My name Melissa means honeybee,

I most certainly am- a busy little bee.
My background is from the advertising industry as a copywriter/ illustrator and later an Account executive- with Artrage Creative.
First and foremost- I am a Fine artist ( wearable art/ fashion/ mixed media/drawing/Painting/Sculpture)
I write songs and poetry and sing locally.
I am also a full time Home Educator (since 2009)- My eldest daughter, is now a 2nd year at QUT Law School.
I am an independent Journalist- at law- a Griffith law student, who is passionate about truth, human rights and press freedoms – studying part-time arts honours in 2016, in the Griffith Journalism Faculty.

I am also studying a  Post Graduate in Marketing Certificate in 2016, to learn the absolute latest ways to promote solidarity.

I desire to further the issues I am compassionate  about and see Human Rights brought to the forefront.




4 thoughts on “About

  1. 💞 me is the proudest lil sis….wish I was smart & clever like u..😃
    U are always in my thoughts, and always have been….💞
    Enjoy u day”….😁😘😁


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