Fraudsters Abound (Editorial)

“The only place in the world where turtles and dugong still live on the doorstep of a major city”

WE CALL FOR THE MINISTER’S  OF NATIONAL PARKS SPORTS AND RACING, TO STAND DOWN IMMEDIATELY- (both opposition MP & MP) you had your chance – you are both entirely unsuitable for the political portfolio, you hold.

We live in an era where donations are not respected. Too many fraudsters get the dollar in,  and do nothing – in return. There are inadequate checks and balances regulating these organisations.

If you are ever faced with a protected marine creature, who has been injured by a boat strike. Good luck getting any assistance, with the lazy system now in place. I googled marine rescue etc. and it was impossible to get any assistance. However, each organisation easily explains how you can donate funds to them.

Accountability has flown out of the window; with the onset of easily accessible websites. People like to hide behind a webpage with a load of puffery, claiming how ‘your’ donation can save all the marine life – it is a pseudo facade. Where they have spent thousands to develop imagery – which is sheer fantastical.  It is all to resonate with the animal lover and to attract in more funds, to pay themselves more, or make their office cushier.

In my opinion, Sea World is a farce; where they force animals into captivity, they often get free animals and make money through the spectators and theme-park visits, whilst the animal is slowly dying in captivity. They claim to save marine life – but in three hours they did not come out to save a boat strike eagle ray. Although I did send them a picture. Many people only visit Sea World because of the rescue programs, so it is a marketing ploy.

We now call for law reform for the protection of all marine life. – We do wonder, why those who are paid to work in the marine field have done nothing at all. As an urgency, the Queensland Parliament need to legislate new laws which insist on covers for outboard motors.

The Government Departments who are aware of the boat strikes, instead of keeping it as a National Secret; should instead, produce media press releases on a weekly basis, to raise awareness. It doesn’t need money – it needs those who are paid to protect the environment, get off their fat[1] arses and go down to the water – they are paid to protect.

We call for mandatory covers on ALL OUTBOARD MOTORS. We can no longer sit by, whilst bogans zoom by in their boats striking, maiming and killing marine life. It is most distressing to see a a majestic animal maimed or killed because of some selfish boat owner ‘show-off’ who holds no regard for the ocean.These people are out to pillage the waters fish and kill – not protect.

Furthermore, why does the government allow outdated old polluting barges, which regularly kill a variety of endangered marine life including  majestic 100 year old turtles to allow this to  continue as transport?–  is corrupt. These companies are getting paid millions of dollars per year to kill marine life. The corruption also lies in the fact,– these operators have NO competitors and so they are cowboys using outdated marine craft.

The Department of National Parks, Sports and Racing (NPS&R) are not doing their job. They know all about boat-strikes and have an ineffective process in place where they are in effect: condoning the killing of the marine life. Along-with the  Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)  – both departments require an urgent overhaul. – In my opinion, neither department care for the environment- the way they are paid to do, they ignore pollution. – I think there needs to be a major investigation into the cover-ups by the NPS&R and EPA.- The EPA is largely known as a government department, which is a toothless tiger. Fisheries also on the water daily fining everyone, are also doing didley squat, to prevent these boat-strikes. THIS IS A DOWN RIGHT DISGRACE NPS&R Minister must step down.

I will now make an official international complaint to UNESCO regarding the disregard to prevent boat strikes – BAN BOATS IF NEED BE

The environment is precious; – Australia’s Cities have become extremely polluted in a very short space of time, in comparison to much older countries. So exactly what do the NPS&R and the EPA do? Not what they claim to do- why haven’t they done a thing about boat strikes? I took time out of my busy life in 2009, to go and see the EPA, and they waffled on agreeing with me about the boat strikes, handing me brochures.– They acted so weird as if they were utterly shocked, anyone had dared walked in the office with Home-Ed students in tow, – as they do nothing in that office which is of a benefit to the environment. Is it right that we allow Chinese and French ships to be cleaned out in the Brisbane river – when the NPS&R state.

” The only place in the world where turtles and dugong still live on the doorstep of a major city.”

To conclude, playing on the computer like the department of NPS&R and the EPA do, is NOT how the Eagle -ray we saved today was saved. We well understand, you do not wish to leave the comfort of your air-conditioned office, or car. – You FAT BASTARDS get out in the environment, and look after it, – when you are paid to do so.


[1] FAT = F–king arrogant traitors –

National Parks, Sports and Racing (NPS&R)- retreived  (17/01/17) is much the same info – as in 2009


(PICTURE  TURTLE 2006 ) retrieved  from NPS&R – website today (17/01/17 dated -22/4/06 so 11 years on – and still no mandatory covers on outboard motors and more dirty barges in Moreton Bay-



Sea World – almost an Editorial-




(INCOMPLETE ) pictures posted up later today (17/1/17)




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