Queensland Police Corruption


In a hotbed of sex, lies and police video evidence a high-ranking Queensland Police Inspector, dated a single mother on and off, for four years. Whilst she was placed on false police charges, after she was viciously and violently attacked in public.

This violent attack occurred at Beach House, Garden City in Brisbane’s – Upper Mt Gravatt on 27/01/12 at 7.30 pm by a gang of men, it is horrendous to view.

This woman was stuck with an erroneous Police record, until she received a letter just this week – 14/11/16. This means the Queensland Police Service (QPS) gave this woman a false criminal history for five years.

As per The QPS – Police evidence, CCTV footage this QPS evidence shows the woman, went through a violent ordeal at dinner time. The police evidence shows her calmly speaking to a bouncer asking for her keys of her brand new car to be returned. Suddenly, she was placed in a choke hold by the bouncer, the woman was then dragged 100 metres; and then brutally bashed by a gang of uncharged men.

Instead of police coming to her aid, or charging the bouncer, or the violent men, the Police Officers spoke to the offenders, then placed the woman who had just been attacked, under arrest and handcuffed her. The Police were brutal, violent and tasered her whilst she was hand-cuffed and face down on concrete.

Police officers refused to speak to brave witnesses, who are seen as they rushed to the woman’s aid – visible on police evidence.

Queensland Police then laid false charges on the woman, the QP9 is in direct contradiction with what the woman suffered on the police evidence. A few months after the false charges were laid upon the woman, the charges were later with-drawn. It seems the police then took a personal vendetta out on the woman. The police left the woman in a violent situation, which they controlled.

The harassment led to  a detective, from Garden City, who has now left Queensland Police, call the woman and threatened to re-charge her, the very day before she was evicted from her home, by the Queensland Police Commissioner. This is unlawful and double jeopardy. On an erroneous eviction whereby the rule-of-law was denied.

The woman was then re-charged after she split up with a QPS inspector, this recharging was an abuse of process as decided by the administration of justice, through the court.

This high ranking QPS officer, is not new to controversy; he was busted sleeping on the job, whilst on duty; according to whistle blowers from Surfers Paradise Police Station and as widely reported in the media at the time.

According to the woman, The QPS  Detective Police Inspector, is best friends with a Tweed Heads womaniser and boxing promoter. The now retired, QPS Detective Inspector says the boxing promoter, “has sexual relations with several different women each day”.

Despite this colourful former detective inspector’s, controversial lifestyle he was paid out by the Queensland Police, – for Post -Traumatic stress, (PTS) and full retirement entitlements.

The retired Detective police Inspector has since made a swift recovery. He immediately got took up work in the building industry, where it did not work out for him.  The retired policeman, now works for developer, who is rumoured to be a charitable man.

The woman broke up for several months this year with the retired policeman. Whatever the case may be there; the woman was targeted by local police, when she broke up with the now, retired Police senior ranking officer. The woman succumbed to the pressure and dated a local police officer. The woman- according to her friend, dated on her rebound break-up earlier this year.  The woman soon broke- up with the new local policeman because her friend states the woman got upset when the police officer said, ‘ not to hug him as he was on duty,’ and  ‘usually everyone just hugs when they meet-up, on duty or otherwise’. Later that night after a barrage of mean messages the pair separate.

The next time the woman sees the same police officers again – the police officer she dated, then gets his partner to arrest her, while he is there watching. The woman was out with another female friend, who states the woman was blocked upon leaving an entertainment venue, and subsequently arrested. The woman’s friend had no idea why the woman was arrested. These are the sorts of things the Queensland police QPS, attempt to get away with.

This woman was told to pay an on the spot fine, – although she was arrested dramatically in front of thousands of people, in the heart of a festival. The woman was placed in a QPS, police car and taken to the police station- only to be given a on the spot fine.

Obviously, the woman called and wrote to the arresting officer, asking him to drop the matter as the woman knew it was highly unlawful and contra to the PPR Act (Qld). This request was denied, so she elected to go to court as the entire matter contradicts the events which occurred as did her last QPS arrest.

To make matters worse,- next – as the woman elected her right to defend herself in Court- On September 27th – the woman discovered she had a false and serious criminal history.

Yet the police officer’s partner present during the arrest knew the woman did not have that history,- as the woman had shown him the QPS- footage and the case which is available online. Which the woman says is part of the reason she sent the messages, whilst the local officer was on duty as it haunts her because,  the attackers are free and the QPS police officers allow it to be uncharged and therefore,  violence against women, remains unchanged.

At court, the woman was informed by a barrister, she had a serious criminal history and would not be able to leave the country, although the woman explained it should not be there. The barrister insisted the Magistrate,  would consider the false criminal entry and it said the woman was due to pay charges to QPS due in 30 days, and was up on charges outlined and the woman was given the ‘stay decision’ as an abuse of process and oppressive circumstances, as outlined above. However, all the factors that would be considered by the magistrate, would be what was in front of him; as to the reputation of the character and criminal history of the woman, it has been adjourned twice.

The entry would affect the woman’s employment prospects and is damaging to her reputation.

Under a new precedent case in 2013- people who are victimised and falsely accused of crime due to police administrative errors may seek to be restored to their former position.

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One thought on “Queensland Police Corruption

  1. The summary offence is now set for trial- given the vast public funding required for a trial, this is a personal vexatious case.
    The public now fund Queensland police, to date and arrest at whim. This case is a complete conflict of interest, and highly unethical police practice.
    This entire matter, runs contrary to the best ‘interests of the public’ and is oppressive, to even suggest a trial, given the surrounding circumstance.


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