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Growing up in a Domestic Violence (DV) house-hold with a step-parent; does NOT end when you leave home, the abuse control will be continued, beyond your mother’s grave.

Won’t Get Fooled Again- by The Who –

Brisbane Baysider, – from Lota, In Queensland- graceful and polite Liz Hollingsworth, aged 67- Elizabeth, Helen, Sheila, –  Lillabet, to her family (nee) Doull, was born in Glasgow, Scotland- on September 28th 1949-

Liz has sadly passed away on Sunday 2nd April- 2017.

Liz was formerly of London, – former married name- Liz Mellor, – married to John Mellor, together they bore two children Melissa, (47) of Richmond, NSW-  & Corinna, (44) of Logan City, Qld.

Liz was the proud grandmother of seven surviving grandchildren- Isaac, Daniel, Cat, Mila & Jano, from her eldest daughter. And Jibrin, & Jamillah, from her youngest daughter, the later two grandchildren- whom Liz raised. Liz sure had a multicultural family, this shows she raised her family with much cultural tolerance, and not to mention, -Liz was a great cook- her Chicken curries will also be missed.

Liz was loved my her siblings, she was proud of growing up in a large family. Liz’s surviving brothers and sisters are:- Hughy Doull, Margaret, Jeanie, Georgina, Michael Casey, Collin Casey, Peter Casey, Caroline, Janette, Stephen Casey and Vincent Casey – all of whom looked up to Liz as the sister who was kind, as did their partners  and their children and grandchildren. Her late brother George Casey, and late Mother Jean, were missed by Liz after they passed on. Liz forged life-long relationships, – her eldest brother Hugh’s wife- Margaret, and Liz, were absolute best friends throughout primary and secondary school.

Liz, was loving and close to her sisters and brothers who all went to great efforts to stay in touch, from the early days of Liz moving to South London; to her recent sad passing in Australia.

Liz was very caring and compassionate- as a young lady, in South London- she worked at an office, looked after her young family, studied cleaned homes and cared in-kind for a senior lady in her late 90’s, Liz was a bundle of energy.


Liz traveled the world many times.

As a young lady before her eldest was born, France was a place Liz enjoyed with her closest girl-friends- This was an absolute delight as were the days when she loved in Sloane Square- in London, with her girl friends.

Liz  loved her children and family and friends. Liz was efficient in all she did. All who met Liz, loved her. Liz, was an effective communicator with the sweetest voice. Liz, maintained her Scottish accent although she left Glasgow, as a young teen and met John, the father of her two children, in London at 16, they worked at the same company.

Liz and John were Mods- and were a highly fashionable couple,- Liz could have been a designer because- she made many clothes for friends and family. Liz loved to knit, and would knit up one-off original pieces.

Liz secretly made dolls clothes for her eldest daughter- who was always over-curious about her mum’s craft projects. As Melissa, her eldest loved her baby doll she got for Christmas; Liz was the cleverest mum, as she knitted and dressed the baby doll and had it sitting on a sewn-up cushion, on a full set of spare clothes- complete with ribbons and laced knitted blanket, ready on the birthday morning for her daughter.

Liz always delighted people with her talents. Liz also revamped dolls houses and was very loving and hands-on mum. Every weekend Liz, baked tirelessly for the entire week’s lunches. Because of Liz, her children were well nourished (instead of wasting school dinners- because her children were annoyingly fussy- the pair of them ). Liz made sure her daughters enjoyed packed lunches, as her children were growing up.

In London- Liz, gained an offer to study at Teachers College, however she put her children first and instead took position as school Governess in London at High View Primary, Wandsworth.

Then Liz married a control freak- BRENT FREDRICK HOLLINGSWORTH – The family became the good , the bad & he was ugly too.


Liz moved to be close to her now late mother Jean Casey of Daventry, formerly (Drumchapel Glasgow) whom Liz was close to until her passing.



Liz had beautiful hand writing, and encouraged her girls to write neatly in fact evertthing Liz did was done perfectly well. Liz was a kind woman, something her eldest attributed to her mother growing-up in a large family. Whilst in Daventry, in 1978 Liz’s bosses The Taylor’s, who ran an upmarket designer sofa and lounges factory-  were so lovely to her and her daughters. When the Britain’s first home-office computer was launched it was Liz who was entrusted with both a home and office computer. (Here is an article on the home computers of 1978) )

Liz had wisdom beyond her years – and in bedded a love for reading classic novels, from a very young age read to her girls. Liz taught her daughters all about the clans of Scotland, crests, tartans and connection to family names she told to her grandchildren, who in-turn will tell their children’s, children and their children forever more.

Liz was an extremely loyal person – she would go out of her way to be caring, despite always working full-time. Many people would have walked five-hundred miles for Liz, who enjoyed and was proud of her Scottish Heritage.

When Liz moved to Australia, in 1980 – she worked her guts out,- she paid off her home in 18 months after arriving in Australia.

Later, Liz attended night school at Cooparoo SHS, whilst working full-time and attained her Senior Certificate. Liz, had a chance to attend university but, Liz, put the raising of Corinna, her 16 year old first, and instead took position with QHealth, where Liz worked from 1989.

Liz earned far more than her husband did

Liz worked full time to support her husband –

Liz was a Health Professional,  and held position as, the Customer Care Manager, of the Wynnum Hospital, in Brisbane- for many years.

” I Love You [mum] ”

Liz was a highly creative lady, who was community minded.  Liz, supported her eldest daughter in Girl Guides, Speech and Voice eisteddfods, – ( her musical endeavors, her career and marriage.

Liz tried so hard to be the best mother and truly excelled- When her eldest was growing up Liz would take her to the Library and together they would make all the recipes in a recipe book for fun. Liz always opened up her home and kitchen to her eldest daughter to bring her friends over to cook for badges and various community events, Liz kindly supplying all the needed ingredients. Liz taught her people to be kind and helped those less fortunate and was a little darling to all who knew her.

Liz was so interesting and did lots of night school courses – in Vegan cookery and was a totally cutting edge and cool mother to have.

Liz took her girls shopping all over Brisbane, and warehouse shopping was her and her daughters favourite. Liz taught her eldest daughter to be frugal and how to manage a family budget, – her eldest daughter had a 20 year long marriage and although separated, they are still married and the pair remain close, for Liz’s grandchildren’s sake.

Liz was a most respectful mother-in-law and her son-on law Daniel, is in deep mourning over the passing of Liz. Daniel always thought, ” Liz, the grandmother of his five children, was a most impressive and beautiful lady. ”


There was nothing Liz could not master well, on the home-front, in fact- no one can keep a home, like Liz could. In the kitchen no matter what- Liz could do it all, from peeling an apple with a knife; in one continuous peel or winning at all the local cooking competitions. Liz, was lucky as a person- who won many competitions and was an encouraging lady to be around, with an up-lifting spirit.

Because- Liz, was a giving, rare soul, a delightful woman whom nobody could get enough of, everyone wanted to spend more time with little Lizzie. Her demeanour was so pleasant- she was one of a kind. Liz, was a part of the birth of her eldest daughter- Melissa’s second son Daniel, and encouraged Melissa, in her Advertising business.


Liz was somewhat a matriarch  of a woman, – who stepped into assist her eldest daughter and son on law in their business on her Rostered days off (RDO).

Liz, had great design skills and patiently taught her sewing skills to her eldest daughter Melissa, who is a professional artist, both performing and visual-  solely due to Liz’s devout support throughout childhood. Liz had a love for cultural arts. Liz had a green thumb something which she denied, but she did well with plants.

Liz, never missed the weekend newspapers- and was most passionate about consumer law and rights, so it is no surprise; Liz’s granddaughter Cat, is in her final year of law –  and is sad her nanny, will miss her graduation later this year.

Liz was a great dancer, and was a member of the Yacht Club for many years in- Manly.

Liz and her eldest daughter danced together, – they would even dance in the day at Currumbin Surf Life Saving Club – Liz joined her eldest daughter on a Sunday Session

Liz worked her entire life since the day she turned 15 years old and her work record and loyalty are second to none.

Liz, was an impeccable woman who was stylish and highly fashionable. Liz, will live on through the good ethics she has passed on. Liz’s talents she shared with her eldest daughter, have already been multiplied within her large family.

Although Liz only got to spend a short time, with those who truly appreciated and loved her, the vast impact Liz made on those she loved, will never fade.

Liz was missed before she passed as a long illness and a controlling second husband, involved in domestic violence (DV) situation.  Liz’s husband partook in misleading conduct after Liz passed, so in-effect- is still in DV control of her beyond the grave. This is why, there is no time like now – to end DV – Speak-up now !

Do not allow another delightful mother’s/ nanny’s  death to be kept secret by an abusive controlling partner


Live & Let Live

Liz’s obituary will be continually added to, as she will live on through, her children and their children

Lovely Liz, may her precious soul rest in peace- as she is much loved and sadly missed.


One hopes Liz, has accepted the Lord, as her personal Savoir and all expect to see her in the Resurrection shuffle


May Liz Rest in Peace- with the Spirit in the Sky


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