There is Only One Ocean

There is only one ocean, all the currents merge and move as one.  Fish stocks are in massive decline, [1]Australia has suffered the greatest loss in recent years.[2]
Global fisheries have new hope through the fish farming aquaculture technologies.

It is now established the traditional type of fisheries are impractical and unsustainable[3]

In 1992 Canada, experienced a sharp decline in Cod populations. The EU fishery Ministers ignored the scientific warnings which suggested the implementation of a new set of recommendations. [4]As a consequence, the Cod stocks declined rapidly.[5] It was not until 2008 that the EU decided to save the North Sea Cod Fishery.[6] This happened because of the traditional push through the EU fish markets for Cod. Sustainable marketing practices targeted at consumers in Asia, has seen a marketplace shift, with new developments in fish farming, and Asians now place Shrimp above fish.

Shrimp has become a large consumption 40% of diets throughout Asia, are now nourished through aquaculture and shrimp farms. This not only doubles as an answer to food shortages, the shrimp is extremely high in nutritional value. Whereas, many other fish industries have collapsed due to a sharp decline in fish stocks associated with over fishing, [7]pollution and climate change.[8] These ocean temperature rises have directly been attributed to a notable an increase in inedible noxious species of fish stocks,[9] which compete for the same food sources as edible fish.[10]

Scientists have now proven with the rise in temperature of just 3 % many of the good eating fish perish, [11]due to the sharp rise in temperature.



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