Education is So Empowering; or so We Say


In the past education may have been empowering because it was free, – and yes one would struggle to be illiterate  in today’s society. However is tertiary education ‘all’ it is cracked up to be?

The vast disadvantages; sometimes outweigh the advantages, especially when a debt is involved. Is university just a ‘pipe-dream’ Australians are still getting sucked into?

In 2016 what is really going on for university students?

Well, online study is great, but ‘only’ if  you have full access and no internet interference, because the university portals can be extremely taxing on internet credit. You may also have the additional benefit if you live in the same town as the campus you are enrolled in, to visit your professor and or tutor. In fact because the course is online chances are, if you happen to suffer misfortune with the internet access, often  others in your class have as well, and you can navigate your way to smooth sailing again because the professors are on to the IT people immediately.

I have logged into courses I am not even enrolled in and found  IT are so detached on the (24/7 line)  it is almost comical, to anyone visiting me listening in on the calls. Although during business hours the Griffith IT, are quite efficient in contrast and they will always follow up on the entire issue. However your lessons will be in the evenings. They are recorded and accessible but you are wise to sort out any issues in advance,  as participation can be key to learning. Another reason I prefer the online mode, is students have a student advisor, so a student knows where they stand, and the student advisor does make themselves available, so do not be shy with them. There is also a further five hours of mentor/tutoring online – which I will be utilizing.

In comparison to online study, on campus study still uses a vast amount of online access. In one law course, if you drop out during a quiz – ‘well that was your fault type’ response, – it is not always believed let alone chased up, by the course instructor; unless they are the compassionate types to do so.

So what is the problem? – well Griffith University, use external overseas servers to cut costs, and this compromises the accounts of students.  These cost cutting measures need to be set aside, and Australian servers should be used whereby Australian IT graduates, (or Overseas visiting students) gain opportunity to assist, and repair the system which has room to be improved; it is a ‘state of the art university’, and we need every industry opportunity to remain on Australian shores, whenever and wherever possible.

On campus study is a lot of effort, and extremely expensive just getting there. Meanwhile Australian unemployment is set at an all- time high- higher than the UK 5.4% & USA 4.9% and Australia unemployment rate sits at 5.6 % ( Australian rate c/o ABS-  please see .

With such a small population in Australia, and such a high unemployment rate; would people be better spending their time doing something else? Do we really need a future debt, is the tertiary pathway cost efficient? This is an era where people will not own a home but a couple will owe well over $100,000- in their combined HECs fees, have we been fed a lie, where are the job industries for couples to work in?

The government are directly responsible for the lack of jobs in Australia, and MUST begin creating by new jobs, through capital growth in partnership with universities, and not allow universities to simply wangle students into looming debt.

Why is it, the current government were educated for free and now place a mandatory debt on the current and future generations ? Why is it, housing is un-affordable to students and university attendance is so costly ?

Why does almost every Australian business choose to use a complicated, disconnected overseas process, to build a webpage and website, instead keeping the business in Australia?

Why is it, we have to speak to call centres overseas, in this time of high unemployment in our country, when we speak Australian and identify with Australia? To call an overseas call centre is not only time consuming, because the person on the other end of the phone does not identify with Australia, and Australians do. Therefore, it is unethical and unproductive to Australians who have also got a job to do, because it takes a longer time due to the communication misunderstandings, which can occur on the phone to an overseas call centre. Whereas, call centres in Australia, provide jobs to Australians. Australian call centres, ‘do’ have the capacity to be ‘efficient’ and ‘effective’ business tools, providing good Public Relations and networking opportunities to enhance the business this in-turn, stimulates Australian future job growth.

Why is it, law firms farm work out to India, and exploit Indian lawyers- who should be here, if they are doing Australian work anyway? Instead unscrupulous law principles, are allowed to cut the costs of their new employees, who owe ‘huge’ HECs debts.

Why is it,  Australian Fashion designers, are applauded for exploiting overseas designers, and using children in sweat shops to sew garments; as opposed to Australian garment sewers? Australia, has a large pool of talented professionals in the garment industry, and the Australian government  are ‘not’ equipping the current youth in Australia: with these ‘vital’ skills. Instead we allow tiny children to lose their childhoods in a sweat shop; this breaches basic human rights. Unethical practices in the fashion industry continue to happen time after time, and the once thriving ‘Australian rag trade’ is almost dead.

In the name of human rights,- the Australian government, should insist new designers ‘only’ use Australian workers, to produce garments and build up on the unemployed industry of talented garment sewers Australia has ready, and waiting at the industrial  over-lockers & swing machines & cutting tables; all over this wonderful country.

The car industry, has let go of  hundreds workers who have skills the current youth could well benefit from . Remember these brilliant Australians, held down these job positions for decades; and have much to teach Australian disenfranchised youth.

Then what about the media? Hundreds of journalists have lost their jobs, this past two years all over Australia. The government need to harness the skill set of these media professionals. Why is it a large majority in the media in Australia, in 2016 are employed on a part-time basis only ?  Particularly when we consider the fact journalism degrees are still on offer at universities full- priced – why is it professionals must settle for part-time work, when they complete their university degree- ?

Dear Prime Minister-  Honorable Malcolm Turnbull, Part-time does not cut the mustard; and will not allow a couple to qualify for a loan, needed to purchase a home. Therefore, currently in 2016, even Australian professionals, are denied the right to the, – “Great Australian dream”- but yes, they still have the HECs debt.



The government must ensure Australian people have jobs, and end all unethical business practices which allow corporations to exploit vulnerable overseas workers. All businesses who provide poor quality goods and services to the Australian people, must reconsider their current practices, and bring them into line with ethics and fairness- for the Australian People they serve or provide to, by using local skills.

The Australian government need to improve the current ‘ jobless’ position and finally do something about creating jobs, yet they have deregulated the costs of university fees, already the university fees are so exorbitant. The Commonwealth government contribute up to 75 % toward some student fees, then loan the rest out, in HECs.

It is high time ethics and honesty are at the fore-front, of any debt given to students. Youth are rarely taught financial matters, during their education.

In 2016, large volumes of youth aged 18- 22, are drawn into play the Poker Machines,(Pokies), to begin a night out. Alarmingly the ‘State’ of New South Wales, in Australia, can brag to having the second largest quota of poker machines, in the entire world. The state of New South Wales, is second only, to the state of Nevada, in  the USA,. The state of Nevada, is home Las Vegas, which being the gambling capital of the world has the highest quota of pokies. When we consider, New South Wales population is dwarfed by many states around the world; and the government allows the machines in Australia to be set at much lower odds, for the Australian punter,  it is a NO win, NO win situation. Yet youth are not educated on the pitfalls of financial ruin, is it left to the parents of New South Wales, who are tempted by one poker machine available to every four people in the State.  So it is a monkey see monkey do, and minors are tempted to enter the ‘only forbidden zone’ in the local footy club, pushing sports on one hand, and gambling on the other. The minute the minor turns 18 – the lights, the bling, the action,- it is unethical, to even have these machines in places minors attend.

It is unlawful to enter a contract with a minor, so everyone who began tertiary studies or incurred educational costs as a minor, could in effect, be duly compensated for this expense and outlay. It is simply not enough, for the government to hand out educational entry grants (EEG ) ; when the youth have no experience of financial matters, and are not fully aware of the ramifications and the fact they have incurred a HECs debt. EEG’s– actually enticed many youth to begin studies in 2011, who now have no jobs and have a debt, which they now say is putting them off leaving Kuranda, and gaining a job far away from home and family support networks.

This is why I call my university- Griffith University, to take the initiative; and seek all other Australian universities to join them by creating Australian industry opportunities,- right ‘ here’,  for Australian students and students from overseas to partake in. Right ‘here’,  right NOW, we demand job creation in beautiful  ‘Australia’, for all current and future industry.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics

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One thought on “Education is So Empowering; or so We Say

  1. We need to recognize and support all Australian people’s ‘Right To Work’ with fair pay and fair union conditions.
    We demand the current government create jobs for all Australians now. PLEASE Join in solidarity and fight for your fellow Australian’s ‘Right to work’ – before your boss out-sources to some overseas disconnected outpost, and you find even your hours are cut.
    Along with all this erroneous contractor job positions the government need to regulate the bosses who practice this. It is unfair a contractor is told where to work from and what time, without union entitlements, they formally had. Coupled with the fact; the boss forgoes duty of care, tax and other employee responsibilities and many entitlements are diminished.


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