Melissa Jane Petrak- Who is Looking After The Children ? (Part 2)

It is a dark moment for human-rights history in Australia; as refugees in detention centres now risk the unrestrained exercise of autocratic power.

The Blanket Ban on Reporting Human Rights Abuses in Australia; is a Despotic Abuse of Authority.

Firstly, the Australian Government banned journalists from detention centres.[1] Followed by a staff ban on reporting detention centre incidents, made possible by the introduction of the Australian Border Force Act (2015). Section (24) of the aforementioned legislation, requires all detention centre workers and contractors take an oath; this ensures human rights abuses go unreported.Currently there are rumours circulating- workers without child checks, are employed at Australian detention facilities.

The Coalition Government’s peremptory decision saw the ban come into full force on the 1st of July 2015.  Doctors are now banned from reporting human rights abuses they encounter at detention centres, in their course of duty.[2]

Journalists and Doctors who disobey the law and report, will now face the undue severity and harshness of possible jail.

The Moss Review into allegations of human rights abuses in Nauru, found many physical, emotional, sexual and child abuse incidents go unreported.[3]

Innocent children are displaced from their families whilst locked in detention. These vulnerable children have faced the perils of the high seas, been tossed about as cargo, many have suffered child abuse and worse.

It was not the refugee child’s choice to come to Australia, they should not be punished for being survivors.

The political climate has turned to despotism; as the current bans on reporting in detention centres are both oppressive and unjustly severe.

[1]C/o SMH ‘We need To see Manus; by Ben Pynt 24/2/2014

[2] ABC- by Greg Barns, George Newhouse- Opinion–  Border Force Act: Secrecy Just Got worse- 28/05/15

[3]Final report into Nauru Island detention Centre allegations


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