Family Violence- A Mother’s Home is Her Castle

A mothers home is her castle

First Posted by   Melissa Petrak  at Sunday, 17 August 2014 1:21:48 PM EST

UPDATED 28/09/15

Women who run from family violence are charged to stay in DV accommodation, and often have little say in where they are placed.

DV assistance at the moment does not work. It is unacceptable for children and women to suffer violence in 2015.

Violence to women is not taken seriously.

The entire system subordinates women, further through political male dominance (MacKinnon)

Upon the mothers arrival at the DV refuge, she and her children, will be subject to abide by a new set of rigid rules, policy and guidelines.

Our patriarchal society dictates a woman escaping a controlling man, will be placed in DV accommodation where it is considered she needs more controlling.

Why is it that society expects a mother suffering DV to trust in strangers, and accept allotted DV accommodation?

A mother’s home is her castle, as our lecturer 12/08/14 pointed out …”who wants to leave their comfy home”…. let alone drag their children off to a strange place.

The entire process does little to empower women.


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