NGO’s Roles in Africa are Questionable

In the past 50 years over one trillion dollars in aid, has been assisted to Africa.

The sole purpose of foreign aid according to Cherny,[1] ultimately was to encourage a country into savings this then leads to investment, which in turn leads to growth.

In Africa, there has been no growth sadly, poverty has increased. The average life expectancy age for an Adult, has declined in Zambia, to just 37 years old. [2]

It is known the NGO’s and aid have long fuelled corruption. The President of Malawi, has pleaded guilty to helping himself to aid.

The Zambian President, is also embroiled in corruption. The IMF Bank has isolated foreign aid as the precipitator which encourages inflation.

Foreign aid defeats a countries export trade and has been known to be the precursor to civil unrest. Foreign aid disenfranchises the African people, and many academics globally are debating as to whether Africa can continue to rely on such aid.

Academics are calling for the African Government to lead the change and are calling for greater transparency pinpointing the dysfunction to reliance and NGO control.

Africans are uniting and say it is unacceptable for foreign aid to continue to provide Africa with public goods.

When we consider there is only 13 trillion dollars in the world, and credit is paper, bonds are not money, although the credit is supported by assets and recorded all registered. This needs to be implemented into the African system to wean the continent away for foreign aid; so the government it can become self- sufficient and truly represent it’s people.

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3)      Podcast available here please download ‘Dead Aid’ Readings.pdf

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For further interest

Scams orchestrated by NGO’s not reported in Australia please view-

Arnab Goswami Exposing IB Report on NGO Scam Funded by Foreign Countries Part 1

2)      NBI probes P10B scam involving fake NGOs

[1]Munk Report on Foreign assistance and economic development United States Aid

Origins of Aid

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[2] Due to HIV Aids


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