My Opinion of Griffith University (Editorial)


With over 30,000 students, I am happy to say- Griffith University, care about each student and do, offer support to become all we can become: through a world class education.

Make the Most of It 

Smile and say hi. There are brilliant students and I have been fortunate to meet many amazing people. This is really great for a sole parent who was married at 17, to expand my horizons. When I reflect on the way my family have been supported by staff and students; it has been utterly stupendous.

Griffith University ‘Unsung Heroes’

I cannot say how grateful I am for the library staff, (IT too!!)  – who do not receive nearly enough praise for the many students they assist, whilst they maintain the coolest disposition. Countless times, I have ran calling out ahead, in sheer desperation with my arms flapping , flustered into the Griffith University & even the Southern Cross University libraries, and I have been kindly assisted on the spot.

OMG; Just Who Are These Professors ?

In fact with a total contact of at least forty professors,– I had odds with none; a misunderstanding with one. I did NOT enjoy an elective course (a non-law, a non-arts, a non- marketing, and a non- fine arts course) which promised adaptability, and offered none.  The disproportionate workloads within the course placements, created huge disparities in student equality, professional ethics and fairness. Here the ‘Course Convenor’,  WHO IS NOT A PROFESSOR, acted very different to all other Griffith University staff. Worse still; in my opinion- this convenor influenced my tutor, who knew my son at Secondary School, to be rigid as well.  Although my placement was 100% satisfactory, as was my work.So my marks do not reflect my efforts. In my personal opinion, Griffith University, should ONLY EMPLOY PROFESSORS TO BE COURSE COVENORS -It is good to look back and see where the issue is. I have enjoyed all other courses – each for a completely different reason – Griffith University have manged to attract some of the very best professors, and draw in professionals for lectures and events, who are world class leading experts. – Griffith University, have close global ties with many academics an emeritus professors and universities.

The Faculties

I recommend Law, Fine Arts, Journalism & and I am in love with the Business School – the Marketing Department- is state of the art. I am able to combine the new area, of law and marketing quite well.

The Clubs

Relax you are in new territory now, where every individual actually does matter,- and remember only ‘you’, can put yourself off joining, or being a guest at an event. It is NOT ageist at Griffith in any way, shape or form. So do join all the clubs you connect with,- from International clubs to skeptic clubs it is all on offer. – Do visit the Food Co-op. Do join and compete in debating, GULs and I will join Toastmasters this semester myself.

The Vibe

The Nathan Campus is great, – and the Gold Coast Campus has come into it’s own in the past few years. The big upside of the Gold Coast Campus is it is a hub for journalists, who love to meet people. There are the most diverse faculty staff and academics available, all in the one location. Please always make appointments as we students- need to see the professors too.


If you seek an educational community in Australia, why not come to Griffith University? Where we have abundant opportunity, solidarity and unity.


Melissa Jane Petrak



























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