Under the Radar No More: The Grey Man NGO; in Thailand is now exposed.


Closer to home in Thailand, Non-Government Organisation’s- (NGO),  also wreak havoc the “Grey Man scam”, was completely fallacious on every level. A fabricated project, which was an intrusion to a township. Which was of no benefit’ to the locals, and the agreement was based on misleading and deceptive conduct by the ‘Grey Man NGO’. In actual fact, it was a low-down fraudulent set-up; whereby local Thai children- were photographed, to be deceitfully exploited by the ‘Grey Man’. The general public, were deceived into thinking the children pictured were rescued from human slavery, when it was all an erroneous scam.

Many kind donors were moved with compassion to assist the cause. This caused major embarrassment to Thailand, the local Akha people, and to all the children involved. Thai Akha people, certainly did not need the inconvenience, nor the disregard they suffered.

It was all part of a deliberate scam by an Australian NGO , known as the ‘Grey Man’, Which hides a fraudster, using the fake alias name of John Curtis, whose real name is Sean McBride.

McBride, founded the charity, ‘The Grey Man’, with his fellow Brisbane man- Russell Hawksford, in 2007. The pair made all the volunteers of the ‘Grey Man NGO’ pay their own fares, and have not faced justice.

Although the ‘Grey Man NGO’, has been shown to be involved in unconscionable conduct, and outright criminal fraud- McBride, simply stepped down from his position in 2012- after half a decade of ripping off the donors.

Somehow Hawksford, remained unscathed by the controversy. The ‘Grey Man NGO’ managed to deceive many well-meaning donors, who have never been reimbursed. Although in effect, all the ‘Grey Man NGO’, did was little more than incite the lusts of paedophiles, by making up a host of stories regarding underage prostitutes. For many years- the pair pretended to be involved in covert operations.

This NGO the ‘Grey Man’, must be made accountable and face the administration of justice. Yet as with the NGO’s in Haiti , because no justice is forth coming for the people, due to the jurisdictional challenges.

The saga surrounding the ‘Grey Man NGO’, Australia, is immoral. Although, the scam was uncovered by Thai authorities and journalists in 2011, and in the Australian Media- in 2012; the unscrupulous ‘Grey Man NGO’, was continually promoted in Australia. And yet; none of the ‘Grey Man NGO’ staff or the corporation itself, have faced justice for the crimes committed in the name of falsehood.

Please watch the following scam being unfolded –The Greyman : Thai TV Ch7 expose The Greyman, Australian NGO, for deception and funding scam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zomCHPZfHFA
      2) The Greyman and The Akha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqO4xKDdiZ8 a scam involving children by an Australian NGO
3)  John Curtis -The Grey Man – The unashamed con-man being interviewed Mia Freedman speaks to ‘John Curtis’ founder and author of The Grey Man for Mamamia TV – this is the full interview. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcHLKnSjs6A
4) Who are COSA Here the rort was set on a pretense https://www.linkedin.com/company/children’s-organization-of-southeast-asia

5 thoughts on “Under the Radar No More: The Grey Man NGO; in Thailand is now exposed.

  1. Just saw this and am amazed that you would print such rubbish based on reports in the Thai media and from journalists based in Thailand. You need to ask yourself why, if any of this was true, am I not in jail or facing criminal charges. Simple answer. None of it was true. The world is full of gullible people who never look behind a cheap headline.


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