SECURITY GUARDS are the real thugs in society.

Whilst I agree with certain aspects of the VLAD laws, I am now drawn to the fact, security guards are the real ‘violent’ force within society.

Whilst I do not agree with many aspects of Outlaw Motorcycle Club culture (OMC), as they are a patriarchal structure, that holds men’s rights as superior to women.

The Queensland Government are in breach of human rights to tell the OMC what to wear, and encroach their own freedom of expression- I would prefer to be able to identify who the outlaw OMC are, than to not.

Logos serve to warn and inform us.

Pubs, Surf clubs and other licensed establishments whilst they may have management rights to set expectations of a particular dress code. By the same token- it is beyond the scope of the establishment to breach international copyright law, and reproduce and feature logos at the entrance, or anywhere in a public place. It is illegal if it involves the reproduction of a logo, that is subject to international copyright laws without the permission of the copyright owner. Logos protected under copyright law and Trademarks are intellectual property, and as such they are held as property under law. So technically speaking, this illegal use of property, is regarded as theft under Australian and International law.

Pubs, Surf clubs and other licensed venues are repeat offenders and breach laws almost every day, by serving too much alcohol to patrons; when it is well established by research, and the government recommendations suggest consumption of no more than 1-2 drinks, per day, for health reasons.

This is a terribly under regulated model, it is ignored law

This open disregard for the law,  is the scourge of society.

Bouncers and security guard are thugs in society, who partake in regular violence to patrons, there is well established evidence provided in many Australian criminal law cases. The recent case of the Howl and Moon, is proof, other staff in the nightclub may also get involved, it is gang warfare- hammered down on the patron.

Security guards and bouncers are thugs, who exercise power over drunk people, and please set police brutality aside – Police are at least accountable, and sworn in officers of the law. Since beginning at a law firm, I have seen it is all about ethics and professional responsibility- yet bouncers hold the same powers as sworn in officers. This flawed law in Queensland, needs to be repealed.

Bouncers are little more than blow-ins, they are generally employed by a larger security firm, and once a complaint is made the offending thugs, are whisked off to another establishment the firm manages. This further concedes they are of a  ‘gang’ type mentality, as there is always a larger network of security guards, ready to ponce, on call- at another, venue nearby.

Similarly, as in the alleged Wilson security gang rape Wilson security fly the allegedly offenders off. These alleged rapists have still not faced charges, the way the Wilson Security firm, acted is criminal, let alone the allegations which the Papua New Guinea Police are patiently waiting to deal with.

It leaves me to wonder why, are these bouncer thugs allowed to break the law, and hurt the youth of today, hurt people at protests, in fact almost any public event, places these thugs in a position of undeserved power?

Bouncers and security guards are not above the law, and nor are the people they work for.

It is well established, domestic violence is all about power and control, yet these thugs are given overarching powers under law, and if they allege an assault occurred, the police charge the patron as if they stuck a police officer. However, there are consistent accounts where false allegations, are completely contrary to the security footage.

This undeserved power given to untrustworthy security guard thugs, clogs up our court system. Week after week- throughout Australia, erroneous claims are made by security guards, innocent people are charged and often the charges are later withdrawn.

Griffith Innocence Program works on many cases where injustice has been compromised, when we start to look into Queensland laws, there is an overwhelming need for Human Rights Legislation.

Because power corrupts more so, when the power is undeserved.


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