How can one say they want to grow job industry on Australian shores, and yet hold a disregard for anyone in this country from this Nation, or from another country?

It is a contradiction in terms to say Australia, as a Nation is innovative and yet, view migration as a threat. Migration must be embraced if Australia is to lead the Globe in world-class tech innovations; as suggested by our current- Honorable Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

New Australians offer a deeper a stand-point view into another culture, impossible to gain by visiting a country. New migrants reflect as they compare Australia and their home-land, this insight is priceless marketing material. This valuable information may have the capacity to re-boost the economy and create new industries and possibilities to perhaps make Australia a global leader, in a myriad of new untapped industries.

To keep it simple- Take food for example – the richness and diversity in delectable delights, has not hindered the Nation in any way. In-fact Australia, is a fortunate country due to not just introduced exotic ingredients, but third world food technologies now embraced here in Australia are of a great benefit to the Australian people. Although for many years older Aussies turned their noses up at un-Australian foods; younger generations appreciation supersedes that embarrassing resistance.

This reinstates now is NOT the time, to reverse the newly opened cultural gates into Australian diversity.

It is a vast injustice and again a contradiction, to brush over the indigenous culture – The true Australians the First Nation’s People, must be appreciated for their many cultural endeavors which need funding, and have vast industry opportunities. Indigenous Funding cuts have been drastically slashed.

Why were racists, One Nation, allowed to register as a political party in a First Nation Country; with the leader’s stand on the First Nation’s people? This bodgy political party although surrounded by much fanfare, have only four (4) seats in the senate, out of 226 seats. Despite receiving adequate Federal election funding, One Nation were paid around $5K, in the Federal Election lead-up, by Sunrise Commercial Channel Seven. One Nation was promoted  and paid to appear on TV, as people woke up each day, how bourgeois. The other more ‘democratic,’ and less ‘agenda’ ridden, parties received no coverage in a democracy.  The public were largely left unaware of the other obscure political party candidates, in the Federal election. Whilst One Nation, were promoted with their uneducated ‘out of touch’ hypocritical leader, who prefers leaning on lies; rather than learning the truth.

In closing, with a recap- despite being heavily promoted by commercial main stream media efforts; pushed with an underpinning of an obvious imperialistic under current; when it comes down to the crunch numbers- One Nation are mighty unpopular, and just managed to gain 4 senate seats out of 226.

Human dignity, has been undermined on many levels. Administrative failure within government departmental decisions, within Australia is systemic.  Human dignity rights are flouted by governmental leaders, who purport to represent the people. Whilst in reality; this is in lip-service only and the vulnerable are disregarded.

Australian society needs a new political principle, a new idea; that will replace the loss of human dignity (Inspired by Hannah Arendt’s “The Origins of Totalitarianism “-  C/o Director Berkowitz – via The  Hannah Arendt Center).



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