Domestic Violence- When the price of Love is too high


In the name of press freedom, on Sunday evening the 21st of February 2016, Channel Nine’s Sixty Minutes- investigative journalism shone through, boldly highlighting Domestic Violence (DV). This time the DV was not here in Australia, this DV is being suffered by an Australian woman who is currently trapped overseas, after she was tricked by a host of lies and much deceit, told to her by the man she loved.

Lawyer David Bongiorno,  is representing this Australian born mother and her young Australian born daughter. The mother was deceived by her partner into signing documents which prevented her leaving Egypt.

We call for the intervention of the Australian Government, or it is feared this Australian born Mother and daughter, may remain trapped in an Egyptian exile forever.

Please spare a thought for the many Australian women and children trapped overseas by an abusive husband.  Although we have a raised awareness of DV within Australian society, it still remains difficult to effectively tackle the issue, and it is hidden.

It is well documented DV is prevalent in Australia, and women are more likely to suffer DV in comparison to males. Government cuts in funding to much needed DV services across the Nation, perhaps suggest DV is suppressed by patriarchal leaders.

This Australian  woman has been subordinated and swept aside, not just here in Australia, but in her estranged husband’s homeland. Whilst this Australian born woman, is stuck on some foreign shore in Egypt, against her will,  her estranged husband who only married her in order to stay in Australia, is happily living in Australia. It is alleged her estranged husband is about to be granted Australian Citizenship- by our Government. Yet our Government have not intervened and rescued the trapped Australian mother and daughter. For three long years, this mothers parents who live in Melbourne, have been heart broken, despite their exhausting efforts.

When we consider the complexity of the issue surrounding a life in Egypt, the inherent differences within the justice system, language barriers, travel restrictions, and the conditions this DV mother and daughter are going through, it is one of the most helpless situations any mother of a young child, could possibly face.

How long do an Australian mother, father daughter and granddaughter have to remain separated? How many more nights does their daughter and granddaughter have to endure living in separation away from their family who love them dearly? How long will this loving family be forced to reside in a foreign country where they feel they are abandoned and just want to come home to Australia.

Yet in the meantime the con-man estranged husband, is off living willy-nilly in Australia, the entire matter is unjust. Please sign the petition to reconcile the family as an urgency.

Please view the story c/o Channel Nine -


These links are some information on the justice system in Egypt

Egypt’s injustice system Egypt’s justice system is almost completely devoid of justice.

18 May 2015 05:18 GMT | Human RightsPoliticsMiddle EastEgyptMohamed Morsi

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