-Melissa Jane Petrak –

The wording in the Copyright legislation is broad; yet the focus of the debate used to push the bill through Parliament today, was based on a narrow minded argument.

No consideration was given to the rights of new and emerging artists.  Instead, the debate largely focused on the copyright breaches of major corporations.

Suddenly, the Australian government are concerned with large corporations missing out on a few dollars in downloading fees, for movies and songs, downloaded by people who can simply be fined and/or educated on ethics.

On the other hand- the government need to investigate why corporations charge such exuberant fees for internet services. In order to access unlimited household internet: Australians pay a minimum of $1200- per year for an internet connection/service fees , plus the added costs of electricity usage and the devices needed to access the internet, which breakdown at an alarmingly rapid rate. So in reality, there are no free downloads.

The introduction of Copyright Legislation passed today, is set to protect the large 20th century monopolies, Rather than rising talent who have adopted a different approach for well over a decade.

With the onset of the internet, many artists are happy to share their art/ innovations in a Copyleft manner. However, for one to profit or pass-off another’s idea as their own, and re-produce it, would be- unjust enrichment and unlawful.

When it comes to the law, Copyleft affords more protections than copyright. As Copyleft allows NO variations; whereas copyright laws generally only require a 30% variation, and this has been taken advantage of by many unscrupulous operators.

As a legislator Scott Ludlam, called for evidence- ‘ the government may be able to wipe out web-sites’- {on ABC lateline (19/06/15)} The new Copyright Laws have the capacity to take away our freedom of our choice to circumnavigate the web. Mr Ludlam warned the Australian public -new laws will be introduced to criminalise VPN users.

In reality this pseudo protection against copyright would pose a threat to struggling inventors, game-developers, writers, artists and designers etc, who may not be able to research their products and may be in the dark if they are ripped off by another person/group/ corporation. If Australians are unable to access the websites- passed off products may easily be advertised and sold upon the websites- Australians cannot access.

We need full access to the entire web- as professionals in Australia- ‘WE DEMAND a FAIR PLAYING FIELD.’ Websites are blocked already, and Australians, are placed at an unfair disadvantage as a Nation, by the current government- because site blocking is an attempt to prevent and restrict the freedom of trade for Australian innovators.


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