Forget what you have heard about the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club from the mainstream media, they do not let anyone inside their world, so you may as well be reading a hypothetical, as it is made up nonsense.

The recent introduction of the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act (2013) (Qld), (VLAD) laws in Queensland, has seen the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club- support surge, not just from within the club itself, but from the side-lines. [1]Although the gates are narrow by way of membership into the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, the VLAD laws have somehow sparked an interest. This increase in popularity and fervent support for the club is astounding, and can be evidenced at, anti-VLAD law rally protests. This could be due to the fact the public are aware the to the High Court decision regarding Stefan Kuzcborski, that not all bikies are criminals as decided in the case of Kuzcborski v The State of Queensland [2014] HCA 46.[2]

The High Court held Mr Kuzcborski, was a patched member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, had no serious criminal convictions and therefore had no standing in the High Court. As he was an upstanding member of society, a librarian not a criminal, neither had he disregarded or breached the VLAD laws in anyway, and therefore it was not unconstitutional. [3]

Although VLAD laws were held as –‘excessive and harsh’ by an overwhelming majority judgement, held by Crenna,J., Keifer,J., Gageler, J., and Keane, J during the High Court decision. [4]

This led to the dissenting judge Hayne, J., pointing out the ‘vice in the provisions of the Act, were founded on the former Queensland Attorney Generals determination for him, lay in regarding which motorcycle clubs were criminal. ’ Although Hayne, J., was a dissenting judge in the High Court decision, the Queensland police have amended the definition.

I was given a unique glimpse into their world; and I saw from the offset, not all Motorcycle Clubs are the same. The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, is a well-established club for passionate motorcycle enthusiasts; and they have a very selective member process.

This begs the question why do all the Motorcycle Clubs, get tarred with the same brush? When society does not tar all football clubs, although some football clubs, are notorious for continual horrendous disrespect to women, substantiated in the judicial system.

Although the VLAD laws are relatively new, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, was established in the United States of America, on St Patrick’s Day, in 1948 in the Fontana/San Bernardino region. The men had formed close bonding ties during the war; this brotherhood, had stood the men on solid ground, throughout the unspeakable horrors of war. In fact long before established research was apparent on the need for men to forge mateship, the club’s founding members began the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, was founded as a direct response to meet the well-being of the men and returned soldiers after WWII. This attracted the attention of elite paratroopers. Arvid Olson, was one such man, he had served in the war, as a former Squadron Leader of the 3rd Pursuit Squadron, namely established after the war by return. Mr Olson, was part of the unit which military named-Hells Angels, he never sought membership of Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, he was content to remain an associate; under the new VLAD laws, it would be unlawful to be an associate of Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. [5]

Yet, research has proven men, need to bond, this is why today many returned soldiers without support are left to endure the traumas of war alone, and many now end-up homeless, and an unprecedented number commit suicide. [6] It is unfair that returned soldiers are placed in a position whereby they are now fearful of riding alongside members of clubs they themselves do not have the desire to join, but enjoy having a casual ride with a brother who is a member, due to the VLAD laws this now, is something too risky to attempt. Why shouldn’t people be able to experience liberty, without the fear of arrest or harassment? The last thing a returned soldier needs is hassles; when he has just witnessed firsthand, the terrors of war; this soldier is in effect denied his rights to freedom, he well deserves, after he has served the country, he deserves high fuelled down time.

A Griffith University, motor cycle riding, professor of law, said to me, ‘while we may know the bounds of the law, and the scope of police powers, a traumatised soldier returns home, and is fearful of the law, to ride alongside anyone affiliated, lest he be placed under arrest, so he stays home and may get depression’.

The VLAD laws ban on the club clothing and insignia to be worn, is a contradiction in terms, as, if Bike club members, are so dangerous; surely, people deserve to know who the so called ‘bikies’ are.

The negative bombardments one hears in mainstream media, have the capacity to impact on the well-being of society in general, creating anxiousness. This can have dire consequences, in the past five years our country has seen an average of 1,913 men, take their lives to suicide deaths each year, this is unacceptable that 26.9% of men in the 45-49 year age group, commit suicide in this country.[7]

Men need to bond, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club have uplifted men in society, by way of brotherhood support. Brotherhood support, is not to be shunned when, 21 men take their lives each week in Australia, after they separate from their partners. The second week in September 2015, saw the figure rise to an alarmingly 35 suicides- post separation. One man, came up to me and a lawyer, at a recent rally and told us his tale as a suicide survivor, due to the support and intervention of several patched Hells Angels Motorcycle Club members.

The main stream media are prohibited from reporting on suicide; research now uncovers in this past decade, three times the amount of men, compared to women, take their lives to suicide each week, government owe a duty of care to our men of society, why is this enormous waste of men’s life hidden, when men need support?

City folk forget Australia is a big country, the very nature of motorcycle clubs is good for Australia, as a poker run hits a rural town the entire town come out to support the riders. A poker run, can cover up to 500km in a day, and the riders will encounter several rural towns during the function.

This requires a lot of fore-planning with the town, it is a real community connection at grass roots level.

This raises the question surrounding a poker run, if bikers are so feared; a rural town would not show up in force, and line the streets to cheer on the possession of bikes as they pull into town. These rural links are vital for the well-being of rural Australia.

This poses the question, who is looking after the well- being of these rural townships now? Under the VLAD Act the regular club member bike runs are prohibited under law. This law is rash and arbitrary and far reaching in its effect on rural Australians was not considered, and men’s rights have been swept aside.[8] Under the implementation of the VLAD laws, the Queensland Police Force play dress-up bikie with the public purse, and control and subordinate people, who are associated with motor-cycle culture; without due cause.

This overarching government rank pulling project, on the motorcycle clubs, via the despotic VLAD legislation, now means the regular club social rides are hampered, this impedes on the well-being of many in society who enjoyed the thrill, of riding alongside the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

Not all men like going to the pub, and the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club, live for their motorcycles. Club houses were a place where men could tinker on their motor cycles, whilst having a beer. Many high flying lawyers, judges, professors and successful businessmen share the same passion for motorcycles; as do the rest of society, through to the valuable factory worker.

Why should motorcycle riders suffer discrimination? The VLAD Act needs to be repealed for the well-being and for the liberty of Australian men who are born to ride, and the brotherhood of mankind.

My research about the VLAD Act, has highlighted the ‘vicious’ fact, over a quarter of males take their life to suicide, this issue can NO longer afford to be ignored.

Meanwhile, Taskforce Maxima, with its limitless funding, is an unnecessary waste of public funds. Whilst aspects of criminality ‘must’ be dealt with on a prima facie basis, it is unfair to sweep families, friends, associates and wives, into the VLAD laws, and to place undue restrictions on their lives; – next more secrets revealed on the Hells Angel Motorcycle Club Ladies.

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[6] Thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan veteran’s homeless- c/o ABC (06/03/15)

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