Melissa Jane Petrak- What Happened to Democracy and Press Freedoms ?

#Press Freedoms are a dying breed#



In Australia, there is an established Secret Intelligence Operation (SIO) scheme which provides protections under the Australian Security Intelligence Oganisation (ASIO) to officers and affiliates. The SIO status is granted under section 35P of the ASIO Act by either- ASIO’s Director-General of Security or  the Deputy Director-General. The new provision found under section 35P of the ASIO Act now affords SIO civil and criminal immunity. [1]

Furthermore SIO officers are exempt of any liability when they engage in otherwise unlawful conduct; during an operation of a SIO. The Act contains two offences provided in section 35P for an unauthorised disclosure of information in a SIO, [2] the sole purpose is to – ‘protect persons participating in a SIO and to ensure the integrity of ASIO’s covert operations’.[3]

This has serious consequences and most of the media are opposed to the encroachment of section 35 P.[4] Under section 35P…

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