Human Rights Queensland

Join the good fight ‘Queensland needs a Human Rights Act to ensure that our government considers, justifies and reports on the human rights implications of their actions’.

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We cannot condone the Queensland Government on current or past tactics, they have subordinated the vulnerable without cause for too long. Queensland Housing, in particular join in cahoots with Queensland Police, often to make up erroneous nonsense.

If I had a dollar for every time a Police officer or government official snidely said,’ we do NOT have Human Rights legislation in Queensland’, it would be enough to pay my football fees, to the  women’s team, for an entire year. YES, AROUND 200 TIMES FOLKS –

IT has become blindingly obvious,  subordinating officials are comfortable with vulnerable Queenslanders whom they can control; by pushing them from pillar to post.

In Australia, to the everyday Australian, we think we do not quite have what Andrea Dworkin, talks about as in saturated pockets – in her work ‘Pornogrphy is a Civil Rights issue’

However, to the Queensland Police and Housing Departments we do have saturated poverty pockets; filled with uneducated people, whom the police authorities do not allow to succeed. It is not from a vulnerable citizens lack of trying; but failure results due to the many attacks the Queensland Police and department of housing will carry out, systematically on anyone with the slightest voice.

The Queensland Police Service are a privy to over arching interference- they have free reign to march around flashing ID scaring the employers in society, in a vulnerable person’s workplace, this leads to the loss of jobs.

The Queensland Police do not stop with workplace they then interfere with the persons home life,  speaking to their private land lords and public rental departments, Queensland Police will resort to making up crimes, in fact  anything to make life difficult for the vulnerable person, they are attacking.

There are files which uncover  lies and phone calls made behind a citizens back , spiteful lies pretending electricity bills are unpaid, when offending males, have turned off electricity and admitted it- Police should face the courts as it is unconscionable corruption.

Why do Queensland Police have the capacity to turn both government and state against a person – without due process.

The Queensland Police will go as far to lay false charges on an unsupported member of society, although the charges are nearly ALWAYS withdrawn, the person has been destroyed by Queensland police service to the point of no return.

What do we need Human Rights for the State of Queensland ?- when do we want it?  NOW





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