Journalism behind bars in Egypt

The global cramp down upon press freedom has become more ferocious, frequent and ruthless in nature- now in the case of young Ismail, the Egyptian authorities have lies have resorted to lies –

Media Diversified

by Amr Khalifa 

It has become a staple for the Egyptian regime, a regime terrified of the word, to shackle independent voices of journalism. This time, the victim is Ismail El Eskandarani, a young and bright journalist and researcher with a strong bend for standing with the underdogs, of which there are plenty in Egypt.

Before official charges were levelled against Ismail, he had been detained for attending a conference in Berlin, earlier this year, which saw members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (MD) participate. Egypt has criminalised any activities related to the Brotherhood. But those initial allegations proved false, as an internal Egyptian government memo conceded and was later confirmed by Ismail’s wife Khadeega Gaafar. On Tuesday, December 1, the regime of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi threw its scarlet letter at Ismail. Only in this case, he is accused of being an active member of the Muslim Brotherhood…

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