The True Costs of drinking over the Festive Season



They do say, it is more blessed to give than to receive; have you ever thought about giving yourself a present? Have you thought about your gift of health? Our body is made up of 90 % water. What type of drinks did you consume in the world’s driest continent during the summer heat? – Did you hydrate or dehydrate? it is long known alcohol dehydrates and it is a highly addictive substance.

However, Alcohol is very much part and parcel- of the hot muggy festive season, and many consumers prefer hard liquor such as,  spirits and cocktails for Christmas.

 In-light of the recent acquisition of the tobacco labels and tobacco company crests, came the onset of the gruesome warning labels. Just when are these labels going to grace the bottles of alcohol? – Because consumers have a right to be warned of such dangerous liquids. Many consumers purchase bottles to share or gift- off as Christmas presents, consider how ghastly would it be to receive a bottled gift of alcohol with a warning picture featuring reality scenes –  a car wrapped around a pole, or cirrhosis of the liver,[1] slapped onto  your beer carton. It may well sound ridiculous, but that is what drinking a carton may lead to?

Alcoholism, is a serious disease which left unchecked, leads to fatality. Therefore- it is unethical particularly at Christmas time, how this disease is frivolously pushed upon society. Why are Christmas drinks the acceptable societal norms when this runs contra to grundnorms (Kelsen), which underpin our legal system. This absurd consumer resonance with alcohol is never more prevalent than during the festive season as capitalists cash in on the consumer dollar and bank in on Christmas Time. Australian society sends mixed messages in the sports arena, footy clubs, surf clubs and sports clubs which are supposed to be there to promote health and well-being are really  mere drinking holes. The alcoholic consumption is amped up at various times of the year, including Christmas time.  AFL clubs on the Gold-Coast offer free beer to members each year at the Christmas party, to celebrate the festive season. Alcohol is so widely accepted and yet the substance can devastate the life of some easily influenced children. Yet children are  fixated around the bottle, observing the happiness & merriment and connecting it with Christmas fun-times, and this is a psychological attachment to alcohol and consumer resonance.

The legal issues surrounding the absence of alcohol warning labels- seems to breach the law of equity, as it may border on unconscionability, on behalf of the government, towards society. Alcohol should contain adequate warning labels explaining the health impacts and outlining the legal implications of drinking such as, police interference, at venues blocking the exits and arresting at whim. Along with the laws regarding drink driving. Advertising the impacts of alcohol is not enough, the warnings need to be placed directly  on the product; the advertising budget can be re-directed for the treatment of alcohol abuse.  People need a constant reminder on alcoholic beverages regarding the fact, the consumption of a drink may lead you to lose your driver’s license. To lose a driver’s licence can destroy a person, and people deserve to be warned; not lulled into a false sense of security, floating on beer bubbles, whilst their cognitive reasoning is hampered by the consumption of alcohol and their decision making is obscured.  It is a grave injustice for the government to have placed warnings on cigarettes, and yet leave all warnings of such dire legal consequences off alcohol.

When one considers alcohol, advertising is promoted to school students in bus shelters on the Gold Coast; ironically the homeless alcoholics accommodate these bus shelters at night, seen sheltering clutching at their brown paper bag.  Is it any wonder, the Gold Coast Hospital face high incidences of alcohol related accidents and diseases- much of this can be attributed to the party lifestyle. It is an outright National disgrace that one in eight Australian young people who die, lose their lives due to alcohol related incidences. Just yesterday, (27/12/16) In Springwood- Logan City,  a young nine year old boy Jonah Sisson, was allegedly killed by a young drunk driver whilst he was enjoying the Christmas lights. The young driver who lived in the street where the boy was hit, cried out he wished he was the dead one. The death of this child has devastated the Nation. 

I wonder how many parents would continue to smile and drink in front of their children if they had the slightest inkling their child could hit the bottle in search of euphoria when life’s woes become too much. It is not ‘just’ the time an alcoholic is intoxicated they are a problem, they are constantly on a treadmill either craving a drink on both a conscious and sub-conscious level and may lash out in ways they will later regret, after they realise they have hurt those who they love.

Society need to say, – drinking is not OK and it is ‘ze gateway to harder drugs’ – as the brain’s decision making processes are severely impaired, when one is under alcohol intoxication. Why not give ‘yourself’ the gift of sobriety this festive season. Do not be fooled alcohol is not a necessary part of life- and remember in Australia, – ‘one- in -eight young people’s deaths are an alcohol related incident and this is preventable. Do not allow the government to trick society any longer. As a society must unite in solidarity, to demand the government legislate warning labels both health-wise and legal-wise on all alcoholic beverages sales in Australia.  

So please do give-up the alcohol if you want to, and do not do it alone there is support out there 

For adults why not check out –  Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)? AA was  established in 1936, – Eighty years on it is still a  proven way to kick the drink, and more importantly, stay sober, once you learn the ‘12 step’ process to sobriety.

‘The Salvation Army’- are committed to the rehabilitation of alcohol addiction- here are some startling facts on binge drinking.


In Australia One in Eight Deaths of Young People is Directly Attributed To Alcohol –-—report/5102594

For youth Patient Services and Support –

Josiah Sisson, aged 9- lost his life after he was hit by a driver on Christmas Night. The suspect was alleged to be intoxicated by alcohol

Further research –

[1] The human liver weighs approx.  1.5 Kg and it is the second largest single mass organ

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