Police Officers who serve the community begin with a yearning to protect and serve.

Currently in the Queensland Police Service, several of the highest ranking officers, have sat at a desk for nearly 30 years; yet the changes which have taken place in our society  this past three decades, are unprecedented. 

It has now reached a stage where the powers of the Queensland Police Service, are completely disconnected to exactly what Police Officers face on the beat, in the daily grind- when dealing with the general public. 

Therefore, the working conditions for officers are inappropriate, and need an over haul. 

Police officers are spun around as a yo-yo, by an ever changing roster. This effects a Police Officers health, their inspiration, their moods and their logical reasoning. 

Why is it Queensland Police administration ignore the fact all brains are synchronised by the ‘circadian clock’?

Long founded research has proven, people need to be on- ‘ one set shift’ not be chopped and changed around Willy Nilly. Roster changes may effect the entire life of an officer- their family life and their friends.

Many Police Officers have several marriage break-downs and a string of failed relationships. The changes their partners encounter, from the different ways they get treated by their Police Officer partner, is often misunderstood by their partners and others in the Police Service.

The ill effects of Queensland Police Administration, can continue long after a police officer retires, as they have the need to work and be a valuable member of society; but the scars from many years of being treated like a yo-yo, take time to heal. 

A quick look on the net at the informative – ‘Victoria Better Health webpage on ‘shiftwork’ can be found at- https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/healthyliving/shiftwork

This is a great link and will shed some more light on the area surrounding health issues it states-

“The body functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, digestion and brain activity, fluctuate over each 24-hour period, under the guidance of the circadian clock, This leads to the onset of  “digestive upsets, obesity and heart disease, and accidents due to excessive daytime sleepiness”.

Therefore a Police officer has their health issues accelerated- it further adds-

A shiftworker (Police Officer), is at increased risk of health problems, such as digestive upsets, obesity and heart disease, and accidents due to excessive daytime sleepiness. 

The great divide and the rosters in the Queensland Police Service, are a detriment to those who lay down their lives to serve and protect, and require an immediate amendment for the betterment of Society.



Further information and an interesting look into the correlation between disease and shift-work woes.

1.’ Epidemiology of the human circadian clock’, may be found at –  http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1087079207000895


There is some evidence to suggest a link between diabetes and the body clock-


  1.  ‘Clock Gene Variants linked to heart Disease ‘- by H. Ledford – http://www.nature.com/news/2008/081205/full/news.2008.1282.html


  1. ‘Could out-of-sync body clocks be contributing to human disease? ‘

by Melissa Lee Phillips -‘Circadian rhythms: Of owls, larks and alarm clocks’ (2009).



4.’Are you a lark or an owl’ ? by D. Cohen (2014)


The question is can this damage be reversed ?



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