Australian Law Blogs 2016

“You’ve entered law land ..and now  you’ll never come back, ”  this site is bound to  draw you into the world of law, developed by Will, available at

Will, is a Juris Doctor who has set up a unique webpage, you can read all about it here

He did a feature on a number of Australian law bloggers – all passionate people and all worth checking out- “The best law blogs in Australia”

The ‘Hatchling’ has a great idea-  to link up all law students so please forward on any ideas.

We share a hope we can support each other in law, by bringing  jurisprudential thought to the forefront, by shining light into current pressing issues, in order to uphold human rights and social justice, whilst demanding fairness for all the vulnerable in our society.

Meet the 2016 Castan Interns at

My other  favourites are the  Castan Centre for Human Rights Law.  Their ‘ mission is to protect and promote human rights’. Castan Centre for Human Rights Law

Please follow them on twitter @CastanCentre

For the latest in law tweets do, follow the following –

Melissa Castan,  on Twitter @MsCastan  law lecturer

For the latest in torts law Kylie Burns, law lecturer follow her on twitter @snailsinbottles

Leanne O’Donnell, is a ‘senior lawyer, commentator and published freelance writer. She is a leading legal expert in the communications sector’ . You may  follow Leanne O’ Donnell, on twitter @MsLods

Matthew Rimmer,  is a Professor of IP & Innovation Law he has cutting edge information on ‘  f ,’ so do, follow @DrRimmer on twitter and for a range of Prof Rimmers’s works-  go to

For the latest in journlaw,  Prof Mark Pearson follow him, @JournLaw. Mark, is a  ‘Media law and ethics academic, journalist and author of books on media/social media law and mindful journalism’.

Dr Joseph Fernandez is  an “Ex-newspaper chief-ed-now-academic, Media Law geek, author Media Law In Australia (2014), PhD in defamation law, free speech/justice/rights/liberties watcher” please follow him on twitter at @DrJM_Fernandez

In the name of solidarity, do you want to be inspired by a tireless law worker for refugee justice? Then look no further than lawyer- Kon Karapanagiotidis, The ‘Founder & CEO . OAM. Philanthropist @ LeoSia. Board Dir Amateur Chef, Masseur, Radio DJ ‘. please follow him on twitter @Kon__K

Calling all compassionate people, if you want to see the end of slavery and human trafficking, please check out solicitor, Ian Yarwood,  you can follow him on twitter @IanYarwood_Law  Ian, is ‘interested in humanitarian causes, media freedom, ending slavery, landmine clearance (& world peace,just like Miss World contestants) On the shoulders of giants’ he is also a pretty cool dancer, just a rumour, but a true one

Inspiring barristers in social media are Ross Bowler, he will get you into the law rhythm in no time,  his ‘practice covers Criminal Law, Family Law and Litigation. The law poses problems. He will help provide solutions. The answer starts with the asking’, please follow Ross Bowler  on twitter @BowlerBarrister  please follow his blog – ‘Take Me To The Rhythm  and

Last but by no means least; is the legendary Julian Burnside, follow him on twitter @JulianBurnside  A  well known ‘Barrister, human rights activist, supporter of the arts’, with terrific hard hitting blogs available at –

So next time you forget your book on the train, why not take advantage of the Free WiFi and clink on the above links? (or be it a tram Hon Prime Minister, @TurnbullMalcolm, or RAAF jet Hon @JulieBishopMP,)

I will leave you with a quote from Prof William McNeil- ‘ For the love of jurisprudence ‘

So go on- do stir up the law passion, from deep within you,

I know you want to !


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