The Male Patriarchal System chips away at the Strongholds in Society

The male patriarchal system chips away at the strongholds in society

My friend who is known for chivalry, split his last 2 cans of beer three-ways into glasses. His wealthy mate, sipped up the last drop and blurted, “Well, if that is all you have got, we are off, I have some cold beers at home.”

My friend had willingly become a subject under direction, on a weekend, by his boss.

The foundation of integrity is mocked as men, purport to hang with men who subordinate women, and yet bag off the other men who are married, and attending massage parlours on the sly.

The phrase the ‘lack-there-of,’ has become a popular catch-cry for the selfish, who always seem to have wads of cash readily available for a new tattoo, holiday and whatever they want; yet for years never shouted any more than a round of drinks, despite them being out most nights a week, until closing time, in varying jurisdictions across the globe.

Understanding the dynamics of finances, I pointed out to my dear friend, “Yes, well why pay for them?”

He replied, “I call it investing in a relationship.

I responded with, “Are these the sort of people you want to hang with?

He answered, “These type of men, run the world,”

I pondered after the call, and thought if this was true, and these types of men “run the world,” it may well be the reason why the world is in such a rotten state. Particularly, if bosses are busy using sexual services on the sly, meaning during business hours – or under the guise of business trips.

This hampers efficiency in the workplace, the effectiveness of these bosses and their sneaky behaviour falls into question-

Unless they,

  1. a) – Own their own business – Then they can waste as much time as they can afford to. Employ open minded staff, who can run the firm.


  1. b) – These sneaky whoremongers, should just stop working and take a holiday, and let more productive people through into the work-force, until they deal with their levels of deception.

The issue is deception, – it is a character flaw, and all issues can be resolved through honesty.

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