Family Violence – TILL DEATH DO US PART

Posted by   Melissa Petrak  at Sunday, 17 August 2014 1:24:32 PM EST

A DV controlling partner will offer anything to get back his partner back.

The bitter-sweet, honey-moon phase is where a perpetrator tempts the DV women with kind promises.

Victims can block out abuse and may anticipate a peaceful family life and return. This return back to the perpetrator places the DV victims in danger of violence once again and perhaps even death.

The ‘cycle of violence. ’ is identifiable and it is certain, this pattern of behaviour will always be associated with DV. The ‘cycle of violence’ becomes a vast zone of uncertainty.

Each stage is an emotional rank pulling effort, to gain control by the abusive partner.

It is a completely predictable cycle in everything.

Yet uncertain in the relation to the time each stage will last, and uncertain of the severity the violence might escalate to.

DV victims are competing with the forces of certainty and uncertainty, on a daily basis.

This is where the uncertainty lies, as everyone involved in assisting the DV victim feels uneasy.  Violent and destructive attacks are imminent, should the DV victim return her partner may kill her, (Barnett).


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