Domestic Violence: Colourful Words

Colourful Words 

Posted by   Melissa Petrak  at Friday, 24 October 2014 12:23:09 AM EST

Colourful Words

Domestic violence is mentioned in the Australian Constitution although here, it refers to National threats.

  1. The Commonwealth shall protect every State against invasion and, on the application of the Executive Government of the State, against domestic violence

I went to a house in Logan City looking to buy a Ford in 2009, the lady was dressed in a particular cultural dress, behind steel barred porch. It was gated and locked. She handed me the phone through the bars, to her husband, she couldn’t speak English.

Her husband zoomed up, very quickly. In the back yard filled with cars, there was a gate adjoining the two properties. A white Australian came through in no time. The back deck was also barricaded off with bars which he undid, he let us in, and I could see the lady was actually imprisoned. It has bothered me and my best friend to this day.

If men come from overseas with attitudes who see no wrong in controlling their wives are allowed to settle in Australia and left unchecked hiding behind a barricade of cultural protections. Where does that leave our future generations?

Because we live in a patriarchal society, it minimises the sexism in light of political correctness. We must not standby and pretend not to see cultural male dominance.

When Australia was invaded by white European settlers, Aboriginal women were respected by their culture.

Aboriginal women were honored and had to fulfill roles regarding law.

The Aboriginal culture was misunderstood by European settlers who viewed their wives as property.

White settlers were obsessed with Australia’s first people; it can’t really be conceded well educated English bureaucrats were unaware of their existence.

Matthew Flinders, must have needed glasses, not to see the existence of middens on Coochie Mudlo Island, a complete cover up, for the terra nullius lie.

The French, Were fascinated with the children’s x-ray drawings, and documented them. The Dutch reported people living here since 1606.

As found in The Oxford Companion to Australian History[i]

Colourful words have the capacity to cover the truth

[i] Davison,G.,Hirst, J., Macintyre, S.,The Oxford Companion to Australian History, Oxford University Press, Melbourne


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