Many types of children can end up in need of Child protection. How fast we envisage an unloving parent losing their child due to neglect. However, a young man from my High-school, was taken from his parents after they were busted for class A drugs. So the child went from a life of privilege, to being stuck on a farm where he said he ate the worst food imaginable.  The boy was bombarded by regular brain scans, at Wolston Park, an adult mental facility. When he grew up as an adult nothing was wrong with him, and now a married father himself says, ‘in hind-sight, he was mistreated’. However back then, the fellow school student believed the foster family, were on the right track and he suggested I should try church. I actually did, the brief encounter at the families make-shift church, was not pleasant. I was called the ‘devils child’, by the dad who was also the pastor of the church/cult, on an acreage property at Chambers Flat, he also had an agenda which clashed with youth rights.

The transitional places, children under protective orders are forced to stay at, can have the strictest regime of discipline which is not overseen by authorities. There is a lack of regulation and this allows wide-spread systemic abuse to keep occurring to children, who are in dire need of protection.

In-fact the lack of available foster placements, often means around fifteen foster children can come and go within one house-hold, with one foster family. It is important to note,- although a foster home may be on an acreage property and appear large; some of these homes- only two bedrooms. A foster family may be force up to eight children, to sleep in one bedroom or in an outside shed. It is not uncommon for a growing child to couch surf either.  A child under a State protection order may visit several different foster families before they find placement. Each foster family with their own- set of rules, and a pseudo quasi-political hierarchy, which is difficult for anyone to encounter, let alone a minor who is escaping abuse.

Children of parents who live in a nice home, may suffer abuse which is intensified. Children with an extended family and social circle of friend with amazing homes and pools, are often those who cannot find support within their own circle. It is hard for any to fully understand the difficulties faced by a child from fortunate background, who is also an abused child. An abused child of privilege, is confused- realizing they are not needy, but NEED TO ESCAPE the abuse, it tricks the child to bare more abuse. Because to go and report abuse to the authorities, means the abused child is walking away from a life of ‘wanting nothing’- where they are fed,– and giving it all up, and going to an impoverished  ‘resi-home’ with sparseness and plain or no food.

Many ‘resi-homes’ for youth, become a reason to put up with abuse- because the ‘resi homes’ are often considered well below the acceptable United Nation-  living Standards. ‘Resi-Homes’ deter many people from reporting abuse, both victims and the wider community.

In Tweed Heads, there were once five resi-homes, despite the increase in population there are currently none. One of the Tweed resi-homes, was called ‘Care Home,’ but was known as the ‘Scare Home’. A boy’s mother who moved up from Sydney after she separated from her husband, she became addicted to pokies and spent millions- through the poker machines. This mother, continually told aunties, uncles and grandparents her son was out of control and had run away, so he cannot live with anyone in the family. Which was so sad as they kept asking for him to move in with them, if he was hard for the mother. He had in-fact been raped, by a prominent business friend of the mother’s from Sydney, when the mother allowed the man to visit her in Miami. The horrific rape- crime was kept secret- the boy never told anyone, until he was married.  In the Tweed, Care House,  ‘resi -home,’ the boy suffered sexual abuse from older females and at the time this was acceptable. The boy who is now an adult, is furious as adults were present watching and encouraging the sexual endeavors. The boy feels he lost his child-hood and is close now to his father, who knew nothing about his son’s abuse, the pair hang out almost every day, still attempting to make up for the lost years. His brother who was also placed in the home by the mother. The mother’s justification was the younger brother was always there visiting his brother,- so he may as well live there too. The man’s younger brother committed suicide in his mid 30’s, and was heavily involved in the criminal justice system and violence leading up to his death.

In a ‘resi- home’ a child who is perceived as weak, posh, or has any type of accent or difference, can make a teen standout and bashed by other children, robbed and neglected in a very real way, as reported on Australian Broadcasting Commission’s Four Corners undercover investigation (14 November 2016).

A socially conscious intelligent youth, is encouraged to make some rules about their body and all Australians have the lawful right to report criminal abuse to the authorities. but how can a youth speak out against abuse, when they will endure further abuse and uncertainty?

Many current Politicians are out of touch. Some politicians grew up in mediocre average upbringings, without in-ground pools designer clothes; whereas, other politicians have always lived the high-life, were signed up at the cricketers club, at the news of their birth. Whatever the case may be, mundane politicians have no idea what it is like for a child of fortunate economic circumstances to be made to sleep in an old bed, wear what they are told as -clothing, how quickly does a reasonable person think it will be before the abused child, will run back into the hands of his/ her abuser again?

Coupled with the fact many step-fathers/ mothers who get away with the abuse of their partner’s children, when they move to another country or into isolation the abuse increases. Following on from increased abuse, the child becomes more loyal to the non-abusive parent. This makes it difficult for the abused youth to ever fully escape the abusers grasp. In the name of children’s rights, it may be successfully argued the non-abusive parent who stays with the abusive partner, – then through condoning his/her abusive partner, becomes complicit to the abuse.  Therefore, this too, increases the severity an impact of the abuse on the child, and allows the pattern to resonate with the child and be repeated.

Have Politicians confused juvenile offenders with vulnerable youth who need child protection, as one in the same?

Because since there was an inquiry in 2015, why hasn’t anything been done?

Why has Life Without Barriers made a further $70 million- when survivors who have bounced back time and time again, hold untapped wisdom – which should be harnessed in the name of humanity.




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