J.Petrak (jnr)

Guns we hear a lot about guns

In the media

It is unbalanced coverage

People who go out on boats need them, incase a shark crosses their path,

I have seen a school of Tiger sharks first hand.

Farmers need them, for wild dogs attacking their sheep and a for host of other reasons.

Guns are to be respected, but if you live in suburbia

They can be left at the gun club.

Guns are great for those who do not wish to drink or smoke as you can gain an advantage by having a steadier hand.

All well and good for those who love contact sports, or boxing- they offer similar  challeges- but some love the sport of shooting.

I see an issue with people especially boys, not being bought up to ‘respect’  guns, if they were bought up to respect guns, gun’s would not be a problem.

In Australia a 15 year old child shot an innocent police finance worker.  I  ASK WHERE DID HE GET THE GUN???

How could a child seek out a gun, and the parents not know ?

Regardless of culture, how can a family not know about something going on of that nature?

Parents should not have children if they are not willing to spend time with them,

The rumors circulating that the army in the UK are selling guns to youth, makes sense when many youth with little hope, join the army as a last resort, again many join, as they do not get on with their family.

The problem in this country, is not Guns,




(BELOW-My other student’s view on guns)

By M.Petrak (jnr)

My Flag my Indigenous Identity

My father was born in the former Yugoslavia, the country no longer exists

The flag was lost through war

I created a simple, symbolic image, to represent this fact.

I also thought it could become a catalyst for others to realise- nothing is gained by war, guns or bombs; except division.

We need to promote unity, guns should become mere art pieces locked behind a cabinet in an art gallery, where we look and say,

“Oh magnificent carving, and mother of pearl inlay on the handle, what wood is that mahogany?

Oh we don’t cut down trees these days, or fire those guns, as we need only; peace.”


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