This week’s horrific displays in Queensland, of open violence by men- towards women, highlights violence toward women is not going away; just because the community choose, to ignore it.

Violence toward women will continue, as long as society watches on, in silence. Women will continue to die in Queensland, as the current system is inadequate and flawed.

Several weeks ago, in Logan City -at the Logan Central Plaza, a young lady was smacked across the face in broad daylight. The onlookers hardly raised an eyebrow. The conduct of the man involved was largely accepted.

This young women had no support, none whatsoever.

Research uncovers women have no way to escape violence, DV Connect, fails to include children over 12 years of age in the accommodation. Hundreds of women attempting to escape violence have been killed, as they had nowhere to escape to.

Why do Government continue to fund a useless model, which does not deliver the needed protection to Queensland women, and children, escaping violence? The media seem to praise the dysfunctional and insufficient current framework for Domestic Violence, without ever questioning, as to why so much funding is poured into a broken Domestic violence system.

Police should not have to run around sorting out relationship matters, unless there is crime involved, then they may owe a duty of care.

The Police are between a rock and a hard place, as they are left dealing with the deaths of men who take their lives after separation. The media have guidelines on what they can report and suicide is one of the prohibited topics, so society are uninformed. In Australia research has uncovered 21 men, take their lives each week- after their relationship ends.

On the other hand, well established research shows the systemic abuse allowed between varying minority groups of women, at the hands of Queensland Police. This therefore places the women in a position- where a vulnerable woman is reluctant to report criminal abuse, as the Police do not take matter seriously within certain minority groups.

Violence toward women is unacceptable, and yet watered down by police dealing with Aboriginals and Housing Department female tenants.

Equally disturbing is OMC spouses and Police spouses- whereby again, domestic violence flourishes; due to the structure of the patriarchal systems these women find themselves trapped in.

These women are allowed into a closed off world, and when they reach out they are quickly shut down by the Police, in one way, or another. Police who themselves are effected by violence should be counselled and not be placed in charge of incidents involving their own extended family violence this constitutes a conflict of interest

The encroachment upon Press freedoms in Australia extends to reporting in the main stream media on suicide and domestic violence.

Light must be shone in this dark murky area whereby two women are murdered by their partners each week, and 21 men commit suicide.

Meanwhile in response the Queensland Government- are about to frantically throw more money at an organisation, rather than into actual long term accommodation, for women and children affected by violence, so they are not constantly on the run.

It is important for all to realise, whilst the refugee/migrant crisis in Europe is terrifying, they are all going in the one direction, a woman escaping violence, is trying to hide, duck and weave unsure of any one direction. The more prominent her partner, the worse it is.

The Band-Aid approach currently adopted by the Government regarding violence towards women should no longer be adhered to, it is tacky, and time we looked to a more transparent fix- into violence towards women.

DV Connect is little more than an accommodation matching system, whereby $90 per night motels, are charged out to the Government at an elevated fee.

Along with controlled refugees, DV Connect offer house/unit type supervised accommodation. An unacceptable rort of taxpayer’s money, refuges are unacceptable for women and children in 2015.

Women and children escaping violence should not endure further lock-up, and control in a refuge.

Yet it has been identified, Domestic Violence in essence, is the systemic control of the other individual in the relationship. Therefore the current Domestic violence system is a despotic, contradictory and confusing model.

There is another, overarching disregard for the ‘best interests of the child’ and dehumanising for the mother escaping violence. Women would need more than a rule book to circumnavigate their way through the current system.

The current system over looks women who are effected by violence by men who they have not been intimate with, in Queensland, law reform is needed in this area.

A way forward is for the Government to consider a way to holding public forums, until there is an end to violence against women on the streets.

Does this infer men are not treated properly in the current system, if they are killing themselves, their wives and children?

The Government need to wake-up!

Until then, please show your support as Queensland steps forward for women and children with the implementation of the proposed Human Rights Bill (Qld).

Women’s Rights are Human Rights

Melissa Jane Petrak

Drawn from my 5 year research thus far into

Queensland Extreme Sub-Cultures;

Policing spouses v OMC spouses


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