Women with young teen girls who suffer MALE neighbourhood violence; can do nothing about it in Queensland.

If a woman suffers violence at the hands of a male, she has NOT been intimate with, she is NOT eligible for DV assistance.

If the woman is in Queensland housing she is doomed completely- to be injured, until she dies.

It is completely unethical on many a level, how Housing actually holds the scope of power to keep people in vulnerable situations with the promise of a suitable transfer not eventuating.

Common sense would normally prevail if a woman is prepared to run, and run far, she needs to be listened to.
Queensland Housing subordinate their vulnerable tenants, by not allowing a transfer, and deny a swap.
Therefore tenants are stuck between a rock and a hard place, helpless.
QPS and Housing can paint tenants as trouble makers, without cause when they cannot move.
I have seen internal emails, which were sent with erroneous claims. QPS stating electricity was turned off by non-payment, when the poor woman actually had paid her bill twice and was sent a credit by energex. Besides, in Aussie drawl, the violent gang admit to turning it off, and threaten the children’s mother. This gang bust down the fly screen door, disturbingly the woman in the gang abused the young children.
QPS were provided the footage, along with the commissioner, and shadow QPS minister at the time.

QPS then use dirty tactics until eviction.

It began with missing money from a purse, the day the problematic family moved in.
Then missing art and designs. Repeated break ins and vandalism were common place from the offset.

The neighbour began stalking the eldest daughter and was on the property with a knife, within months of the young family moving in.
QPS would not lay charges. This empowered the violent little man, who was a former heroin dealer re: case law, from my research, I also suspect an informer for QPS.

The gang violence began, when this tenant and her child a daughter, were bashed by four large sized people, who used weapons , in plain view of all the other neighbours.
Each of these men and women all said ‘a big yes’ to violence against women encouraged by QPS. Who then instructed Queensland Ambulance(QA) to attend to the male attacker and leave the child concussed on the ground. Meanwhile whilst the pole wielding violent male was placed in the ambulance the child was left on the ground, for 45 minutes 13/3/2011.
When the woman complained, QA visited and put a supposedly new USB from a packet in her laptop and wiped the file.
Fortunately it was backed up. They claim nothing was done.
No answer as to why, the QPS instructed QA to attend the male attacker.

They allege, the Houso movie, sent the attack up, using the same grey besser coloured bricks in the opening scene of the movie.
This hefty gang beat up a mother and child, it is no laughing matter.
The women’s ex husband’s cousin, worked at Morningside QPS, he was officer in charge. He refused to lay charges as the daughter, had painted gay signs for the equality march the day before, the gang bashing.
A few weeks later 6/4/11. This tenant was offered to swap with another tenant, an exact suitable home, within their eligibility on the Sunshine Coast. The other family needed to get close to a particular Hospital, as his wife was in hospital and the family needed a city house desperately, it was denied by the Queensland Housing department.

People who try to help themselves directly, can get blocked and bullied and forced to stay in unsuitable Housing.
This is completely undemocratic of the Queensland Government, and allows violence to continue to the weaker party.

The Housing Department insist in parrot fashion to ring QPS. QPS advise Peace and Good Behaviour Bond; not understanding the way the law actually works, in the slightest. In Queensland the application is put before a local magistrate. The magistrate listens to all the details and the order cannot be granted under law once the perpetrator attacks. If there is physical violence between the parties, a peace and Good behaviour bond cannot apply. Nobody bothers ringing QPS once they side with the violent team.

On the Queensland Housing swap site; tenants may swap homes with each other. After a few calls to tenants it uncovers a consistent theme of unrelenting control by Housing and false promises of transfers. There is a frequent recurrence of unethical and at times, illegal dealings with the tenants, breaching privacy and duty of care. The main cause of concern uncovers the Queensland government are in constitutional breach of the separation of powers.

Women in Queensland Housing may be in situations whereby they are controlled by their former partners who come and go, they cannot fend for themselves against men who intimidate them on a daily basis.

This also includes DV women escaping homes they own, if women have only previously owned a home, or had a mortgage, they may not be able to rent- as no rental history, to a real estate spells a potential risk. In general women who own a home do not consider government Housing as an alternative, and with no rental history they are often are forced to return back to their husbands.

Woman are trapped in modern society by the patriarchal system and male dominance. Children aged over 12 years male and even female, are not always allowed to take accommodation with their escaping mother in a refuge. Our government allow a DV system to exist which is flawed, as it further displaces the DV victim from her children.
Leaving the question, where do all these over 12 year old children go, or do they stay with the violent father? This is why women, do not leave.

DV women are subordinated by rules of DV, and need liberty. They may NOT be able to escape the violence, due to the controlling nature of the current DV system. As it is a daunting proposition to even go seek refuge, and it is too draconian. If the DV victim has even had even a sip of wine, she cannot escape that evening to the refuge, how absurd. It may have been a wine at the cafe with her best friend over lunch, which  gave her the courage to make the call to DV line.

So where exactly is all the DV funding going, and who is in control of this failed model in Queensland? Which further controls women.

The entire system of DV in Australia, is a complete let-down to women.
It is demeaning to think women who take shelter in a refuge, must live under a stricter set of rules than that of their husband.  What a de-humanising system for women who are escaping violence.
DV women are not unintelligent women who must all be assigned a case worker who has only a sense of what the women is going through, and humans judge.

The whole system subordinates and dehumanises the victim. The woman alleges a QPS officer dated her, alleging the injustice was a wedge between them and they broke up.
The woman claims he was trying hard, they were close. Unfortunately, this woman lost her trust in QPS many years earlier. It is almost as if the echo of past violence, resounds inappropriately and untimely.

We must not allow violence against women to continue; lest the echo destroy a new beginning.

I encourage journalists go under cover, and find out why there is a deceitful squandering of the public purse and an enormous amount of advertising dollars spent annually on failed DV campaigns-

Our government has funded ineffective DV advertising campaigns and a broken DV model in this country, like merit tokens- for far too long

Whilst two women die every week to male violence

Update- Amberjack units in Wynnum West
Are a disgrace to tax payers. It is alleged, many crimes are occurring
I need to get some more evidence. When I have time.
So more to come
And thank you for speaking out
Brave people

http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-12-26/wa-evictions-feature/5170316- Another tale this time of a Western Australian Housing situation , and the Governments disregard to a vulnerable tenant- Several different forms of control and restraint are placed upon an ill woman, the actions of others evict the vulnerable.


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