“Harden up Princess”  

To an Aussie, a sprained wrist or twisted ankle or hurt knee or stubbed toe or flattened finger even one, which was trapped in the ‘Black and Decker,’ panel lift garage door, takes around two to three weeks to heal. During this painful time, friends of the injured person like to laugh, joke . Whereas, the children of an injured parent suffer, so they whinge, about not being able to do this or that, or what the parent promised they would do; prior to the sprain. The great Aussie sense of humour, is a real plus and can be used to get people to do things you cannot, so you can rest and heal.

You can even get niggles on and off for up to six weeks, and take advantage of free massages from friends, and many alternative treatments assist. This type of attitude, is what pushes people through life. Many in society live in hope with injuries expecting them to disappear, and they normally do.

If after a month of symptoms not disappearing one who is busy will visit a doctor, to investigate the issue. Positive doctors too expect injuries to heal in 6-weeks to 3 months.

However, when this does not happen the person has to completely adjust their lifestyle to avoid pain swelling and inflammation, from flaring up.

Sole providers for their families find much respite if their children are old enough to assist. Children do have rights. However, children’s rights are NOT considered by insurance companies, when a parent is permanently injured, the kids miss out on all the things their parent did for them prior to the accident. A child just has to wait in patience for things to return. A child is burdened by the visual swelling and hopes for an operation to fix the problem caused to their parent, by another’s negligence.

It may well be construed as further disadvantage, for an insurance company to avoid outlining the full assistance entitlement due to the injured person, at the offset of the accident. Instead injured victims are left to fend for themselves, calling in help from family and friends. This is an enormous burden to society, and people who help the injured, may lose their jobs and suffer. All because the insurance company fail to notify the injured victim of their due entitlements under law. This is vastly unfair for the CTP/ Workcover to capitalise in on friends of the injured.  It is unethical for children who already see the injuries their parent is suffering, to be now forced to clean up for their parent. The children of an injured parent, simply MUST  accept they’ve just got to miss out on the great things their parents used to do, and the things their parents can no longer can do for them.  It is irrelevant whether the child is a teen, or grown;they should not be expected to miss out on lifestyle they enjoyed prior to the accident.

Under law, people are entitled to employ people to assist with chores the victim is no longer able to do without suffering pain.  Insurance companies take advantage of people who have a great deal of friends or family members to help. When in fact this in in breach of the law to not pay these people, needed to assist the injured victim. Families gather around an injured family member, taking the responsibility with the hope of the family member returning to their former self.

But what when a person suffers a permanent injury, and does not get the required treatment operations to heal again? Why is it in a two year period an injured person, will have to pay or miss out, for all the reasonable adjustments to heal, from their own pockets?

When a mother can no longer to perform her normal tasks, without visual swelling, occurring. Because the parent is permanently injured, an extreme disadvantage  is caused to a family. It is daunting to a grown child, who has seen their mum who is younger and fitter than other mums, due to her pushing prams laden with shopping; and two babies with ease- up hills. When a grown child now, sees the his mum is too weak to carry a bag of sunscreen and drink without swelling, and he has yet to get married and see their mum carrying grand-kids around- just as everyone else does, some twenty-thirty  years the mum’s senior, at the beach.

Why is it people who take time out of their life to assist an injured person, injured in an accident without those people who assist adequately being compensated? The system is in place, for the injured person, to be restored to their former position.

It is unacceptable- for someone to deliberately run a red light, – to smash and rear end a small new vehicle twice, in an old wagon, which crumpled in the bonnet. the car does not belong to the driver, with the Eureka tattoo, who wore Australia Day shorts,- in October. The ‘I can run thru red-lights and hurt people’ is a  ‘dangerous driver,’ yet, he does NOT GET CHARGED BY QUEENSLAND POLICE. ALTHOUGH HE BROKE THE LAW RAN A RED LIGHT, TO DELIBERATELY REAR END A CAR,  INJURING PEOPLE. Instead the police officer female, who attends the hospital, says he is a good bloke, – fake,  he had an alcohol reading. On the other hand, the mother who was in shock and needed treatment but was made to stand in hospital, injured. Then was hassled by police, to get tested had a 0% alcohol test reading. –

WHEN POLICE SHOULD HAVE BEEN CHARGING THE MALE,  not hassling the victim; who was just rear ended in their fully owned, 3 year old new car, under warranty.  The police leave the age of the mothers car off the accident report. The borrowed car the driver was driving – ‘never’ gets professionally repaired.

The driver completely lied about sun shining in his eyes, on an overcast day too. THIS IS CRIMINAL. MEN, WHO ARE ‘POLITICALLY’  ‘ANTI- THE PERSON’ THEY DELIBERATELY REAR ENDED.

WE demand an equilibrium, THE POLICE, must charge the perpetrator, instead of flouting police ethics, and equal rights of all children.

Now is the time, for the rights of the child of the injured victim, to be considered along-with others who are needed to assist with reasonable adjustments. The entire CTP/ Workcover system is a failure, to the people it is their to protect. Instead the system funds the specialists, who charge exuberant fees and make diagnosis on people- who are intoxicated on pain killers; at their mandatory IMO visits, this is, in itself unethical.







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