By Jano Petrak

Women do settle down now,

After a heated discussion where the women in my household were upset at a group of boys talking it up. Who so happened to pretend to be Muslims. Because the boys were actually trying to impress the girls, as boys do. Sometimes awkwardly.

People like my mum’s best friend may not quite fathom  the size of the world, I mean it with all respect

Australia, the whole pick on Muslim saga is horrible.

If I was born a Muslim, I would be one dress like one. When you are young you go with what you are born into. It is not fair to pick on someone for being born into a culture.  I get this, as we eat different food to most other Aussies; due to my dad being a Slovakian, born in Serbia. I was unaware we were different, I thought grandparents had a special language and every family chose their own language. When I was a little boy to me, all people were one people, and we all dressed the way our mums and dads wanted us to dress.

Why is it some adults forget they accepted all people as a child? Because we all think differently is why.

My brother Dando, knew his grandparents and all of dad’s mates spoke a different language.  When my brother went to pre-school he was overjoyed, saying other Slovaks were in his class, and they are twins who spoke Slovak, it is really funny as the twins, are Chinese.

We are basically evangelical Serb offspring.

My first experience with Muslims was at Distance Ed, the girls seemed to forget the day they had. A day in the kitchen, where true a Muslim mum and daughters and a Christian mum and daughters, shared so much in common. Those girls were a lot like my sisters. A nice family too, the father moved with his family to Cloncurrie, to head up the Hospital. The girls got on so well with my sisters, and it was good to see the two mums were the same as each other in so many ways. This is what I get ticked off about , the Muslim mum, was in full burqa, (she just had a slit for her eyes) and my mum did not even realise it.

I’m really not happy with the girls commenting on something they do not know about, they never have entered a Mosque. They could have gone or asked to go. To me, their lack of socialising with real Muslims is not their fault none live around here. But I am just saying they hang with non-Muslims, to me, that is truly all they qualify to speak about.

This is why, I like Football because we are footballers, we all respect ourselves, our families each other and the community and the respect is returned, and to me nothing else matters


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