Water, is Not a Luxury, but In NSW, It’s Now Become One.

The New South Wales (NSW) water resources charges for water are a disparaging indifference and inequality to those who rent. The costs in addition to rent, are in particular an added burden on local elderly residents, who receive no pensioner rebates; whereas home owners do. On average, a renting pensioner pays several times the weekly rent to a land lord, in comparison to the home repayments, for a pensioner.
Right now, NSW renting People are having to ration water in the hottest of temperatures. If people distance themselves from water this will lead to poor health, and in turn, becomes a major burden on the medical services. When all residents both richest and the most vulnerable; equally have a human right, to access the NSW water resources. as a precious life-giving commodity, without fear of thirst.

It is time, Councils, Corporations, Stadiums, Arenas, Gaming Clubs and entertainment venues in NSW become more accountable for water usage.
Water is essential for living and is not a luxury, but it has become one in the State of NSW.
Many now buy drinking water which although affordable at $4 x ten litres, but it is an inconvenience, heavy to carry, and creates a lot of waste of plastic.
The water (Richmond) is often undrinkable.
Water cannot simply be a buyer pay system with a finite and precious resource with such tangible variables. NSW Water resources need a new plan, to incorporate soft variables and intangibles into the current system dynamics; via drafting an innovative fairer system of a pay for residents. This will take into consideration the combination with hard variables. Integrating a fairer pay system for residents, who need water to survive – in such a hot climate.
By introducing a fine system for invalidated repeat over-use of the NSW water resources- will ensure sustainable practices and areas which need the most research and resources to cut water consumption are swiftly addressed
There are vast injustices in aged pension rebates, where renters who pay expensive under subsidised rent, – receive NO Pensioner REBATES and home owners get pensioner rebates. This discriminates against the most vulnerable in our society and needs to be tabled for reform rights. Because it is inconsistent with constitutional values, (S109 as per Constitution) and discriminates against the residents of the State Of NSW (S117 as in- Constitution).


Who Drives the Tool of Discrimination; ……Who Indeed?

Who Drives the Tool of Discrimination; ……Who Indeed?
The purpose of criminal law is to maintain justice which protects society, by facilitating the detection and prosecution of criminal actions while protecting society. Whilst, at the same time- upholding the rights of the accused – allowing them access to ‘due process’ and to the ‘rule-of-law’.
Criminal actions are bought on behalf of the State or Federal government against parties that are accused of violating the criminal law to ensure the full ramifications of unlawful conduct are understood, and not repeated by the offender or others. Criminal Sentencing and fines, are in place to act as a deterrent for all criminal actions.
There are several purposes for Criminal punishment- as considered by the sentencing Hon. Justices, is in Veen v The Queen, (No 2) (1988) 164 CLR 465 where Mason CJ, Brennan, Dawson and Toohey JJ held at 476 “The purposes of criminal punishment are various: protection of society, deterrence of the offender and of others who might be tempted to offend, retribution and reform.”
However, now in Australia, there may be a great detachment to the current privatised corrections system by the public.
Today, Serco, make vast profits by utilizing prisoners as a, ‘cheap manual labour force’. Australian Prisoners who work full-time are paid just $21.00 per week. These prisoners make huge profits for the correctional centres. The ‘profits’ do not benefit the State, so the public do not benefit, in any way whatsoever. The public are not even thought-of to be reimbursed, for the wrong a person/persons suffered, due to the now known- offenders criminal actions. Prisoners who caused harm, and suffer true remorse- are not able to ensure some good is returned to society, because all the profits made off prisoners, now go to fund, a multi-global corporation, who keep the profits. The Serco corporation are paid well, by the State via the public purse, – to run the actual prisons. The prison system has become a money-making machine, where people are thrown into prison over unpaid fines, just to fuel the capitalist system, and build up the investments of some foreign multi-global corporation.
Artists are targeted as are true Australians, – this breaches United Nations Sanctions
With the known number of talented artists within the Australian First Nation’s People, and the fact prisons are built near where the First Nations People’s, communities are based, coupled with the fact- Australian Prisons have a higher intake of more First Nations Peoples, than any other culture
I ask- Who drives the cultural tool of discrimination…..who indeed?
Again, Civil actions allow an individual the ‘right’ to – ‘due-process’ to bring an action of non-criminal wrong. Civil proceeding may be initiated against those accused of violating private rights. The ‘Rule-Of-Law’ must be upheld, as is the right to bring an action to court- or to arbitration, to have both-sides heard before an adjudicator, when publicly wronged. The Magna Carta – forbids unwarranted legal expenses and protection against arbitrary bamboozlement by lawyers who deny the individual’s right to due-process.
The right to ‘due-process’ was founded in 1297 and enacted by the Magna Carta which is still in force today under Imperial Application Acts Qld (1984) – (please view the link below)


The current Centerlink must be raised NEXT WEEK
Or Govt’ leaders everywhere MUST stand down they are unlawfully denying people ‘their inherent democratic right’ to a constitutional entitlement and therefore fail to serve their constituents
Currently a student mother and dependant receive just
$549 per week- including all extras – of rent assistance power rebates
This leaves nothing for food or Pharmaceutical-
Wake-up Australia vulnerable carers right now, are now being denied a right to eat and get their medications- when it is their right and is a constitutional entitlement they are eligible to receive
Weekly costs in Australia
Rent – $400
Electricity – $50
Petrol- $50
Registration – $30
= $560
Food- denied constitutional entitlement
Pharmaceutical- denied constitutional entitlement
SUNSCREEN- denied constitutional entitlement
Cleaning products – denied constitutional entitlement
Clothing- – denied constitutional entitlement
Community Sports Fitness- denied constitutional entitlement
Grooming hygiene- denied constitutional entitlement
Healthcare Therapies-
Study? NO WAY Get farked
no way fark off you cant

The Male Patriarchal System chips away at the Strongholds in Society


The male patriarchal system chips away at the strongholds in society

My friend who is known for chivalry, split his last 2 cans of beer three-ways into glasses. His wealthy mate, sipped up the last drop and blurted, “Well, if that is all you have got, we are off, I have some cold beers at home.”

My friend had willingly become a subject under direction, on a weekend, by his boss.

The foundation of integrity is mocked as men, purport to hang with men who subordinate women, and yet bag off the other men who are married, and attending massage parlours on the sly.

The phrase the ‘lack-there-of,’ has become a popular catch-cry for the selfish, who always seem to have wads of cash readily available for a new tattoo, holiday and whatever they want; yet for years never shouted any more than a round of drinks, despite them being…

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Gold Coast Boys (part 1)

Gold Coast Boys

Eyes dimmed with lust hearts hardened to truth
The Gold Coast Boys are a peculiar breed of men in looks by the time they turn 50 years old, many resemble the characters from Dick Tracy. This odd exterior should be enough of a warning; but over time, new comers to the Gold Coast become desensitized and end up paying for sex and replacing the traditional emotional love for a partner with love for ‘The Boys’. The boys are a sooky gossipy disgruntled group of men who are worked by a central marketer in the group, who gets cash incentives to get the men to part with cash for entertainment and or sex with strange women. Each day the women of the town are bagged out, and the pay-for-sex ideal is sold to the men, whilst they are under the influence of alcohol, this is deliberately done to line the pockets of the central marketer. The central marketer is easy to pick, they never miss a single happy hour, but they are always penniless, and the other men shout them the drinks, so when the central marketer offers discounted prices, he is seen as a legend. Men will go to any lengths to avoid emotional connections with a female, when they are hiding their own sexual lusts. The men are so swayed by these central marketer deviants; one man has replaced a traditional girlfriend with a shoe. The man has given up on women, and says he prefers a shoe, he advertises online to do Free shoe repairs and then has sex with the shoe and the woman is none the wiser. (More about this next time – in part 2)


THERE IS SO MUCH STIGMA to dare say anything negative about emergency service operators – but they can become a major cause of concern during crime and emergency calls which if mismanaged, become harrowing for the victim
Violent situations, may not be worth risking calling emergency service operators, because the victim is then placed in a very vulnerable position, battling wits with both the attacker and because they are on the phone; battling wits with an emergency operator at the same time.
During a violent situation a call to emergency provokes the attacker to such an extent, the victim is left wide open, to being further attacked, by the attacker. This is because if the victim gets an Emergency service operator WHO DOES NOT REALISE (OR BELIEVE) A VICTIM IS CURRENTLY BEING ATTACKED. It then appears the Emergency services, almost take sides with the offender, because the Emergency Service Operator begins taking offence at a victim, who is trying to ward off the ATTACKER, who JUST PHYSICALLY ATTACKED THEM. Yet the emergency service operator, has NO IDEA what is going on- or what the VICTIM IS ENDURING, and the victim is also unaware of what the attackers are up to whilst being questioned with a host of pointless questions during an emergency call.
An emergency call can place the victim in a more vulnerable situation, whereby the victim is struggling with the perpetrators attacks on one hand, and on the other hand emergency operators on the phone do take away the concentration from the victim, who is who is under ATTACK.

On the issues of self-defence you are taught to scream and scream loud & to hurt any attacker –
It is an absolute risk again to use any form of a physical force and self-defence the police may suggest the victim hit back and charge them. So why bother giving up an entire two weekends to even attend self-defence, it is pointless
Self-preservation is above trying to get some half-hearted assistance due to the emergency operator who CANNOT FATHOM what the victim faces. This therefore leads to emergency operators intercessory becoming distorted and misguided, and so therefore Police do not arrive before the criminal attacker is able to flee, despite three calls to emergency and three separate violent attacks
AT THE END THE VICTIM CALLS HER LOCAL POLICE AND AS SOON AS THE OPERATOR FOUND OUT WHO WAS ON THE PHONE THE TONE THEN BECAME SNIDE, THE OPERATOR FAILED TO EVEN ASK IS THE VICTIM OK. The victim was obviously quite distraught at being assaulted in public by a male, who fled the scene and yet,the victim was not instructed to attend doctors despite being notably upset by the incident, WHERE IS THE DUTY OF CARE? This is how AUSTRALIA TREATS THOSE WHO DISCLOSE A DISABILITY who have been attacked and are suffering shock.
Despite having CCTV footage of the AFFRAY and attacks
This is unacceptable in 2018-

Trophy Rapists Killers & Child Sexual Predator couples get long lasting thrills from the child they abused by keeping photos & trinkets

Domestic violence situations where sexual abuse happens to kids because of complicit predator couples is the worst form of domestic abuse imaginable.
No reasonable person in history is happy to hear her partner is cheating on her with anyone, be it someone you know and a so-called friend, well this makes the cheating even more of a betrayal. Waves of betrayal sweep over the one who has been betrayed they lose a sense of self.
In many cases when the child speaks up about sexual abuse the mother is placed in a position of utter ‘SHOCK’, whereby the mother instantly discovers her partner is two timing on her, with her child
How much worse is it for a child, to tell their mum who feels she is an attractive and lovable woman that the mum’s partner is interfering with her, this crime is so devastating to NATURE & THE VERY ESSENCE OF MOTHERHOOD. Just as the earth itself shudders as the waves roar and erode away at the shores violently, nothing is ever to be the same for child, from that point on in time- the child who speaks out about sexual abuse has immediately lost his/her innocence to their mother forever. The mother, who then realises her partner is sexually attracted to the child, to such an extent he is prepared to repeatedly break the law to fondle and rape the child.
The mother consolidates on the truth in the saying- “it is not all about you,’ is now from the mouth of a paedophile. These habitual common place phrases, are used as another a method of control, an avoidance and NOT an answer.
Any child who has ever tried to speak up and STOP sexual abuse – is either loved by the mum who leaves immediately; or the sexual abuse is denied. Then hidden by the implicit predator mother, who has lost all sense of reality “AND LIVES IN DENIAL” this woman is involved and allows the abuse for her own sexual gratification or offends against the child through her evil jealous inadequacies. A sexually controlled and addictive mother, cannot leave the man when she is sexually addicted, and instead condones her partners criminal sexual abuse against her child, these mothers are complicit under criminal law.
More mothers must be charged with allowing sexual abuse to occur. Because for the woman who gave birth to the child to be setting her daughter up as a sexual abuse victim because the mother wants to keep her sexual partner, is a heinous trap. All mothers are expected to love the child, more than life itself, and for them to be a criminal mother who is implicit dressing the child in scantily clad outfits, given no bras, to pleasure her husband, who is allowed to walk around with an erection. Then pushing the child to anything where they are naked- and the child feels uncomfortable. The lil’ underage semi naked get together’ are the places predator parents meet other creeps who also take their naked stepkids to perve on. These creeps form support groups, install swimming pools, some kids are forced to train or join a gym with the stepdad. There are cases after a child complains of abuse many predator parents then push the child to model in bikinis in front of other predators. Then the creeps swap around the sexually abused kids at sleepovers. Or get the kids into a false debt crisis, force them into stripping and prostitution- and take their wages so they CANNOT ESCAPE predator parents will do anything to demoralise and subordinate the child further.
This is seen in predator couple families, who then have but one goal to destroy the child’s credibility if she does not partake in sexual encounters. If the child does not sit on her stepdad’s lap she is punished. When the child has grown and is of no use to the predator couple and a child is written off and TOLD BY THE RAPIST the victim is living on borrowed time, if she dares complain about the abuse to the school guidance counsellor. Some predator couples disown the child who betrayed their sex circle, predator parents are sexual deviants
This is why adult children are estranged – predator couples have abused the child victim, and they keep the photos and videos for sexual gratification and to prevent prosecution. Imagine being raped for years and the predator parents keep the photos and all the child’s belongings jewellery the lot,- because like trophy rapists & killers they have trinkets, to give them a long-lasting thrill of getting away with REPEATED CRIME against a child.
How long will society allow children to be controlled by capitalists and the predator parents to benefit at the child’s expense ? children who are abused by their predator parents, live in Domestic Violent situations have to miss out on their savings which their parents control, and belongings when they flee the abuse. Those kids then who the stepdads moved from over-seas to Australia, to abuse have no family support except a jealous mum who has bad mouthed and whinged about the child to almost anyone. Because the mother is INHERRENTLY jealous of the sexual encounters but lives in denial gains a split personality. How long will Black-sheep claims be misunderstood by the stupid. Sexual abuse victims were isolated from family abused by their only relatives and a circle of paedophiles they are forced to raise their kids single-handley. Sexual abuse victims are born abused and thrown out and discarded when they speak out about the abuse.
There is a recent case where the rapist stepdad left his rape victim eldest daughter, off the death certificate and cremated the mother within four days, without the knowledge or consent of the eldest daughter. Who had looked after the sister since aged 8 and had huge responsibilities had had wages stolen and used.
Sexual abuse is an inescapable torment because society condones the abuse. Sexual abuse is NOT punished enough and allowed to flourish in Australia, it is then assumed this may lead to suicide- MANY SUSPECT, SOME POWERFUL PREDATOR PARENTS KILL THE KIDS MAKE IT LOOK LIKE AN OVER DOSE. How many suicides in Australia are people killed by predator parents, either directly killed, or from years of abuse and NO JAIL TIME FOR PREDATOR PARENTS.
These predator couples are capable of any crime. Many parents cash in on the victims and sell pornographic material of the abused child and end up in large homes, when they are bogan sexual deviant working class poor. I now wonder whether suicides happen, or if the stepdad does it? Because stepdads, who sexually interfere and/or rape a child and get away with it for years, they are UNCAUGHT REPEATED DANGEROUS CRIMINAL CHILD RAPISTS, who did get away with crime, and will always get away with it.
In this present time Australia as a nation is in the midst of a housing crisis, due to a GREEDY aging population and we are about to see a spike in the youth population, who will need to be housed. Law reform is needed to prevent current unsustainable practices, whereby child hating abusive stepdads, buy a luxury oversized home. Is it reasonable for an old man, who has not worked in 30 years, to really need a ‘5 bedroom’ home all to themselves? The law is unjust and arbitrary allowing the unscrupulous to cheat probate, taking more from the mother’s children, when sexually abused children are a meal ticket to stepdads. Child abuse victims are promised they would be adequately provided for in adulthood, are never reimbursed. This is because we are dealing with criminal child rapists, who are capable of anything they will shiftily purchase a flash home as a deathbed, whereby the opulence of a large home, can allow the death of a woman who has daughters, this woman must not have had her medical records read to not know she had a daughter. The medical records reveal her eldest daughter’s doctor’s, were in contact regarding the mother’s illness. Any death is a suspicious death which simply states dies of a certain cancer- there are always other complications. Parents of children should NOT be allowed to quickly be cremated in a few days’ time. Current Queensland law is flawed allowing those who are known to commit manslaughter to be executors over the one they killed.
It is important legal representatives who claim they act for those who have been left out and estranged due to child abuse, truly grasp the sexual abuse epidemic, which effects ‘1 in 3 girls’ and ‘1 in 5 boys’. It is high time- Lawyers, begin to comprehend the unnecessary and deliberate continued DV a child abuse victim still endures beyond the grave, due to their controlling abusive stepdad and lawyers need to act in the administration of justice for the estranged adult victims of child sexual abuse.
Therefore, there is and MUST be a family provision, in wills & testaments & extensions may occasionally even be granted at the courts complete discretion in rare cases, because it is harrowing what victims endure even in their mother’s death.


Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Parliament Initiative Required Now

Who is looking at the photos of our children?

The time has come to take a real stand to protect Children’s rights starting with prevention of all forms of harm targeted at minors.
There are shortfalls between administration of justice because of inadequate State laws- who hold the rights of strangers above the rights of children. Because of the uncertainty contained in the ambiguity which allows children to be forced in an inescapable position of absolute oppression, where the child is subject under law to feel uncomfortable and intimidated whilst getting photographed by a stranger. This can happen in some Australian States without consent. This is an immoral disregard of children’s rights which flouts High Court equitable precedents. There are further inconsistencies found with the state laws and protections of Commonwealth law and children’s rights national policy
• There are inconsistencies between State Laws (photography of children) In Queensland for example- it is not illegal for someone to take photos of children, without parental consent and yet this contravenes the essence of the Age Discrimination Act 2004(Cth). The Age Discrimination Act was invoked to ensure positive discrimination – that is, actions which assist people of a particular age who experience a disadvantage. This is arbitrary because in Queensland, it has been found children are being exploited targeted for photos because of their age.
• These are vast ambiguities which have allowed the photographs of innocent children to be used for sexual gratification purposes by predators, this is criminal. This illegality toward minors is allowed because Queensland State Laws fail to protect children’s rights and instead allow strangers to take pictures of children, in public places without any parental consent.
The inconsistent State Laws have seen children become ‘doubly’ targeted unlawfully for both criminal and sexual gratification of predators & age discrimination, via the Commonwealth’s Age Discrimination Act (Cth) Requiring the inconsistent provisions to be amended to protect the ‘rights of children & young people’ as per the Age Discrimination Act 2004 (Cth). It is also rude and inconsiderate to parents and the children leaving them in helpless and vulnerable positions by allowing the exploitation of children by strangers.
In Queensland Predators are circumnavigating the law loopholes and children deserve to be protected in society not sexualised. (Please see below)
• ‘ issues are not limited to photographs and images of children and young people……discovery of a website containing hundreds of images of children taken at recreational sites in Queensland, and thought to be used for sexual gratification; and examples of ‘up skirting’—the covert taking of photographs underneath clothing—in a number of public places’-
[Retrieved from http://www.legalaid.qld.gov.au/Find-legal-information/Personal-rights-and-safety/Privacy-and-identity/Privacy%5D
• In NSW ‘photographers rights’ are above that of ‘children rights’ being photographed (retrieved from) (http://4020.net/words/photorights.php)
• Children are protected – ‘Children as well as adults have human rights. Children also have the right to special protection because of their vulnerability to exploitation and abuse.’ https://www.humanrights.gov.au/our-work/childrens-rights/about-childrens-rights
In thirty years methods and systems in place have failed the children and women victims of abuse.
The ALRC recent position on photography of children in public places, disregarded the innocence of children and the effects this intrusion of privacy has on victims of child abuse. (See below)
‘The ALRC does not recommend a blanket ban on the taking of images without consent. This is not seen as a practical or desirable option. Decisions regarding imposing conditions of entry or participation that include a ban on taking images should be left to the bodies owning premises or organising events. These views were set out in DP 72. The ALRC received no comment on this position.’
The above stand does not protect children and is inadequate, in light of the systemic child abuse uncovered at recent Royal Commissions into child sexual abuse, the taking of images of minors without consent is abhorrent and unacceptable because children need uniform protection throughout the nation. Rather than an extreme ‘blanket ban’ – some common sense approaches not yet considered, to change public perception and to prevent good people picking up the pieces of next generation of sexually abused kids, lets PREVENT ALL POSSIBLE FORMS OF ABUSE NOW.
There is an absolute requirement for Parliament to set in place preventative measures such as Amendments to Privacy Laws- to protect the rights of children and families in public places
To Allow Children & Young Parents or Grandparents to not encounter perverts, given Australia has a warm climate research shows it is a targeted country for predators on holiday due to the clothing worn in the hot climate.
Increased police powers and Inquiry Preventative Task Forces is needed because children deserve to play freely in public.
In Queensland Minors do NOT have a right to be ensured they can play safely, without fear of a creep with an illegal perversion.
The state law contradicts equity in the area of unconscionability- ‘vis-a-vis’ set to protect the very rights of the vulnerable keeping them from possible ‘trickery’.
Laws must be changed as an urgency, to protect children from possible harm. Allowing photographers free reign over our children, the law is placing the child in a position of trapped UNAVOIDABLE disadvantage- allowing them to be photographed without consent this is highly intimidating to a child and their care givers.
It is criminal for a law to provide more protections to a pseudo photographer and for any stranger be given more rights, over one’s child than the rights of the child. Children’s rights which serve to protect a child from possible harm from strangers are ignored completely, under erratic state laws.
It is simple to change public perception. The fact everyone has got a phone, is no excuse – most people have tobacco, but they dare not light up for fear of a being issued a fine – substantive law and societal norms, now regarding smoking in public spaces was stopped because it caused harm & discomfort to others and is now frowned upon.
Equally substantive norms view PREDATORS having rights to photograph in & AROUND PARKS & PUBLIC PLACES CAN BE STOPPED in the public’s best interests to prohibit the harm & discomfort caused to others when they are UNABLE TO protect their ‘own’ children’s privacy in a public place.
There should be a reasonable requirement for a set distance of personal space – for men NOT to encroach in over a young girls shoulders to look down her top in a shop and buy nothing – pretending to be on a phone – This is unacceptable for women to be subject to such acts of exploitation and indecency in public, girls need more protection this places young people at a disadvantage, as young people do not have cars to escape and the photographers do, it is frightening and it must be outlawed as it is unconscionable conduct. It places kids and their families at harm as the people who commit these offences are the vilest offenders.
The taking photos without permission also encroaches on cultural boundaries of the First Nation’s People’s some who are doubly impacted because they do not want to be photographed
It is time children are respected. No longer must family values be cast aside and the law favour the predators. Age Discrimination & equitable principles have the capacity to end all possible child exploitation right now.
Who is looking at the photos of our children?
& who is looking after the children – certainly not privacy law that is for sure