We Demand Procedural Fairness NOW

In life, we aspire to achieve all we can for our families.

When a family becomes a political target, they are forced to flee, or they may be killed.  Why is it so wrong for people to attempt to live a better life?

Why should people be forced to suffer persecution and watch their family suffer, and risk becoming all split apart (never to see each other again)- any reasonable person would gather up their family and run for their lives. Why does it matter what nationality we are, at the end of the day, we are all humans? The UN supports the global plight for freedom.

Many people who fly here as single people suffer the same horrors, and are granted asylum status. Yet refugees from families are kept apart many are still overseas.

NO WOMAN nor CHILD should be locked in detention. Blatant hypocrisy lies, suggesting there may be illegal activity and criminals on the run – trying to seek access into Australia; if this were what the Government really believed then the government would not then; be locking the refugee women and children anywhere near these suspects.

We demand lawyers for these people and Natural Justice & procedural fairness

The entire refugee detention portrays an inefficient political structure, which is highly ineffective and disregards human rights of the refugee. The government breach their Duty of Care, on many a level- to a vulnerable people. Vulnerable people who turn to our government for assistance and instead they become the subjects of abuse. This cruel and costly exercise is a large part of the current deficit – The entire process is unacceptable to the Australian people. The mistreatment of  these men, women & children and the unnecessary extreme stress of uncertainty, must end right now in the name of humanity


Please see

Tell the Prime Minister: We need a fair process


Natural justice or procedural fairness

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