The Current Government Codones Vast Indifferences for Vulnerable Women and Children Living in Private Rental homes; they are put at an unfair financial disadvantage


Posted by   Melissa Petrak  at Thursday, 23 October 2014 11:16:34 PM EST

The Housing rents are over supplemented for Centrelink recipients who live in Public Housing.

Many more needy people could be housed more ethically.

The heavily supplemented rent of Public Housing $ 103.50 per week for mother of two, can be for any amount of rooms. Yet a mother in private housing will pay upwards of $330, and more according to rooms. The Centrelink subsidy of $77 per week, is the total rental supplement a mother in private housing, will receive. This shows a vast imbalance.

Therefore, the children are put at a financial disadvantage as the basic eligibility Centrelink provides is gobbled up by the land lords.

The other Housing subsidy schemes that exist, exclude those who have issues with housing.

A woman escaping family violence will work.  The children will not have their mum around, nor their dad. This is also vastly unfair and older siblings are placed with an added burden. If one takes a stand-point view these women and children need respite, not added pressure of keeping a job whilst the children are home alone.

It is not good Government, it almost seems a Constitutional breach under s 51 (xxiii A) for such a vast indifference to continue for children who survive, without a main bread winner as a parent.

Women in Public Housing have a definite financial advantage, in comparison to women in the private rental market.


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