World Refugee Day Telethon

Refugees, who have suffered in Australian Government detention at the Crown’s expense. Should first receive respite so they may heal, for the unfortunate inescapable and unnecessary trauma they endured. The Asylum Seeker Resource Centres (ASRC) can provide this care, do consider supporting their work.  June 20th 2017-  is World Refugee Day, and from 6 am -midnight – ASRC, will be holding a Telethon, please call 1300 692 772 to donate because every cent, is appreciated.
ASRC, are doing a great deal to assist refugees from social & health well-being to legal matters they have it covered.

There cannot be a one-size fits all refugee status dead-line.  Because refugee  victims; who may have had years of reliving their violent inescapable trauma, they can’t be expected to re-live it all again.

Justice, can be discretionary & offer extensions where they are absolutely required.

What is wrong with the current government? This is deplorable, we have unsympathetic political leaders, who have gone to a huge expense for years to mistreat innocent refugee people; who simply seek refuge here, after the terrors of war in their home land.

Please view – on Post traumatic stress, and it’s lasting effects and triggers- by – Brewin, C. R., Andrews, B., & Valentine, J. D. (2000). Meta-analysis of risk factors for post traumatic stress disorder in trauma-exposed adults.


Brewin, C. R., Andrews, B., Rose, S., & Kirk, M. (1999). Acute stress disorder and post traumatic stress disorder in victims of violent crime. American Journal of Psychiatry, 156(3), 360-366.
This entire refugee deadline firstly, places all refugees who need to apply in a false light, as it eludes to them being fake.  This deadline, is unethical for many refugees may ‘not’ have capacity, as they cannot even understand English, this is completely unconscionable, to expect non-English speaking refugees to even know about the deadline.

Australia, is such a big massive empty country after all, with rural towns getting emptied of people, instead of filled because we have too many empty-headed leaders in a position of power. The government are just scamming people away, to get at the land to mine it, unnoticed deep in the bush.

So it is looking more & more obvious, the government may have turned to corruption. We are now experiencing a return to the days; where the ‘money is in the brown paper bag’ – We as a Nation, are shocked at the selfishness, which has become common place in Australian Government in this ‘new’ era of un-accountability

So corrupt and unaccountable, are the current political leaders, who changed law in 2012, to ensure there’s NO WAY, an individual government employee, can be accountable- not in the Queensland government at least, Instead the entire government department must be sued, and that’s NOT fair legislation nor cost effective.

Therefore, in effect the government, have enacted legislation which enables evil bullies to hide behind a law, they created for their own benefit. They then use this law to abuse the vulnerable and voiceless & broken-hearted refugees, even allowing them to suffer further violence. This is part of what these bad government bullies do. Those who often chose to work in a place where they punish people, without cause, because they ‘think’, they’re able to get away with it. As per the Public Service Act (Qld) 2008, which protects corruption ‘all’ so well.

(Please see below)
Public Service Act (Qld) 2008
(current as of March 5th 2017)
Section 26C
Civil liability of State employee for engaging in conduct in
official capacity
(1) A State employee does not incur civil liability for engaging, or
for the result of engaging, in conduct in an official capacity.

(2) If subsection (1) prevents liability attaching to a State
employee, the liability attaches instead as follows—
(a) if paragraph (b) does not apply—to the State;
(b) if, at the time the State employee engaged in the
conduct, the person did so as a member of a body
corporate or the governing body of a body corporate, or
as a person who was employed by, appointed by or a
delegate of, a body corporate—the body corporate.

(3) If liability attaches to the State under subsection (2)(a), the
State may recover contribution from the State employee but
only if the conduct was engaged in—
(a) other than in good faith; and
(b) with gross negligence.
This despotic 2012,  legislation amendment needs to be appealed, in all fairness. Because why should tax payers pay up for criminal, opportunistic government employed, bully- boys? Consider how many good people are also in the department, and the conflicting issues a refugee victim faces.
Now the Government protects corrupt individuals who should be accountable. Is it any wonder $1.6 billion was spent on refugee off-shore detention each year?
Why should all the good people in a Government department, go down with the bullies?

This Public Service Act, is absolutely self-serving, for those in government who are corrupt it is a blanket.  This provides a reason why the government  can’t tackle refugees, as when one nasty person made a decision, and began sending internal memos to gather more bullies, behind a refugee’s back, that was curtains for humanity.

No reasonable government staff member, will bring up a corrupt boss, because jobs are so scarce.  Government Departments who employ academics are always threatening with over looming cuts in staff – All yet another ploy, keeping academics so busy worrying and applying for other jobs. Meanwhile the government manipulators can keep each other out of trouble.

NO LEGISLATION, should Authorize what would otherwise be a Tort.

Under the Australian Constitution no law should provide shelter, for criminal State government employees/officials/politicians and please read section 26C  of Public Service Act again just to view the massive list within government who are all now, afforded protection.

Instead of government employees working as well as possible for fear of reprisal, corrupt officials just protect each other. And keep busy scamming new targets to bully, –many corrupt government employees have been protected, under the 2012 amendments. This is why the government have slackened off to such an extent.

The only thing the government have over looked is, the incredible unity and solidarity, which has formed in the community is unbreakable and stronger than ever before.

So again, please do dig deep in support of-

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

ARSC Telethon June 20 –

When it comes to International matters, the same cannot be said about an individual’s personal accountability, please see below-
The right to sue in tort

16.13   While international covenants typically do not refer to the right of an individual not to be subject to tortious conduct in such terms, many of their articles set out fundamental freedoms and rights which might be infringed by a person committing a tort.

16.14   Torture, for example, would constitute the torts of assault and/or battery and breach art 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Imprisoning a person without lawful authority would constitute the tort of false imprisonment and breach art 9 of the ICCPR. Defaming a person would constitute the tort of defamation and breach art 17. While there is as yet no settled tort of invasion of privacy in Australian common law, the equitable action of breach of confidence protects correspondence from interferences in breach of art 17.[17]

[17]         See, Australian Law Reform Commission, Serious Invasions of Privacy in the Digital Era, Final Report 123 (2014) Ch 13.

[18]         Minister for Immigration v B (2004) 219 CLR 365, 425 [171] (Kirby J).

[19]         Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs v Teoh (1995) 183 CLR 273, 287 (Mason CJ and Deane J). The relevance of international law is discussed more generally in Ch 1

16.15   International instruments cannot be used to ‘override clear and valid provisions of Australian national law’.[18] However, where a statute is ambiguous, courts will generally favour a construction that accords with Australia’s international obligations.

c/o Australian Law Reform Commission | ALRC [retrieved on 07/06/17)
Australian Law Reform Commission | ALRC

The Federal Australian law reform body that has been instrumental in recommending reforms to law since 1975.

What is the role of the International Court of Justice?
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is the principal judicial organ of the UN. The Court has two functions: To settle, in accordance with international law, legal disputes submitted by States, and. To give advisory opinions on legal questions referred to it by authorized UN organs and specialized agencies.
(Apr 6, 2017)

Please check out this @ASRC link and go on a tour you’ll love it !!!!

1) c/o @Guardian by Ben Doherty @bendohertycorro [retrieved from 070/6/17]

2) C/o Right Now – Human Rights by By Rose Canes, [retrieved from 0n 07/06/17] Australia

3) c/o Australian Law Reform Commission | ALRC [retrieved on 07/06/17)
Australian Law Reform Commission | ALRC

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