Melissa Jane Petrak -Prime Minister of PNG: Calls for Diplomacy

For over half a century; terror has reigned over the first peoples of West Papua. They have suffered ongoing brutality at the hands of the Indonesian Military, who have often breached Human rights conventions.

The people of West Papua are being terrorised and killed in open gun fire, under the tyranny of  the Indonesian occupation.

In Yahukimo, in West Papua- it is alleged four church parishioners were shot at. One was killed and three were arrested on the 19th of March 2015, as they collected for Vanuatu Cyclone appeal.

There is an urgency to end the 53 year struggle for the West Papuans. West Papua Independence leader Benny Wenda calls for peace in West Papua. Lobbying Melanesian families will be delegating from the grass roots level, in July. ‘West Papua is family so we believe they are already supporting us’, Mr Wenda said,[1]

Mr Wenda was deported from PNG last Friday on ‘Visa issues rather than politics.’ Supporters of Mr Wenda have expressed their concerns at the Government’s actions and are appealing to the government and seek the return of Mr Wenda.

This is not the first time Mr Wenda has been exiled from his homeland, he was imprisoned and tortured for peacefully campaigning and sought refuge in the United Kingdom.

According to the Secretary General Of West Papua, he was never formerly admitted into the country so technically he can’t be deported.

The current PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said Mr Wenda was not being deported, he was released for the country and may apply again to return.

Mr O’Neill has acknowledged the acuities of the matter and now calls for a diplomatic approach in West Papua. He vows- he will not keep quiet about the abuses that are taking place to the Melanesian and Christian western region of Papua New Guinea Island. He has also called for the numbers of Indonesian troops to be reduced.[2]

Beneath ‘Indonesia’s blanket of silence that allows the occupation to continue there are urgent calls to stop the genocide of the West Papuans and grant them independence. [3]












[1] Radio New Zealand-…/png-bond-stronger-than-ever,-say…

[2] West Papua: PNG prime minister calls on Indonesia to fulfil former president’s promise to reduce troops-30/03/15-



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