2017 Backpacker Serial Killer is on the loose in Thailand on Koh Tao,

Getting Away With Murder
Dear Thailand
‘Warnings’ do not halt tourism, people have a right to know the truth
For example, – I cannot wait to go to travel to New York City, although there is a recorded death in New York City, every 9.1 minutes- Travel fore-warnings- create a sense of awareness- and actually attract a more responsible tourist
To suppress the Koh Tao odd circumstances and suspicious deaths, is in effect allowing the killer or killers, to Get Away with MURDER
Since 2012 – 2017
In Thailand the Tourist Deaths & Murder situation on Koh Tao Island, is beyond words. The tiny 21 km Island has seen ’13’ tourists lulled to their unsuspecting deaths & ‘1’ missing tourist is missing. The killer, or killers are at large


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