2017 Backpacker Serial Killer is on the loose in Thailand on Koh Tao,

Getting Away With Murder
Dear Thailand
‘Warnings’ do not halt tourism, people have a right to know the truth
For example, – I cannot wait to go to travel to New York City, although there is a recorded death in New York City, every 9.1 minutes- Travel fore-warnings- create a sense of awareness- and actually attract a more responsible tourist
To suppress the Koh Tao odd circumstances and suspicious deaths, is in effect allowing the killer or killers, to Get Away with MURDER
Since 2012 – 2017
In Thailand the Tourist Deaths & Murder situation on Koh Tao Island, is beyond words. The tiny 21 km Island has seen ’13’ tourists lulled to their unsuspecting deaths & ‘1’ missing tourist is missing. The killer, or killers are at large



The Whole World Demands West Papua’s Freedom Now


Stop The Genocide in West Papua & Melanesia

There is a murderous war on the indigenous in West Papua 500,000 indigenous have perished this past fifty years.

Australia must not sit by & allow these Human rights horrific abuses to continue to their closest neighbour, by Indonesians whom are trained by Australian ADF with Aussie tax dollars.

Human Rights Free West Papua Campaign
West Papua’s Genocide URGENT Human Rights CALL to END now
“Ever since the invasion of West Papua over fifty years ago, the Indonesian security forces have committed a never ending catalogue of extreme human rights violations.” c/o Human Rights Free West Papua Campaign
[retrieved from]
Ben Wenda
[retrieved from] (2011)

West Papua – A Journey to Freedom Great refugee story
Published on 1 Sep 2012
[retrieved from]

The ‘Terra Nullius’ Death, 50th year Celebrations: The Long Wade Through the Layers of Deception, have now Drawn to a Close. Melissa Jane Petrak-Mellor

In 2017, The truth behind First Nation’s People’s ‘settlement’ history, has been largely suppressed from the Australian people. Although history cannot deny, Australia’s First Nation’s People’s, are the longest living culture on earth. In 2017, this is ‘just’ the 50th year, in which this ancient indigenous nation have been counted as a people, under Australian Constitutional law. Only after One hundred and fifty years of colonial rule, the Australian First Nation’s People were finally given Australian Constitutional acknowledgement, after the removal of the- Terra Nullius fiction

Although the dark twisted and evil history allowed atrocities to occur; the long wade through the layers of deception, have now drawn to a close, for all who wish know the truth, let them know the truth.

The history of Queensland, has not been pleasant for Australia’s First Peoples, who have suffered the most chilling encounters of brutal subrogation. It was therefore rather surprising to hear the precedent on native title land rights in Australia, concerned the top end of the State.
The Murray Islands customary law of the Merriam people, finally has been recognised, through the doctrine of possession. Subsequently, this precedent case was first bought before the Crown on the 20th May 1982. When Eddie Mabo, and others with a strong connection to the Murray Islands, brought declarations to the High Court of Australia, based on their ownership of certain parcels of land and sea, within the Murray Islands region.
The claimant’s rights to ownership as the original custodians of the Murray Islands, had survived. This continual habitation and lineage, could be traced back before the confirmed annexation had been established by Great Britain.
Under common law, the annexation was dependent upon the concern of settlement. In Australia, it had to be shown at common law- that the land in question, was in fact well ‘settled’ in the English, sense of the word. There was an abundant presence of farms, dwellings, and gardens. As to, was the settled presence was recognised in Ceylon, whereby millions of people worked their own lands, yet it was overlooked in the original Murray Island’s, claim.
The former decision In Mabo (No. 1) was said to be invalid on the account it directly conflicted with the Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act 1975. The decision was flawed with misgivings, partly due to the nature of deception surrounding the annexation of Murray Islands in 1879. This separation was done under Sir Thomas McIlwraith, who was Premier of Queensland, at the time. McIlwraith, was utterly defiant towards the authorities in London, when he proclaimed the annexation of the Murray Islands, in the name of Queen Victoria, this did eventually lead to London, reluctantly confirming the annexation. Similarly In 1992, the doctrine of ‘Terra Nullius’ confirmed in Milirrpum v Nabalco, known as the Gove case, this principle was overruled by the High Court of Australia.
In Mabo (no. 2), the annexation of the Murray Islands, is precisely where Justice Dawson, began by stating, -: “there can be no doubt that it was, and remains legally effective.” The foundation of this statement, links right back to the claims that Australia, was settled; rather than conquered and therefore, from the declared moment of annexation the land became the property of the Crown.
The annexation was subrogated under British rule, using the lie of ‘Terra Nullius’. This in turn, then denied the rights of any Sovereign traditional owner’s access to their own ‘settled’ lands and therefore, their traditional connection to land and country was rendered null-in void. Justice Dawson, proclaimed any native rights, had then been extinguished in-light of the annexation of the Murray Islands. Dawson, added- it was an issue of legal responsibility that lies in the statutes found in common law, and not with the courts. He went on to look to the long line of legal tradition, and noted Australia, received sovereignty from the British Crown, from the annexations of -:1788, 1824, 1829 and again in 1879. He relied upon the past cases of Doe and Wilson v Terry (1889). This case carried erroneous and preposterous notion that Australia, was unoccupied and a wasteland.
This essay, will highlight carefully documented history and therefore reject the notion that Australia, lay waste and unoccupied. The Judgments of Dawson, cast a devastating situation and provide no acknowledgement whatsoever, concerning traditional, cultural or property rights for Australia’s First Peoples. These rights, were first recognised under international law, in the eighteenth century; yet – denied by Dawson. Furthermore, Dawson, dismissed the Father of International law, John Selden. Selden’s, jurisprudential account in 1652, predates settlement in Australia; and he was quite specific on the law of possession- when he clarified,
‘that vacancies are his who first apprehends by occupation,’
Modern scholars of jurisprudence state,
‘…the right to use that which one has created, possessed or occupied without wrongfully taking by another, is fundamental to the legal system….common law has continued to regard possession as proof of ownership.’
Dawson, in his dissent of Mabo (no2), chose to avoid any jurisprudential observations documented first hand- by the very people, who witnessed grave injustices done towards Australia’s First People, – the likes of Earl Grey, Gawler and Arthur, all of whom will be briefly explored in this essay.
Dawson, did not raise an eyebrow at the social injustices raised by John Batman, regarding Tasmania. He did not show any concern that after the First Australians, had their land invaded and taken from them. The First Australian’s, were disrespected, as then described by the Supreme Court of New South Wales during the Macdonald v Lev, case as –
“..Wandering tribes, living without certain habitation and without laws [and ] were never in the situation of a conquered people”,”
Later it was held in the Privy Council case of Cooper v Stuart in 1889, Lord Watson emphasised-
The great difference between the case of a Colony acquired by conquest or cession, in which there is an established system of law, and that of a Colony, which consisted of a tract of territory practically unoccupied, without settled inhabitants or settled law, at the time when it was peacefully annexed to the British dominions.
This has had disturbing consequences for the First Australians and was no- doubt spurred on by the writings of Bentham and later Austin on the rejection of the law-
“Among the savages of New South Wales, whose way of living is so well known to us: no habit of obedience, and thence no government – no government, and thence no laws. . . .”
This argument continued in to the Boer war, where not only were First Australians denied a connection to land they were denied access back to Australia, under the white Australia policy Immigration Restriction Act (1901). ‘This original clash of cultures has, in many respects, yet to be resolved.’

The assenting decision held by the majority in Mabo, was-
“The common law of this country would perpetuate injustice if it were to continue to embrace the enlarged notion of terra nullius…” (Brennan J, Mason CJ and McHugh J concurring, at [63].
This proved the existence of laws concerning the inheritance of land had pre-existed the White invasion. It proved that sovereignty has always existed in the passing on of land from generation to generation, through the male blood lines, as is the tradition in the Torres’s Strait, proving sovereignty had existed prior to colonisation. However, “The long shadow of the Eighteenth Century lies athwart
In Mabo, no 2, claim was made about any land on mainland Australia, Dawson chose to reject the early writings of George Gawler, which indicate the First Australians, indeed had true proprietary rights in the soil. When we consider the writings and observations of the early colonists we discover the most respectful comparisons existed in history; between Australia’s First People and the well-to-do English aristocratic upper-class society- that generally one can only be born into. When Gawler, drew this parallel and compared the First Australians to English Gentlemen; it should be considered this was an era, where class distinction was more prevalent than it is nowadays. Gawler’s, observation is of paramount importance. Gawler, has to be understood in both the context and time of which it was made, the First Nation Peoples of Australia, were not compared to peasants, who equally tilled the soil not at all. Gawler’s, writings were specific.
‘They (Australia’s First Nation’s People) hunt the game upon (their lands), take fish in and eat the roots on their own district just, as much as “English gentlemen” kills deer and sheep or fish, in his (own) private park. The property is equally positive and well defined. ‘[Emphasise added]
The observations of a highly organised society, also confer Australia’s First Nation people, have a system of tenure, and proprietary rights in the soil.

Many jurists, have conveniently misunderstood or ignored the findings of the Colonial Office. The law was defied often for selfish capital gains, by the early settlers, pastoralists, Government and even the Courts.
Earl Grey, supported the provisions found in The Waste Land Act (1846). Grey, viewed the unlawful act of removing The First Nation’s People, off the land, as an illegal act. As the Secretary of the State, at the time he wrote to Governor Fitzroy, informing him of the fact it was completely illegal, to force the First Nation’s People’s, from their lands, (be the land) cattle stations or pastoral leases, the law afforded the rights, and protections to the First Australians for any such aggression they suffered.
The Terra Nullius, myth- had been rejected and three years earlier this deliberate separation by the colonials had been described ‘as the root of the evil.’ Bishop Ploding, explained to the New South Wales, Legislative Council, in 1845, that the European settlement of lands, was done ‘without invitation’ and with ‘no exchange’ of compensation. This was a blatant disregard to earlier decisions concerning the First Australians to be bought into line with the rest of the British empire: when it was established by the Colonial Office, in the late 1830’s and by 1840’
“…that such lands as may be necessary for their support…they should be provided.’
This was coupled by George Arthur’s, insistence that the recognition of native title was vital’, he was aware of the legalities and the contemporary view and how native title was bound up in common law. He retained a copy of the legal writings of Burge, Follet and Pemberton. He drew up instructions that emphasised the First Nation’s People were to enjoy freedom and -engage in the cultivation of their lands and to watch over their rights and interests. Furthermore, he called for the protection against encroachment upon their property.
In May 1839, however- these requests remained, largely ignored when the Surveyor General, showed a map to the Chief Protector, G.A Robinson, the First Nation’s Peoples of Australia, were disregarded. The map in question at the time, uncovered that in a 30 Mile Sq. radius; there was not one single reserve set aside for the First Nation’s Peoples. Robinson’s, interpretation of the map, highlighted the ramifications this map, would bring to light if displayed in England; when he remarked, ‘people would see at once and the mistreatment and deliberate unlawful forced dispossession of the First Nation’s Peoples would become apparent. The Government, had legal onus to protect the First Australians, Robinson, saw through the deception which was filtering through to London. This misinformation created the impossible situation for the First Australians, when Robinson, stated-
‘…this is a complete system of expulsion and extermination for first the purchaser of their lands drives them onto other purchased lands, and then on ad infinitum.’
The First Nation’s People’s proprietary right to property, was recognised throughout main-land Australia, and the officers of the First Fleet, did observe the boundaries of the differing tribal territories, in and around Botany Bay at the time of settlement.

The First Nation’s People of Australia, had much the same concept as John Locke, Their respects consolidated on the boundaries of properties. The Officers from the First Fleet, noted the set boundaries of various tribal territories. Michael Kirby, explains the situation perfectly,
‘Locke’s traditional invocation of “Crying to Heaven,” when imperfections cannot be cured, no longer seems acceptable in today’s world.’
In-fact history plays tribute to the lifestyle of the First Australians, in the Western districts of Victoria, villages of stone huts, and well landscaped properties, many spanning ten acres were designed to harvest the eels, as they journeyed through the Victorian inland waters.

The first Australians, were commended on the elaborate fish traps found all along the coastal regions of Australia. Early settlers would no doubt have rejoiced when they were shown a network of paths leading to man-made water wells, a necessity to survival in the Australian harsh climate. Earl Grey, was so impressed by his discoveries noting the country of Western Australia had
..’been inhabited for a long series of years, for more had been done to secure a provision from the ground by hard labour than I could have believed it [possible] in the power of uncivilised man to accomplish.’ [Emphasise added].

This indicated an affinity with the land, and the use of well-designed tools coupled with a systematic approach to farming.

Henry Reynolds, notes this methodical approach in land care, was also seen in the gathering of game into a particular area, achieved as a direct result of the seasonal burnings of the grasslands, along the banks of creeks and water holes, the forest was equally attended to.

The First Australians were also compared to stockholders, who have seasonal burn off on their properties. One of the earliest signs of white intervention on the Australian landscape is noted by Thomas Mitchell, when he complains
‘a man could no longer gallop without impediment and see whole miles before him, as the thick forests of young trees now stood in the way.’
Many observations of early land care processes were documented by the early settlers these are the underpinnings of an exclusive intellectual society, are a common theme throughout history of the colony and are a credit to the First Peoples of Australia.
Henderson, noted in 1832, ‘the limits of their retrospective hunting grounds appear to be distinctly recognised.’ Earl George Grey, pointed to the fact that first Australians, knew the limits of their land.
JD Lang, notes the obvious emotional attachment to land displayed a complete sense of property and proprietary rights in the soil. Each tribe had their own respective territory. It was noted that our first Australians, elected ambassadors. These Ambassadors would be sent ahead of the rest of the tribe, to gain permission to enter neighbouring tribal lands. This was a formality that was followed before all formal ceremonies, and joint corroborees.

Respect was reciprocal between neighbouring tribes and trespass was observed as a sign of war and aggression by the Polish explorer Strzelecki, when he noted there were severe punishments as trespass was prohibited among the First Australians. The history proves nothing was done in ignorance. Even the underlying precedent decision held in Mabo (no2) Native title is sui generis; not a personal right, not a proprietary right. The term native title is based on occupation, and does not constitute any form of ownership; native title cannot be sold, traded or dealt in any way, other than be given back to the crown.
The jurisprudence found in ‘the Marshall cases’, laid the foundation for United States law concerning Native Americans. The Chief Justice Marshall’s, case of Johnston v M’Intosh, (1823)- was considered in Mabo (no2) and are fundamentally based on jurisprudence, which is also followed in Canadian law.

The assumed doctrine of discovery draws on the jurisprudential works of Vattel. These jurisprudential underpinnings, shaped common law in Australia, in the first half of the 19th century. Imperial authorities denied ‘the pre-existing rights, of its ancient possessors’. Justice Deane, took the Marshall, cases into full consideration during Mabo, and was supported by the decision in the Gove land rights case, recognising the pre-existence of the laws of The First Peoples of Australia. Justice Deane, & majority in the High Court decision of the Mabo (no2) case expressed the common law of Australia,
‘should be read in the same sense, as that of the United States, to recognise the rights of the original inhabitants (subject to the powers of government) to retain the occupancy of their traditional land.’
The long wade through the layers of deception, have now drawn to a close through the majority decision held in Mabo (no2). (Petrak-Mellor)

The Torres Strait people have gone on from strength to strength, and have used education as a vessel for empowerment of their peoples.

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World Refugee Day Telethon

Refugees, who have suffered in Australian Government detention at the Crown’s expense. Should first receive respite so they may heal, for the unfortunate inescapable and unnecessary trauma they endured. The Asylum Seeker Resource Centres (ASRC) can provide this care, do consider supporting their work.  June 20th 2017-  is World Refugee Day, and from 6 am -midnight – ASRC, will be holding a Telethon, please call 1300 692 772 to donate because every cent, is appreciated.
ASRC, are doing a great deal to assist refugees from social & health well-being to legal matters they have it covered.

There cannot be a one-size fits all refugee status dead-line.  Because refugee  victims; who may have had years of reliving their violent inescapable trauma, they can’t be expected to re-live it all again.

Justice, can be discretionary & offer extensions where they are absolutely required.

What is wrong with the current government? This is deplorable, we have unsympathetic political leaders, who have gone to a huge expense for years to mistreat innocent refugee people; who simply seek refuge here, after the terrors of war in their home land.

Please view – on Post traumatic stress, and it’s lasting effects and triggers- by – Brewin, C. R., Andrews, B., & Valentine, J. D. (2000). Meta-analysis of risk factors for post traumatic stress disorder in trauma-exposed adults.


Brewin, C. R., Andrews, B., Rose, S., & Kirk, M. (1999). Acute stress disorder and post traumatic stress disorder in victims of violent crime. American Journal of Psychiatry, 156(3), 360-366.
This entire refugee deadline firstly, places all refugees who need to apply in a false light, as it eludes to them being fake.  This deadline, is unethical for many refugees may ‘not’ have capacity, as they cannot even understand English, this is completely unconscionable, to expect non-English speaking refugees to even know about the deadline.

Australia, is such a big massive empty country after all, with rural towns getting emptied of people, instead of filled because we have too many empty-headed leaders in a position of power. The government are just scamming people away, to get at the land to mine it, unnoticed deep in the bush.

So it is looking more & more obvious, the government may have turned to corruption. We are now experiencing a return to the days; where the ‘money is in the brown paper bag’ – We as a Nation, are shocked at the selfishness, which has become common place in Australian Government in this ‘new’ era of un-accountability

So corrupt and unaccountable, are the current political leaders, who changed law in 2012, to ensure there’s NO WAY, an individual government employee, can be accountable- not in the Queensland government at least, Instead the entire government department must be sued, and that’s NOT fair legislation nor cost effective.

Therefore, in effect the government, have enacted legislation which enables evil bullies to hide behind a law, they created for their own benefit. They then use this law to abuse the vulnerable and voiceless & broken-hearted refugees, even allowing them to suffer further violence. This is part of what these bad government bullies do. Those who often chose to work in a place where they punish people, without cause, because they ‘think’, they’re able to get away with it. As per the Public Service Act (Qld) 2008, which protects corruption ‘all’ so well.

(Please see below)
Public Service Act (Qld) 2008
(current as of March 5th 2017)
Section 26C
Civil liability of State employee for engaging in conduct in
official capacity
(1) A State employee does not incur civil liability for engaging, or
for the result of engaging, in conduct in an official capacity.

(2) If subsection (1) prevents liability attaching to a State
employee, the liability attaches instead as follows—
(a) if paragraph (b) does not apply—to the State;
(b) if, at the time the State employee engaged in the
conduct, the person did so as a member of a body
corporate or the governing body of a body corporate, or
as a person who was employed by, appointed by or a
delegate of, a body corporate—the body corporate.

(3) If liability attaches to the State under subsection (2)(a), the
State may recover contribution from the State employee but
only if the conduct was engaged in—
(a) other than in good faith; and
(b) with gross negligence.
This despotic 2012,  legislation amendment needs to be appealed, in all fairness. Because why should tax payers pay up for criminal, opportunistic government employed, bully- boys? Consider how many good people are also in the department, and the conflicting issues a refugee victim faces.
Now the Government protects corrupt individuals who should be accountable. Is it any wonder $1.6 billion was spent on refugee off-shore detention each year?
Why should all the good people in a Government department, go down with the bullies?

This Public Service Act, is absolutely self-serving, for those in government who are corrupt it is a blanket.  This provides a reason why the government  can’t tackle refugees, as when one nasty person made a decision, and began sending internal memos to gather more bullies, behind a refugee’s back, that was curtains for humanity.

No reasonable government staff member, will bring up a corrupt boss, because jobs are so scarce.  Government Departments who employ academics are always threatening with over looming cuts in staff – All yet another ploy, keeping academics so busy worrying and applying for other jobs. Meanwhile the government manipulators can keep each other out of trouble.

NO LEGISLATION, should Authorize what would otherwise be a Tort.

Under the Australian Constitution no law should provide shelter, for criminal State government employees/officials/politicians and please read section 26C  of Public Service Act again just to view the massive list within government who are all now, afforded protection.

Instead of government employees working as well as possible for fear of reprisal, corrupt officials just protect each other. And keep busy scamming new targets to bully, –many corrupt government employees have been protected, under the 2012 amendments. This is why the government have slackened off to such an extent.

The only thing the government have over looked is, the incredible unity and solidarity, which has formed in the community is unbreakable and stronger than ever before.

So again, please do dig deep in support of-

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

ARSC Telethon June 20 – https://www.asrc.org.au/telethon

When it comes to International matters, the same cannot be said about an individual’s personal accountability, please see below-
The right to sue in tort

16.13   While international covenants typically do not refer to the right of an individual not to be subject to tortious conduct in such terms, many of their articles set out fundamental freedoms and rights which might be infringed by a person committing a tort.

16.14   Torture, for example, would constitute the torts of assault and/or battery and breach art 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Imprisoning a person without lawful authority would constitute the tort of false imprisonment and breach art 9 of the ICCPR. Defaming a person would constitute the tort of defamation and breach art 17. While there is as yet no settled tort of invasion of privacy in Australian common law, the equitable action of breach of confidence protects correspondence from interferences in breach of art 17.[17]

[17]         See, Australian Law Reform Commission, Serious Invasions of Privacy in the Digital Era, Final Report 123 (2014) Ch 13.

[18]         Minister for Immigration v B (2004) 219 CLR 365, 425 [171] (Kirby J).

[19]         Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs v Teoh (1995) 183 CLR 273, 287 (Mason CJ and Deane J). The relevance of international law is discussed more generally in Ch 1

16.15   International instruments cannot be used to ‘override clear and valid provisions of Australian national law’.[18] However, where a statute is ambiguous, courts will generally favour a construction that accords with Australia’s international obligations.

c/o Australian Law Reform Commission | ALRC [retrieved on 07/06/17) https://www.alrc.gov.au/publications/right-sue-tort
Australian Law Reform Commission | ALRC http://www.alrc.gov.au/

The Federal Australian law reform body that has been instrumental in recommending reforms to law since 1975.

What is the role of the International Court of Justice?
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is the principal judicial organ of the UN. The Court has two functions: To settle, in accordance with international law, legal disputes submitted by States, and. To give advisory opinions on legal questions referred to it by authorized UN organs and specialized agencies.
(Apr 6, 2017)

Please check out this @ASRC link and go on a tour you’ll love it !!!! https://www.asrc.org.au/telethon/

1) c/o @Guardian by Ben Doherty @bendohertycorro [retrieved from 070/6/17] https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/may/21/peter-dutton-gives-asylum-seekers-in-australia-deadline-to-apply-for-refugee-status

2) C/o Right Now – Human Rights by By Rose Canes, [retrieved from 0n 07/06/17] Australia http://rightnow.org.au/opinion-3/explainer-what-happens-when-a-remote-aboriginal-community-in-western-australia-is-closed/

3) c/o Australian Law Reform Commission | ALRC [retrieved on 07/06/17) https://www.alrc.gov.au/publications/right-sue-tort
Australian Law Reform Commission | ALRC http://www.alrc.gov.au/

The Unshaken Cornerstone

Community Unity

The only way to truly re-build solidarity in a community is via differing views being harnessed to bring about unity; by listening to those we may disagree with, in an attempt- to develop a vision which could unite people across the board.[1] We live in a time of corruption and we need a return to core principles and values. We must give up our certainties and return to truth (Arendt).[2] What is missing today in communities, is a finer perspective – this only comes from generational experiences. In this fast-paced world, how fortunate we are to sit and hear a view from another era

In 2017 Women Need to Re-unite

Families throughout the globe are setting aside their differences and beginning to accept diversity and complexities and respect the family bonds.

Thankfully this push is being implemented by both men and women, through the schools, workplaces and sporting clubs and Tertiary education. However. Consider those women who were an only child, live far from family for work. How about women who work alone, or those women who have no children, or their children have grown-up enough to be independent? Often children are the reason women are connected to sports and other areas of community life. I call ALL women to take the reins and get involved not just as spectators IN THIS LIFE but as participants.

Just As You Are

Ask yourself, at ‘exactly’ what age did you stop being involved? When did you show your kids NOT to get involved in the community as a participant? As a parent, do you drop of your kids and watch and cheer on the team but never join train and play yourself? When did you decide to do the ‘BARE MINIMUM’? When did you simply just GIVE-UP, and to become a spectator who attended an odd rostered canteen or cleaning bee as family? Because your children will follow the example you set as a parent. Many young people in society wear earphones to university, the gym and travel and DO not have the confidence to get involved, and at worse may become disconnected from society.

In a throwaway society, many have thrown out joining anything -themselves, in their life. Many families do not get involved but will take their kids along to community Girl Guides, Scouts, Theatre etc. What about ‘you’? what do you get to do for yourself?

We are without Excuse

Excuses takeover, ties to a strict regime of work, family and home responsibilities leave little time for building up ones-self let alone others. However, this is a broad sweeping negative stagnating lie-  we always have time to do what we want to do. Set excuses aside, because research shows-  women and men need brotherhood and sisterhood. Freemasonry offers women three arms in which they may join- each woman and master mason has a choice and is shown a way to develop and become the best they can be.

 Family Bonds

Many Master Masons maybe quite unaware of the OES. Master Masons along-with their wives, daughters, nieces and granddaughters.[3] In fact, even their Master mason sons can follow through into a degree of The Order Of Eastern Star.

There are youth orders as well for males DeMolay, and females – Job’s Daughter and Rainbow Girls- these Orders- also teach charitable acts and instil community values in the foundational years.

So You Think You Need No-one?

Since the first woman Eve, erred without the support of a sisterhood and Adam quickly followed suit, as he leaned on his own understanding and bit into the forbidden fruit. There after many woman in the scriptures became martyrs, leaning on God,- in times of separation and pioneering days. Women could cling fast to these Biblical heroines. These old testament and new testament feminine sediments are taught and followed by women who are adopted into Freemasonry

There are no secrets, in the fact OES, is the world’s largest fraternity, today there are over 10000 members globally. It is a well-established order, OES masonry was introduced in 1850 by lawyer Dr Robert Morris- who recognised the need for mason’s wives to fellowship. Chapters of OES fluctuated in the early 20th century, many members today have served in the OES, for 40-50 years.

Secret Society

Knowledge is power. Therefore, the same way academic material is now completely guarded by a university and disabled from social media sharing, so to must any content of an OES meeting be kept confidential. However, membership is open as is a university application to all who have the qualifying credentials. the Order of Eastern Star- is an arm of Freemasonry. To be adopted into Freemasonry, there is an absolute requirement to have a belief in a Supreme Being before one is accepted to lodge a petition and even become a candidate, to join- the Order of Eastern Star.

Who are the Free Masons?

Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest and largest non-religious, non-political, fraternal and charitable organisations. It teaches self-knowledge through participation in a progression of ceremonies. … Freemasonry is a society of men concerned with moral and spiritual values.

What is the Order of the Eastern Star ?

The Order of the Eastern Star is a Freemasonic appendant body open to both men and women. It was established in 1850 by lawyer and educator Rob Morris, a noted Freemason. The order is based on teachings from the Bible, but is open to people of all religious beliefs. 

Who are the DeMolay society?

DeMolay International (also known as the Order of DeMolay), founded in Kansas City, Missouri in 1919, is an international fraternal organization for young men ages 12 to 21. It was named for Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar.

What is a Rainbow Girl?

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (IORG) is a Masonic youth service organization which teaches leadership training through community service.

What is Job’s daughter?

The organization was founded as The Order of Job’s Daughters by Ethel T. Wead Mick in Omaha, Nebraska, on October 20, 1920. The purpose of the organization is to band together young girls who are related to a Master Mason, and strives to build character through moral and spiritual development.



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Bryan Ferry – This is Tomorrow Calling

Growing up in a Domestic Violence (DV) house-hold with a step-parent; does NOT end when you leave home, the abuse control will be continued, beyond your mother’s grave.

Won’t Get Fooled Again- by The Who –

Brisbane Baysider, – from Lota, In Queensland- graceful and polite Liz Hollingsworth, aged 67- Elizabeth, Helen, Sheila, –  Lillabet, to her family (nee) Doull, was born in Glasgow, Scotland- on September 28th 1949-

Liz has sadly passed away on Sunday 2nd April- 2017.

Liz was formerly of London, – former married name- Liz Mellor, – married to John Mellor, together they bore two children Melissa, (47) of Richmond, NSW-  & Corinna, (44) of Logan City, Qld.

Liz was the proud grandmother of seven surviving grandchildren- Isaac, Daniel, Cat, Mila & Jano, from her eldest daughter. And Jibrin, & Jamillah, from her youngest daughter, the later two grandchildren- whom Liz raised. Liz sure had a multicultural family, this shows she raised her family with much cultural tolerance, and not to mention, -Liz was a great cook- her Chicken curries will also be missed.

Liz was loved my her siblings, she was proud of growing up in a large family. Liz’s surviving brothers and sisters are:- Hughy Doull, Margaret, Jeanie, Georgina, Michael Casey, Collin Casey, Peter Casey, Caroline, Janette, Stephen Casey and Vincent Casey – all of whom looked up to Liz as the sister who was kind, as did their partners  and their children and grandchildren. Her late brother George Casey, and late Mother Jean, were missed by Liz after they passed on. Liz forged life-long relationships, – her eldest brother Hugh’s wife- Margaret, and Liz, were absolute best friends throughout primary and secondary school.

Liz, was loving and close to her sisters and brothers who all went to great efforts to stay in touch, from the early days of Liz moving to South London; to her recent sad passing in Australia.

Liz was very caring and compassionate- as a young lady, in South London- she worked at an office, looked after her young family, studied cleaned homes and cared in-kind for a senior lady in her late 90’s, Liz was a bundle of energy.


Liz traveled the world many times.

As a young lady before her eldest was born, France was a place Liz enjoyed with her closest girl-friends- This was an absolute delight as were the days when she loved in Sloane Square- in London, with her girl friends.

Liz  loved her children and family and friends. Liz was efficient in all she did. All who met Liz, loved her. Liz, was an effective communicator with the sweetest voice. Liz, maintained her Scottish accent although she left Glasgow, as a young teen and met John, the father of her two children, in London at 16, they worked at the same company.

Liz and John were Mods- and were a highly fashionable couple,- Liz could have been a designer because- she made many clothes for friends and family. Liz loved to knit, and would knit up one-off original pieces.

Liz secretly made dolls clothes for her eldest daughter- who was always over-curious about her mum’s craft projects. As Melissa, her eldest loved her baby doll she got for Christmas; Liz was the cleverest mum, as she knitted and dressed the baby doll and had it sitting on a sewn-up cushion, on a full set of spare clothes- complete with ribbons and laced knitted blanket, ready on the birthday morning for her daughter.

Liz always delighted people with her talents. Liz also revamped dolls houses and was very loving and hands-on mum. Every weekend Liz, baked tirelessly for the entire week’s lunches. Because of Liz, her children were well nourished (instead of wasting school dinners- because her children were annoyingly fussy- the pair of them ). Liz made sure her daughters enjoyed packed lunches, as her children were growing up.

In London- Liz, gained an offer to study at Teachers College, however she put her children first and instead took position as school Governess in London at High View Primary, Wandsworth.

Then Liz married a control freak- BRENT FREDRICK HOLLINGSWORTH – The family became the good , the bad & he was ugly too.


Liz moved to be close to her now late mother Jean Casey of Daventry, formerly (Drumchapel Glasgow) whom Liz was close to until her passing.



Liz had beautiful hand writing, and encouraged her girls to write neatly in fact evertthing Liz did was done perfectly well. Liz was a kind woman, something her eldest attributed to her mother growing-up in a large family. Whilst in Daventry, in 1978 Liz’s bosses The Taylor’s, who ran an upmarket designer sofa and lounges factory-  were so lovely to her and her daughters. When the Britain’s first home-office computer was launched it was Liz who was entrusted with both a home and office computer. (Here is an article on the home computers of 1978) https://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/11/29/unsung_heroes_john_miller_kirkpatrick/ )

Liz had wisdom beyond her years – and in bedded a love for reading classic novels, from a very young age read to her girls. Liz taught her daughters all about the clans of Scotland, crests, tartans and connection to family names she told to her grandchildren, who in-turn will tell their children’s, children and their children forever more.

Liz was an extremely loyal person – she would go out of her way to be caring, despite always working full-time. Many people would have walked five-hundred miles for Liz, who enjoyed and was proud of her Scottish Heritage.

When Liz moved to Australia, in 1980 – she worked her guts out,- she paid off her home in 18 months after arriving in Australia.

Later, Liz attended night school at Cooparoo SHS, whilst working full-time and attained her Senior Certificate. Liz, had a chance to attend university but, Liz, put the raising of Corinna, her 16 year old first, and instead took position with QHealth, where Liz worked from 1989.

Liz earned far more than her husband did

Liz worked full time to support her husband –

Liz was a Health Professional,  and held position as, the Customer Care Manager, of the Wynnum Hospital, in Brisbane- for many years.

” I Love You [mum] ”

Liz was a highly creative lady, who was community minded.  Liz, supported her eldest daughter in Girl Guides, Speech and Voice eisteddfods, – (http://nationaleisteddfod.org.au/) her musical endeavors, her career and marriage.

Liz tried so hard to be the best mother and truly excelled- When her eldest was growing up Liz would take her to the Library and together they would make all the recipes in a recipe book for fun. Liz always opened up her home and kitchen to her eldest daughter to bring her friends over to cook for badges and various community events, Liz kindly supplying all the needed ingredients. Liz taught her people to be kind and helped those less fortunate and was a little darling to all who knew her.

Liz was so interesting and did lots of night school courses – in Vegan cookery and was a totally cutting edge and cool mother to have.

Liz took her girls shopping all over Brisbane, and warehouse shopping was her and her daughters favourite. Liz taught her eldest daughter to be frugal and how to manage a family budget, – her eldest daughter had a 20 year long marriage and although separated, they are still married and the pair remain close, for Liz’s grandchildren’s sake.

Liz was a most respectful mother-in-law and her son-on law Daniel, is in deep mourning over the passing of Liz. Daniel always thought, ” Liz, the grandmother of his five children, was a most impressive and beautiful lady. ”


There was nothing Liz could not master well, on the home-front, in fact- no one can keep a home, like Liz could. In the kitchen no matter what- Liz could do it all, from peeling an apple with a knife; in one continuous peel or winning at all the local cooking competitions. Liz, was lucky as a person- who won many competitions and was an encouraging lady to be around, with an up-lifting spirit.

Because- Liz, was a giving, rare soul, a delightful woman whom nobody could get enough of, everyone wanted to spend more time with little Lizzie. Her demeanour was so pleasant- she was one of a kind. Liz, was a part of the birth of her eldest daughter- Melissa’s second son Daniel, and encouraged Melissa, in her Advertising business.


Liz was somewhat a matriarch  of a woman, – who stepped into assist her eldest daughter and son on law in their business on her Rostered days off (RDO).

Liz, had great design skills and patiently taught her sewing skills to her eldest daughter Melissa, who is a professional artist, both performing and visual-  solely due to Liz’s devout support throughout childhood. Liz had a love for cultural arts. Liz had a green thumb something which she denied, but she did well with plants.

Liz, never missed the weekend newspapers- and was most passionate about consumer law and rights, so it is no surprise; Liz’s granddaughter Cat, is in her final year of law –  and is sad her nanny, will miss her graduation later this year.

Liz was a great dancer, and was a member of the Yacht Club for many years in- Manly.

Liz and her eldest daughter danced together, – they would even dance in the day at Currumbin Surf Life Saving Club – Liz joined her eldest daughter on a Sunday Session https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-XQ26KePUQ

Liz worked her entire life since the day she turned 15 years old and her work record and loyalty are second to none.

Liz, was an impeccable woman who was stylish and highly fashionable. Liz, will live on through the good ethics she has passed on. Liz’s talents she shared with her eldest daughter, have already been multiplied within her large family.

Although Liz only got to spend a short time, with those who truly appreciated and loved her, the vast impact Liz made on those she loved, will never fade.

Liz was missed before she passed as a long illness and a controlling second husband, involved in domestic violence (DV) situation.  Liz’s husband partook in misleading conduct after Liz passed, so in-effect- is still in DV control of her beyond the grave. This is why, there is no time like now – to end DV – Speak-up now !

Do not allow another delightful mother’s/ nanny’s  death to be kept secret by an abusive controlling partner


Live & Let Live

Liz’s obituary will be continually added to, as she will live on through, her children and their children

Lovely Liz, may her precious soul rest in peace- as she is much loved and sadly missed.


One hopes Liz, has accepted the Lord, as her personal Savoir and all expect to see her in the Resurrection shuffle


May Liz Rest in Peace- with the Spirit in the Sky


Good Morning All

People who deliberately choose to use broad-sweeping statements, stir up much interest.

Because a trending topic, now spreads swiftly across the paths and mazes throughout the world.

These ambiguous tactics can be used to manipulate for political and economic gain.

Many times, some paid politician’s voice can be heard, meaninglessly drifting throughout our homes.

All because our children are watching cartoons, and then suddenly the morning shows blast their ulterior motives, throughout suburbia, in synchronicity.

These forces are almost unstoppable, as our children automatically run from the TV once a politician appears. However, because children are still learning to be conservative, they leave the TV on with the volume right up. Before too long piercing voices shriek and we awake with the shrill.

Good morning all have and have a lovely day as well !


Because Justice is Not Currently ‘Equal’, Not By Any Means.


It is, ‘all of us’






Needed now

Because justice is not currently ‘equal’, not by any means.

Let us ponder on, summary offences.

Police issued Infringement notices when one ‘does’ breach a law; are convenient overall. However, should the occasion arise, where the defendant alleges an ‘innocence’ to the charge on an infringement notice, it will become a financial nightmare to ‘challenge’. Because the time spent disproving the elements of the charge, will attribute to an exorbitant cost in preparing legal argument. These legal costings will by far exceed the few hundred odd dollars $, the price of almost any infringement notice issued.  

The Police despise anyone who dares to challenge an on the spot fine, they do not simply offer a full and honest disclosure to the defendant, it generally takes over six months. Other local police may harass the defendant in a small town, this is very scary and all too common. Then the defendant can be prejudiced by incomplete, delayed disclosure. This is in -reality- ‘non-disclosure’. Police witnesses – and documentation are only available to police so, the Police Charge sheet- is creatively themed after a series of ‘de-briefings’, lil’ meetups, several may take place, so the police decide what they will or will NOT disclose regarding an alleged incidence. An enormous amount of police time is spent making sure the evidence will fit a summary charge, whenever a summary offence is challenged, instead of time spent solving serious crime.

Furthermore, any defendant knows he/she may lose, and will have to pay legal and court costs. Even if the defendant wins, they still lose; because of stress, as they dared to challenge the law. The law industry, will consider any challenger unreasonable too, because – everyone ‘just’ pays infringement notices.

In fact, Australian Families, are known to budget in any ‘future expectancy’ such as,- speeding tickets are simply factored into their financial budget. Much like ‘out-of-blue’ car sagas are.

To do otherwise- is a waste of both money and precious time.

It is unreasonable to challenge the law.

The reasonable man, on the ‘Clapham Omnibus’ will simply seek a State Penalty Enforcement known as (SPER)- and make part payments for the infringement notice, if he/she cannot afford it, even when innocent; but why?

The SPER process is where an injustice lies, because this is an extra financial cost for the ‘poor’ in our society. Those who can afford to pay a few hundred dollars will simply pay the entire infringement, in one hit. Those who cannot pay the infringement notice incur a SPER charge. Therefore, the ‘poor’ in society are financially punished unequally, in comparison with those who can afford to pay without the addition of a SPER fee.  Because a SPER delay in payment is no ‘actual’ help with a huge extra fee attached, it is a government revenue machine -which in-effect operates off the backs of the ‘poor and vulnerable’ in our society. In reality those who are ‘poor’ will just simply have to pay more for their infringement than those mainstream Australian’s. In the name of justice when the ‘poor’ are already firmly positioned behind the eight-ball, how can the ‘poor’ afford; let alone consider,- a possibility of defending their innocence legally? 

These attitudes are unacceptable, because they deny due process and desensitize the community to their right to attain ‘equal justice’.

There is a massive vast chasm of injustice in the Murri Court, which basically works on the good nature of indigenous Australians. It is a ‘guilty only’ court. How very mean to slap charges on First Nation’s People, whereby the defendants are simply going to plead guilty, even if the charge/s is incorrect, or a warning would have sufficed-

What happened to ‘due process’ and ‘procedural fairness’ ? This practice is unconstitutional, and there is often a complete breach of the separation of powers involved.

Why does a court prevent, – ‘equal justice’ by creating a criminal record, for a minority group- our First Nation’s People, even if these crimes are unrecorded, – people can feel shamed to the core, to have had a legal encounter.  We need to counteract this injustice now, by putting ‘new respect’ protocol in place,- to uplift mental well-being and prevent suicide. 

In 2016, only 3 % of our population are actually indigenous. It is by no means ‘equal justice’ when we consider, the current Aboriginal incarceration rate is an alarming 27% of all prisoners in Australia. [1] 

This is No WAY, for our government to treat an honest and proud people. 

 It is high-time people realised- the incarceration rates are ‘not’ due to First Nation People’s, committing more crime, they are in prison because they simply accept false charges.

This is not only true with First People’s mobs; police harassment is normalized in many vulnerable groups, in certain communities and suburban pockets throughout Australia.  

We demand ‘Equal Justice’ for all Australians, right here, right now

please see below-  

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