward isolated country classroom, the entire family and long-term kids would then bully anyone who did not want to attend the service. The family who lived in squalor were most judgemental, calling any teen a devil’s child, if they were against the pretend church. The teens were banned from being spiritual and had no right to practice their own beliefs.
The unregulated church was very nosey, trying to tease out and hear the sordid details from the rejected teens each week as part of the service. Which was intrusive as was telling to teens, they only suffered and were abused as they did NOT love their God. The members were a small handful of parishioners who all knew new teens who attended the church, were WARD of STATES, fostered by the self-appointed religious leader; which in hindsight, is highly unethical.
The church being run, by a father of a family of rough hillbillys with a rusty old fridge old van and bad food. The family got free bread from the bakery and free old fruit vegetables this was supposed to be for stock feed for animals but they had no animals. Instead the foster children and foster teens were fed awful horrid meals which the teens had to prepare such as mince on the stale old bread. They were not allowed sweets but the eldest daughter had chocolate bars which she did NOT share and ate in front of the others. The newly placed teen was told she would live in the new home – the bungalow which was quite spectacular in comparison to the main house where the boys room stank and could have separate snacks too, if she just wen along and went to their dad’s church. You all know this is bad for someone who has never had treats, and knew the value of everything, but far worse for a teen from family who lived well (otherwise than the physical and emotional abuse and domestic violence) and had treats. The teen was adamant she was moving in with her bestie mum who was amazing spiritual healer so no. This was immediately met with oh that’s what so & so, said but then parents do not get approved by Children’s Services, so you are stuck here.
However on Monday at school the teen told her bestie, who in turn told her real father a builder, and his new wife said whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat we live down he road in Waterford, and she is eating Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat and despite them having four toddler children they most kindly intervened and supported the well achieving teen and who was their daughters bestie until his ex-wife’s claim which was approved.
The teens end placement was with the besties mum, a magnificent vegetarian healing woman, as was her husband kind and respectful to the teen. Without any counselling whatsoever, however the teen missed her real mum and the stepdad came to the highschool and told the teen the mother was dying, and he would be returning back to the UK, and the reen could go when he got back to Australia, so the newly placed teen returned to her mum. It was a trick to think as the teen never got to return to her UK homeland as was the promises to the court, phone calls and visits. Despite the teen having ample saving to pay for a world trip. Instead the funds were taken from the teen and used to buy the stepdad’s home which he got when the teens parents broke up and it flooded so it was utterly unsellable, the pumped up price and palmed off onto the teen.
The real dad, and the chance of producing the songs was cut off and the teen was prevented from producing any of the 100 songs. Sadly to this day even despite remaining quite disciplined in the area and the grown up teen having had the funds to do so since the year 2000, – the lack of self-belief and self-worth – has never completely returned to her soul, when the teen found her mother had tricked her the pain in her soul was unbearable. Despite this deception- the teen regained some of her her form and made it into the Center of Artistic development, where she could hide behind other’s scripts and not create – which was the teens childhood dream. The teen was told by her stepdad once he returned from UK that she was dirty and hang with faggots in drama school – who all had AIDS – HIV and the abuse became impossible. The teen was told she could not use any utensils or plates, pots, pans or towels etc of the family. The teen had offended her bestie by returning after all the besties family and other who were close all warned the teen and knew it was a set-up- but the teen desperate to be accepted by her mother quit school at her stepdads urging and did the job he suggested she do to get some peace in the family the mother joined the daughter at the workplace on the weekends. The teen was always allowed to work she worked for years and was ready to go to the UK to see her real dad. Any teen who worked before a children’s service placement, normally did not get taken to their part-time jobs during the placement and if the teen had their own bank account and wanted to eat properly and meet her besties to the shops, but they could not, because this property was completely off the beaten track and there was no transport and the location was to remain secret. No one was supposed to know the location, there were no mobile phones in 1985. This Children’s Services placement home at Chambers Flat, which is South West of Brisbane, housed a wide variety of teens. The family itself were a large family- of judgemental in nature – who could simply not fathom a well-dressed designer label teen who shopped in David Jones clad teenager. The teen who only got her hair cut at two places in Brisbane, and was thankfully married at 17 years of age, to a cool man forever, is a creative being and ran a successful advertising studio. This teen was ridiculed called posh for having an English London accent, yet the in-laws at the placement property, were nice the the teen as they English too. The female teen who suffers painful joint life-long condition she was teased for the popping noises and again called a devil’s child, for being like double- jointed. It was not the a familiar social grundnorm to have any achieving teens, at their home. This teen worked part-time since 12, taught at Brownies as a junior leader from 14 years old. And was a Girl Guide with a signed off BP award at the time of the placement, which she still has and to this very day, the BP Award has NOT BEEN AWARDED. The teen was not given opportunity to contact her Guide leaders. This teen DID NOTHING FUCKING WRONG and was lumbered in with troubled youth. The teen was one of the most passionate guides attending most guide events in Brisbane and being one of Guides with the most badges awarded, (unless their mum was a leader). An international guide who joined Brownies from age 6-in London. This teen was a philanthropist, her generosity for others began in primary school in the UK, where she independently aged 9 years old put together a stall, at the school fete to raise money for her school; when most kids are happy to go & make their parents spend at the fete. When This teen came to Australia she did not stop she raised money for her music block by running aerobic classes in the music block twice a week and they were a packed-out affair and in return Mrs Casey her music teacher a lovely woman, taught the teenager guitar, giving up her own time to give the teen complimentary lessons after-school. The teen was always involved in the community, where she would put on Christmas plays from aged 10 giving out all the roles, writing the script the costumes whilst her parents were at work with-out them knowing sending invites to all the street mum’s and toddlers, getting all the kids in the street involved a BORN leader. The teen manned stalls at the Beenleigh Show to raise money for the Cancer Foundation. The newly placed teen was slim and she was fit because she trained and ran everyday attend the gym seven days a week, being a self-disciplined person who had two full-time working parents- the teen organised her time and run around the block and up the hill, eventually although suffering a painful loud popping joint condition the teen managed to catch up and came 3rd in cross country with her two besties, so making the in zones cross country. The teen learned from a young age to block out the pain and to focus on positives and the mote she ran the fitter she got. The teen was also was in the school hockey teams. The stepdad and mother had forced this teen into modelling and she had been a winning heat model, at 13 -competing against 16 year old teens, this was well known in a small community, which was an utterly horrid experience of being judged in a swimsuit whilst a child and developing into a woman. The teen relaxed with singing the most, it let her live and breath as she played the guitar and wrote songs (one hundred in all) just to cope with the FORCED separation from her London, talented guitar playing and singing father. The parents gave the guitar away when the teenager was at a Sunnybank Aboriginal live band deadly- footy party as so it was the teens night off taking her guitar to her mates as it was a professional bands night. The teen was talented actor, well achieving was in Advanced maths her mother paid for a tutor. The teen achieved High Distinctions in English and in theatre. The teen was an artist and had won two poster National competitions, the placement home did not have any art supplies, not even coloured pencils. The new teen at the placement was an all -round eccentric and much-loved Student- who simply had a mother from the UK who would not admit she was unable to cope with her daughter blossoming into a young lady. The teens mother was too proud to admit she was unable, and could not stop the domestically violent bully stepdad- who was constantly belittling, her child. This doubled as being an embarrassment and well-known man’s pommy voice heard screaming fear throughout the suburb, due to the fact the stepdad terrorized the neighbourhood with worry, because he was unpredictable being the only MALE who could be heard yelling in the streets, and only Londoner where they lived. The local people were concerned, because real men do not need to yell- and hit little kid/teens around. The general consensus with the surviving neighbours is- NO real dad who is a reasonable man would do so, let alone even kick a child out of home. When the child is from an overseas country and has no family and is living with a false surname. this is compounded and adds volumes to the trauma. The fact the full-time working mother, could not care for her daughter and protect her from her husband who was always coming home in the day early and unpredictably the frazzled woman was kept on edge, where she died young. Because when she needed support she was from a family of 15, in UK, but where the stepdad moved to abuse the teen without family interference and pretend the girls were his own child, whom he abused daily. So the mother was helpless under the stepdad’s control, because she had no family support in the country, who were able to assist her. This was totally amplified by the domestically violent stepdad who had formed a lifelong hatred for the step daughter when she said she is a Mellor like her dad is, and she drew a logo to sing and perform Mel Mellor which she was beaten brutally for. The stepdad is not ashamed to commit crimes in the public arena, as this monster is above the law, and he still holds this contempt to the point, where he committed fraud at the death of the mother, just not to have to write the real surname Mellor.
A UK born teen was forced to suffer, all because the teens approved guardians were completely inadequate parents and were too stubborn to return the child to her homeland where a real father loved and still loves his child eternally, and unconditionally. The teen was not sent back to her loving father, despite the stepdad being able to return to the UK several times over the years, which breached UK conditions of a court order promising communication between the father and teen. The parents did well financially paying off all debts and mortgages a couple who owning their home out-right in 1981. So being a working class but quite a wealthy family, because the stepdad did jobs on the side for cash. The family only lived in that particular area, as the mother who was a professional business woman, and needed to live close to her workplace because she did not like driving far as she only gained her licence at age 29, and not from a lack of funds and being poor.
The acreage placement home, housed teens those are teens abandoned by their very own families- to youth who had committed serious crime such as vicious acts, gang rape and armed theft. The majority of teen girls who were kicked out of home by their parents were usually Pommy extraction – WASPS – the white Anglo Saxon people. These self-righteous WASPY white people who disown and ditch their teens kick them out of home, and kick their elderly parents into nursing homes. WASPS do this at a far higher and more rapid rates than non—white cultures do where family values are there to outweigh, seasons of ill wind. These teens are easy to discredit -all lumped into one bundle- Ward of The State Children’s Services failed these children big-time.
Anyway, the location although hidden – was known to bikies who planned a successful escape of another free- thinking teen in the home, who also said they were strange people and the family said this teen was also the devil’s child. The new teen wanted to join the other freethinker and escape the abuse, but however the family suspected the escape and told off the new high achieving teen. The foster carers Pastor & wife then made sure the newly placed high achieving teen, who placed in the brand new bungalow, was locked in with the creepy older parent in-laws the grandparents and away from the main home. The other nights all the homes were unlocked the main home has no fly screens at all. The in-laws lived in luxury with all the trimmings and all the newly paced teen girls went to the new bungalow first, so they decide to stay at the property but then a bed was squished into the main house and so on. Besides the in-laws who were NOT APPROVED TO CARE FOR CHILDREN – this is unlawful because the teen was imprisoned against their will because of security screened home paced under lock and key. When the teen had besties who parents were eventually with approved to foster and yet newly placed female teens were placed in the new residence with old unapproved people.
So when it comes to neglected teens, we have those who have spent their noses in books from year four primary school – volunteering helping people and raising funds for their school and wider community but kicked out of home for dating a black fella; to those teens who have been living out their lives selfishly since year four primary school, bullying and robbing people and hanging out, being told what to do by the town drug dealers- and eventually getting caught – for some of it. And the media ask if we should be lenient on teens who commit crimes NOT before the
& then a letter in 1983
For a father who is an absolute true gentlemen, to have his daughter a good child, forced into a weekend where the real dad NEVER DREAMED HIS PRECIOUS LITTLE TEEN PRINCESSES WOULD EVER BE, because it was FATHER’S DAY 1985 after-all. This is just one-day of the WARD of STATE- why do teens suffer further in an attempt to protect themselves from abuse. Then to top it all off are threatened by their abuser who is allowed to commit fraud and leave this high achiever off her mothers death certificate
In truth –and in the public interests as that man terrorised his stepdaughter he despises, and the entire neighbourhood screaming at the child for years.
WE WANT ANSWERS as to why Queensland police allowed a man who grew 600 illegal drug plants at his home to keep children, who WERE NOT HIS CHILDREN, when they had STRICT UK provisions for contact with the real dad in London. The stepdad instead managed to hide and lie about his surname, so that the communication could not be chased up through the education health and tax system. The Queensland Police added volumes to the abuse of this child’s suffering. One has to wonder when they were ward of state UK provisions not being followed that teen could have been saved by the police, if the stepdad was adequately dealt with for producing a large quantity of illegal drugs. The lack of investigations allowed the family to keep hiding behind the lie that the teen was his own flesh, and the abused mother forced he teens to pretend the children were the stepdads – and fraudulently used the name at school and in the system and the UK pair accepted false claims for years. The aggressive step dad warned the teen if she ever TOLD ANYONE THAT HER NAME WAS her real fathers, she will be dis-owned by the mother and him and the sister.
The state of Qld has been the vessel used for the purposes of this disownership of this then teen- on many occasions – into her adulthood allowing fraud to trump law.
So there is a snippet of the different types places where teens are forced to do things against their family upbringing. It is an abhorrent system which due the the lack of foster carers allows teens to be forced to attend makeshift churches and paraded in front of strangers, what ever happen to children’s rights-
Ok that is my candid account now add a foreign language and non-western county into the midst FFS –
This is why I love youth and want POSITIVE change and the displacement of refugees is deeply understood by me and I will fight to end mandatory detention – because the system is flawed.
So I will keep asking all the people directly, who I know can help these kids in exile- whether they be refugees or mis-placed youth, so please for those I have asked you are VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE WHO CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE and to those I am still about to ask – I am am just a lil bit nervous still – but my VC backed my idea – so LOOKOUT LOVELIES – I will do it

Water, is not a Luxury, but in NSW, it’s now become One.

The New South Wales (NSW) water resources charges for water are a disparaging indifference and inequality to those who rent. The costs in addition to rent, are in particular an added burden on local elderly residents, who receive no pensioner rebates; whereas home owners do. On average, a renting pensioner pays several times the weekly rent to a land lord, in comparison to the home repayments, for a pensioner.
Right now, NSW renting People are having to ration water in the hottest of temperatures. If people distance themselves from water this will lead to poor health, and in turn, becomes a major burden on the medical services. When all residents both richest and the most vulnerable; equally have a human right, to access the NSW water resources. as a precious life-giving commodity, without fear of thirst.

It is time, Councils, Corporations, Stadiums, Arenas, Gaming Clubs and entertainment venues in NSW become more accountable for water usage.
Water is essential for living and is not a luxury, but it has become one in the State of NSW.
Many now buy drinking water which although affordable at $4 x ten litres, but it is an inconvenience, heavy to carry, and creates a lot of waste of plastic.
The water (Richmond) is often undrinkable.
Water cannot simply be a buyer pay system with a finite and precious resource with such tangible variables. NSW Water resources need a new plan, to incorporate soft variables and intangibles into the current system dynamics; via drafting an innovative fairer system of a pay for residents. This will take into consideration the combination with hard variables. Integrating a fairer pay system for residents, who need water to survive – in such a hot climate.
By introducing a fine system for invalidated repeat over-use of the NSW water resources- will ensure sustainable practices and areas which need the most research and resources to cut water consumption are swiftly addressed
There are vast injustices in aged pension rebates, where renters who pay expensive under subsidised rent, – receive NO Pensioner REBATES and home owners get pensioner rebates. This discriminates against the most vulnerable in our society and needs to be tabled for reform rights. Because it is inconsistent with constitutional values, (S109 as per Constitution) and discriminates against the residents of the State Of NSW (S117 as in- Constitution).

Who Drives the Tool of Discrimination; ……Who Indeed?

Who Drives the Tool of Discrimination; ……Who Indeed?
The purpose of criminal law is to maintain justice which protects society, by facilitating the detection and prosecution of criminal actions while protecting society. Whilst, at the same time- upholding the rights of the accused – allowing them access to ‘due process’ and to the ‘rule-of-law’.
Criminal actions are bought on behalf of the State or Federal government against parties that are accused of violating the criminal law to ensure the full ramifications of unlawful conduct are understood, and not repeated by the offender or others. Criminal Sentencing and fines, are in place to act as a deterrent for all criminal actions.
There are several purposes for Criminal punishment- as considered by the sentencing Hon. Justices, is in Veen v The Queen, (No 2) (1988) 164 CLR 465 where Mason CJ, Brennan, Dawson and Toohey JJ held at 476 “The purposes of criminal punishment are various: protection of society, deterrence of the offender and of others who might be tempted to offend, retribution and reform.”
However, now in Australia, there may be a great detachment to the current privatised corrections system by the public.
Today, Serco, make vast profits by utilizing prisoners as a, ‘cheap manual labour force’. Australian Prisoners who work full-time are paid just $21.00 per week. These prisoners make huge profits for the correctional centres. The ‘profits’ do not benefit the State, so the public do not benefit, in any way whatsoever. The public are not even thought-of to be reimbursed, for the wrong a person/persons suffered, due to the now known- offenders criminal actions. Prisoners who caused harm, and suffer true remorse- are not able to ensure some good is returned to society, because all the profits made off prisoners, now go to fund, a multi-global corporation, who keep the profits. The Serco corporation are paid well, by the State via the public purse, – to run the actual prisons. The prison system has become a money-making machine, where people are thrown into prison over unpaid fines, just to fuel the capitalist system, and build up the investments of some foreign multi-global corporation.
Artists are targeted as are true Australians, – this breaches United Nations Sanctions
With the known number of talented artists within the Australian First Nation’s People, and the fact prisons are built near where the First Nations People’s, communities are based, coupled with the fact- Australian Prisons have a higher intake of more First Nations Peoples, than any other culture
I ask- Who drives the cultural tool of discrimination…..who indeed?
Again, Civil actions allow an individual the ‘right’ to – ‘due-process’ to bring an action of non-criminal wrong. Civil proceeding may be initiated against those accused of violating private rights. The ‘Rule-Of-Law’ must be upheld, as is the right to bring an action to court- or to arbitration, to have both-sides heard before an adjudicator, when publicly wronged. The Magna Carta – forbids unwarranted legal expenses and protection against arbitrary bamboozlement by lawyers who deny the individual’s right to due-process.
The right to ‘due-process’ was founded in 1297 and enacted by the Magna Carta which is still in force today under Imperial Application Acts Qld (1984) – (please view the link below)


The current Centerlink must be raised NEXT WEEK
Or Govt’ leaders everywhere MUST stand down they are unlawfully denying people ‘their inherent democratic right’ to a constitutional entitlement and therefore fail to serve their constituents
Currently a student mother and dependant receive just
$549 per week- including all extras – of rent assistance power rebates
This leaves nothing for food or Pharmaceutical-
Wake-up Australia vulnerable carers right now, are now being denied a right to eat and get their medications- when it is their right and is a constitutional entitlement they are eligible to receive
Weekly costs in Australia
Rent – $400
Electricity – $50
Petrol- $50
Registration – $30
= $560
Food- denied constitutional entitlement
Pharmaceutical- denied constitutional entitlement
SUNSCREEN- denied constitutional entitlement
Cleaning products – denied constitutional entitlement
Clothing- – denied constitutional entitlement
Community Sports Fitness- denied constitutional entitlement
Grooming hygiene- denied constitutional entitlement
Healthcare Therapies-
Study? NO WAY Get farked
no way fark off you cant

The Male Patriarchal System chips away at the Strongholds in Society


The male patriarchal system chips away at the strongholds in society

My friend who is known for chivalry, split his last 2 cans of beer three-ways into glasses. His wealthy mate, sipped up the last drop and blurted, “Well, if that is all you have got, we are off, I have some cold beers at home.”

My friend had willingly become a subject under direction, on a weekend, by his boss.

The foundation of integrity is mocked as men, purport to hang with men who subordinate women, and yet bag off the other men who are married, and attending massage parlours on the sly.

The phrase the ‘lack-there-of,’ has become a popular catch-cry for the selfish, who always seem to have wads of cash readily available for a new tattoo, holiday and whatever they want; yet for years never shouted any more than a round of drinks, despite them being…

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Gold Coast Boys (part 1)

Gold Coast Boys

Eyes dimmed with lust hearts hardened to truth
The Gold Coast Boys are a peculiar breed of men in looks by the time they turn 50 years old, many resemble the characters from Dick Tracy. This odd exterior should be enough of a warning; but over time, new comers to the Gold Coast become desensitized and end up paying for sex and replacing the traditional emotional love for a partner with love for ‘The Boys’. The boys are a sooky gossipy disgruntled group of men who are worked by a central marketer in the group, who gets cash incentives to get the men to part with cash for entertainment and or sex with strange women. Each day the women of the town are bagged out, and the pay-for-sex ideal is sold to the men, whilst they are under the influence of alcohol, this is deliberately done to line the pockets of the central marketer. The central marketer is easy to pick, they never miss a single happy hour, but they are always penniless, and the other men shout them the drinks, so when the central marketer offers discounted prices, he is seen as a legend. Men will go to any lengths to avoid emotional connections with a female, when they are hiding their own sexual lusts. The men are so swayed by these central marketer deviants; one man has replaced a traditional girlfriend with a shoe. The man has given up on women, and says he prefers a shoe, he advertises online to do Free shoe repairs and then has sex with the shoe and the woman is none the wiser. (More about this next time – in part 2)


THERE IS SO MUCH STIGMA to dare say anything negative about emergency service operators – but they can become a major cause of concern during crime and emergency calls which if mismanaged, become harrowing for the victim
Violent situations, may not be worth risking calling emergency service operators, because the victim is then placed in a very vulnerable position, battling wits with both the attacker and because they are on the phone; battling wits with an emergency operator at the same time.
During a violent situation a call to emergency provokes the attacker to such an extent, the victim is left wide open, to being further attacked, by the attacker. This is because if the victim gets an Emergency service operator WHO DOES NOT REALISE (OR BELIEVE) A VICTIM IS CURRENTLY BEING ATTACKED. It then appears the Emergency services, almost take sides with the offender, because the Emergency Service Operator begins taking offence at a victim, who is trying to ward off the ATTACKER, who JUST PHYSICALLY ATTACKED THEM. Yet the emergency service operator, has NO IDEA what is going on- or what the VICTIM IS ENDURING, and the victim is also unaware of what the attackers are up to whilst being questioned with a host of pointless questions during an emergency call.
An emergency call can place the victim in a more vulnerable situation, whereby the victim is struggling with the perpetrators attacks on one hand, and on the other hand emergency operators on the phone do take away the concentration from the victim, who is who is under ATTACK.

On the issues of self-defence you are taught to scream and scream loud & to hurt any attacker –
It is an absolute risk again to use any form of a physical force and self-defence the police may suggest the victim hit back and charge them. So why bother giving up an entire two weekends to even attend self-defence, it is pointless
Self-preservation is above trying to get some half-hearted assistance due to the emergency operator who CANNOT FATHOM what the victim faces. This therefore leads to emergency operators intercessory becoming distorted and misguided, and so therefore Police do not arrive before the criminal attacker is able to flee, despite three calls to emergency and three separate violent attacks
AT THE END THE VICTIM CALLS HER LOCAL POLICE AND AS SOON AS THE OPERATOR FOUND OUT WHO WAS ON THE PHONE THE TONE THEN BECAME SNIDE, THE OPERATOR FAILED TO EVEN ASK IS THE VICTIM OK. The victim was obviously quite distraught at being assaulted in public by a male, who fled the scene and yet,the victim was not instructed to attend doctors despite being notably upset by the incident, WHERE IS THE DUTY OF CARE? This is how AUSTRALIA TREATS THOSE WHO DISCLOSE A DISABILITY who have been attacked and are suffering shock.
Despite having CCTV footage of the AFFRAY and attacks
This is unacceptable in 2018-