A regard for Privacy is Required to combat #Violence against #Women and Children

It is all about privacy, this was emphasized by Rosie Batty today as she boldly addressed our nation on the issues of violence.

Today, we live in a society whereby youth are constantly pressured by the influx of available social media. These youth were born into a narcissistic, selfish, selfie snapping, society, as a result many youth now are looking for external validation. This leads to young people, unwittingly objectifying themselves online on a daily basis.

We will never achieve anything if we are waiting for external validation, this is because nobody knows what we really want. Therefore we ‘ourselves’ are the only ones who can achieve what ‘we’ desire.

Many people are waiting for a diagnosis, a label from an expert, so they can go on with their life. It is as if, waiting for external validation acts as an excuse, as to why they have not been able to participate, or a future excuse, cop out as to why they can no longer participate in society.

Rather, youth have to accept that they, are in fact, a valuable member of the community and learn to respect one another and our differences. Young people need to be compassionate towards themselves, rather than being their own worst critics.

Youth learn to curb their attitudes, from a balanced adult, people can only learn when they respect not only the person teaching, but more importantly youth need to be taught to respect themselves.

Today so much poor behaviour is displayed in films, although it is only acting; we humans are creatures of habit and we actually not only get desensitized, but many take on the learnt overt behaviours.

The emotional outpourings, we observe when people are going through audition, or elimination shows, shows people have not been taught how to deflect critique, or rather how to separate the criticism from the essence of who they really are. Any artistic work, although it is an intellectual process, it is merely a talented skill, an expression of our inner being.

We must teach the children emotional intelligence, to become resilient and to find contentment within themselves, in their formative years. Another important aspect is there are those exceptions to the norm, but mere exceptions.

The rise in social media has greatly impacted the children, in a negative way. Parents choose to defy online age limits, and allow their children onto the public domain. Children are not yet equipped with social skills needed to deal with pressure, and they are largely unsupported.

When we consider former child stars were looked after by an agent. Child stars were trained in performing arts, and presented in a positive light, yet still, bore the burdens, and an enormous pressure from the public. Now children just go straight onto social media directly to the public, with no protection.

Parents really need to consider their ethical obligations before posting their children online in any manner. Facebook now record all ‘voice’ conversations whilst engaging in sending a message, and snapchat have access to all your photos stored on your phone.

The ‘child’s best interests’ will always trump parents rights; as per the objects provided in section 60B, of the Family Law Act (1975) (Cth). Children have a moral right to privacy. It may be argued posting children online is not always in the ‘best interests of the child.’


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