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  1. QLD Police are a rogue cowboy out and a law unto themselves. As an ex interstate member who regularly visits QLD and had been trained in the use of mobile radar, I’ve had a number of false speeding tickets issued in highly questionable circumstances where mobile radar couldn’t possibly have been legally used. What makes this widespread practice even more disgraceful, is the outright lies told by the issuing members to their superiors to justify the tickets, when I’ve lodged an objection. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they knew the correct circumstances for using the device, but obviously chose not to and then lied about it. Investigating Inspectors clearly aren’t interested in finding facts and accept whatever nonsense they are told, totally removing any credibility in the complaints process, to the point where I’ve now bought a top of the line gps tracking & recording unit to protect and avoid having to attend court to contest the ticket.


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