Hanson, married a refugee from Poland. In 1968- a Crisis gripped the country of Poland, this was known as ‘The Six Day War’,[1] and subsequent repression of the Polish dissident movement followed. There was a general suppression of students and strikes with security forces throughout the Nation many fled and became refugees.

The left-wing commandos and dissidents allowed little work to be produced, corruption took over. The economic situation destabilized the country and people starved as meat prices soared. The disparity between the parties led to control over all freedoms of expression and religion. Artists, academics, writers and free speech activists criticized the cramp-down. In one government, organised attack five hundred university students were fiercely beaten-up.  Ironically, these students were protesting for workers’ rights- yet, were bashed-up by truck loads of factory workers armed with batons. The violent gangs who were called the “Factory Defence”, had been misled and erroneously told, the students were selfish bourgeoisie. The professors pushed ideal Marxism and proletariat aspects- so the storming of Warsaw University, from the factory workers was a complete surprise, because the protests were held to high-light the abuse factory workers faced and how it contravened the Constitutional law.

The Polish Police, became brutal against all activists, this was coupled with a crackdown on press freedom. Once much of the Polish workers realized, the protests were to uphold Article 83, of Poland’s Constitution; the ‘Reform Movement’ was born. This unity caused a civil uprising, where 20,000 Industrial workers and students joined in protest, the rallies even gained the support of Secondary School students.

Imperialists, became intolerant and cruel, Zionists were told to go to Zion, and writers were told to return to writing, under a harsh regime of censorship. Many Polish Nationals, fled from their homes, leaving behind all they owned, to escape the despotic Polish regime this forced many families to become refugees.

This political oppression and control spread to Prague, in Czechoslovakia, after the collapse of Communism in the late 1990’s, some people who had fled and settled in Australia, were given an opportunity to return to their homes; which were taken under mandatory acquisition by government officials. When people returned back to their properties, they discovered their homes were stripped of all fine art, books, furniture, fittings and valuables. The government had allowed those who had lived in the homes to take everything for themselves, so the rightful owners, who fled the country in the late 1960’s returned to an empty and half demolished inner home, which were simply bare outer shells.

Today in Syria, there is nothing- for some asylum seeker refugees, not even a building let alone, the home, the family has fled. There is no street, no landmarks in a town, no recognisable City. This is because this Nation’s government here in Australia, obey the UK and US, as do their allies, believe it is OK to bomb other people’s countries.  It does not matter what country someone is fleeing from, nor what religion they are, if there ‘is NO’ place to return to, we cannot send them back. Why is it our government insists refugees who came to seek asylum by boat, must live a continual life of persecution, yet claim our army go there to free the persecuted people?  it makes absolutely no sense.

Our government are well-aware, of how dangerous places such as Cambodia, are to consider to re-settle refugees in. Yet our government inhumanely insist unrelentingly so, already ‘at risk’ refugees, – must now settle in a host of unsafe third world countries and now the Australian Government suggests banning refugees from ever returning to Australia.

The refugees, were in our government’s care, after they had survived the perils of the sea. Why are our government now insisting on a life-time ban- after these people endured absolute horror in mandatory refugee detention, as paid for by the Australian tax-payer? Well it now seems, the Australian people will never find out, what happened to the refugees. The government are covering up what has occurred, whilst the refugees were under government care in refugee detention. This is because now the refugees will not be allowed back to testify, under the proposed life-time ban back to Australia. The Moss Report Findings, published horrific abuse and these refugees deserve justice.

Before you pick on a  family who arrived by boat, consider how people from all over the world settle here in Australia, after many flying here. They con their way to meet someone, preying on an Australian older or younger  vulnerable woman/man to stay, and then the insincere scammers separate, leaving  a vulnerable person heartbroken.

Those who travel seeking asylum by boat, have risked the devils deep blue ocean, only the most desperate and vulnerable refugees arrive by boat. Boat arrivals refugees have risked the pirates, the tidal waves, the storms, Naval interceptions, drug barons and all manner of sea-monsters.

NO family with children, should ever have to endure a level of persecution from authorities which is so intolerable, the parents flee their homes, businesses, and risk handing over every single cent they have, in the hope they can escape the abusive regime they are living under.

Women and children, should not be forced to live in toxic unsafe places, we as a Nation, cannot simply turn refugees back, when refugees have reached our Nation’s shores, against all odds, we have a duty to assist them.

We as a people must join in solidarity during these times, and set aside all indifference, to do otherwise is to slap the face of humanity. When people are bitter, they may forget the time when humanity was shown to them, or perhaps their eyes are so tired and worn from the hard-road they have travelled along, they fail to see humanity reaching out toward them. Open your eyes and your hearts, realise love matters, and it is kindness which makes our world go around.

The leaders who now suggest a lifetime ban of asylum seekers are being inconsiderate and extremely unkind.

It is highly disturbing, for one to judge one based on ‘religion’ – as historical religious expulsion events- still haunt many Nations. Similarly two decades after WWII, in Poland, where Hanson’s, first husband escaped, the anti-Jewish campaign began in 1967- this resulted in an expulsion of many Jewish people from Poland. People in Poland, were forced under duress to denounce Zionism, is this what Hanson, now proposes we see a repeat of, for the religion of Islam?

The Constitution of each Nation, contains the Nation’s values and therefore, must be upheld by their representative government. Because the historical dire consequences of the Polish government, flouting their constitution and being religiously discriminatory; led to civil unrest. History shows how discrimination and the control of religion in Poland, caused mass uprisings and forced refugee migration. Poland, is the birth-place of the refugee, who fathered Hanson’s, first two sons. Furthermore, Hanson, has put forward ideas which run contrary to Australian Constitutional law. Hanson, has been outspoken in her stand regarding the ‘religion’ of ‘Islam’.

It is unconstitutional for the Parliament to be against or interfere with any religion.

Hanson, is clearly, opposed to Islam, it is a complete breach for any member of Federal Parliament, to suggest a law in relation to ‘any’ religion, as per Section 116- of the Constitution of Australia (Cth) 1901; –

‘which precludes the Commonwealth of Australia, The Federal Parliament, from making laws for establishing any religion, imposing any religious observance, or prohibiting the free exercise of any religion.’

Hanson’s, train of thought on those of the Muslim Faith, shows a total disregard to not only constitutional law, but also discrimination law. Hanson’s, stand on refugees is utterly confusing because, her first husband was a refugee who arrived in Australia, with his mother- escaping the Polish regime, which escalated dividing a Nation in two, nothing ‘one nation’ about it, much similar to Hanson’s, choosy double take on refugees.

To conclude, it is complete racism to accept one ‘type’ of refugee; and not another.


[1] “On the eve of the Six-Day War in 1967, there were approximately 25,000–30,000 Jews among Poland’s more than 32 million inhabitants- mostly an aging population. c/o THE ANTI-ZIONIST CAMPAIGN IN POLAND 1967–1968 [*] Dariusz Stola
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