They do say; never to work with Children and Animals


They do say; never to work with Children and Animals; yet zoos are known to cater well to both.

Did anyone taking a child to a zoo, ever think a child could slip into a zoo enclosure? I remember a small monkey running off from a circus act and refusing to return to the circus show, and how mean the circus master was to me. I could not understand the fuss, I assumed you could play with monkeys, as my grannie had a monkey in Scotland- called Herbie.

I had always schemed ways to get my parents to let me see animals thinking I could pat them at the zoo and take them home, I can tell you there was no way in, any of those Zoo enclosures in London.

Children are often allowed to roam freely at zoos. I remember distinctly visiting zoos with the school and girl guides and being allowed to split into groups, to tour the Zoo.

In Northamptonshire, I found some caged lions at a park gardens, on a Brownie Guide trip, and hey pesto… I could get at the lions. I decided to feed them grass, through the cage and I thought they loved it.

A zoo-keeper soon came in, and explained to me they were tame lions and were used in film making throughout the UK. Hence why they were just in cages, and they enjoyed walks around the park. She also explained they are not interested in people as they are well trained and fed meat and do not usually eat grass.

These are the very reasons we visit zoos to have an interaction- the Cincinnati Zoo incident accidentally went out of control, and has spiraled ever since.

I awoke Monday, to the sad news from my son Jano,- “ there is no denying in the gentle touch between Harambe and the boy after the water play, and he asks, how would the boy feel now?”

It is as if the world does not care a living creature was shot dead whilst nestling a child, nor care, how the mother and child feel after this traumatic event.

As a home educator, university educated mother with a full quiver of grown children; I am aware of how most children are adventurous. I have worked with small children since I was a Junior Girl Guide at 14, and in my community volunteering ever since, in support of parents and their children. Therefore, I am utterly disgusted in the entire lack of empathy shown to the boy, in regards to his family by the global community.

Furthermore, I am disappointed that 400k people were quick to sign a petition. It is wrong to condone the condemning of a mother, when the zoo failed to provide adequate protections for both the silverback Gorilla and child, and those who witnessed the horrific shooting of a majestic creature.

Although, I am no animal expert – I do have a strong connection with animals but nothing like the gifts I have seen in other animal lovers, – not to mention farmers, zoo keepers and vets. So, I am sure the Harambe had a connection with staff and I am very disappointed in the entire Cincinnati Zoo affair.

It is high time, we start considering the principles taught in the jurisprudence of Wild Law- and start considering animal’s rights from the animal’s perspective- and not by our own ridged human framed thought patterns.

please see
SMH (01/06/16)  Mc Cabe, G., Mettler, K., Gorilla killing at zoo sparks negligence claim as parents receive death threats
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please see also just released news
C/o ABC News (02/06/16) Harambe: Boy entered Cincinnati Zoo’s gorilla enclosure while mother distracted, witness says
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